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  1. staun

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    And I understand that point of view, but is not like we only see ppl on Herc an Reguin.I have no numbers on it so it is only a guess. But I would say they don’t have a higher numbers of battles than many other ships. I would prefere that both ships also was crafteble.
  2. staun

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    And why is it destructive for the game? My experience is in the Nassau patrolezone there is more action then the other pstrolezones. If the Dlc get ppl out and fight a bit, is it so bad.
  3. That really means anything, since I know nothing. But I realiced that can’t make a slow exit from the forum. So think I must go all in.
  4. You just broke my heart again. Are you sure that we again are at peace with the polish? I haven’t heard anything, maybe you sources of information is better than my. regarding Russia,does it makes us the vassal of both the Russian and Swedes. Think that might be Mighty confusioning. Well guess we then only need Gb and we have a strong hand.
  5. Hey guys, what going on here? @rediii are you trying to tell us that DK-NG just is your rebound love and now where you try love is back, you are going to dump us again. Thats just so wrong. Knew there was a reason I didn’t like @North. I am not jaloux, not at all. Well to be honnest I might be a bit. Damn you @North
  6. Yep, But I think it is s slow proces. Think it is called a cold turkey. Shouldn’t be healthy. So slowly getting it Down..
  7. Don’t think you need to be swedish to attack Dk, but if you go to DK think you might have a problem attack DK.
  8. Change to DK when the Dlc cooldown is over?
  9. Don’t think they invited Havoc. They just put up a screening around the hostillity mission, when Havoc flipped Fajardo. I wouldn’t Call it an invite, more like they found the biggest gun and shoot then self in the head. We sold, actually Lars sold oure soul to the devil, to avoid the caos this stupid mistake would cost the polish. But guess they like PvP. Who would have thought Lars was the one with common sense in the Danish nation. I would never had made the deal with Russia. I just have taken the PB. Lost it and get GB a Fajardo, I give a shit, it would have been interesting.
  10. If you know there was a poll, then I guess you also know the resault. Dnp is not a dictatorship. When We disagree with the situation we take a debate. He argued his case. You then proberbly also would know I left DNP because he wanted to change the stranding with the polish. The fact is that he didn’t get ppl behinde is idea. It wasent him that attacked danes in the reinforcement area. Pretty sure it was polish captains. I gave the ordre to go hunt polish, I told him to put up the post in the Caribbean news. So if any dane is to be blamed, it would be me. The one that made it possible for you to relocate.
  11. Nah it is not. It is a game. An honnestly if all I could do was PvE and trading iit wouldn’t be fun. Had 2 good battles with the polish after that. Well He also forgot the other gb players that joined with him.
  12. It is s fact I was attacked. And there can be no doubt that it was in oure reinforcement zone. I called reinforcement. He asked for a 1vs 1. I denied to fight, not to escalate the situation, yeth he contiuned to attack He first ran when another dane joined. Then we took the gloves of and had a day of fun with the polish players. @OjK I think you misread the situation. You like many players think ports matter to us. That we fear to have enemies close to us. We hold those ports for the new players and for the Carebears in the nation. What will happend if foreigen nations get in. Well then they can hunt much easier. And I am pretty sure they in general wont care a bit if they kill a dane ore a polish player. So can we to, kill the polish players. We in general only are in CS area very little time, so for us there is no Real downside. Neither for the polish if they like days like we had saturday and sunday. But this will be what happens if a new nation have a port in the area ore we dont find a solution here. Bare in mind it was my idea. As help to a nation that seems in trouble. But as it is now. I personally would have a total war. I had fun saturday and sunday. I had fun when Havoc was dutch and hold ports in danish waters. If you think the polish would like more PvP, well then war and more nations in the danish/polish waters is the way. But if you think the polish rather would like it more peacefully, well then you might be heading in the wrong direction. Oure politic is simple. Somebody does us a favor, well then we repay it. So as Lars said. We own the Russians a favor. And I am pretty sure that @North and @Anolytic not are going to use it to arrange a 1vs 1 against Lars. My guess will be a screening where we can be around 10-15 players. And we will honor oure debt if by anyway posible.
  13. staun

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Dont think you have to worry about ports. gb is kicking ass on the server. Rading you cant protect from. There is freeports where they can sail to Kpr.
  14. Well I know, but what can we do. We just had good parents. I know it is not as fun.
  15. Well about Havoc we expected you to be there. When Lars read the post be fore uploading it, we talked about you proberbly would come by danish area. Still He put it up. The swedes well we have been on good term for long, but so have the polish. At best we hope they would have stay out. We fully understand if they want to stay out. What happen from I went to bed and got up, I simply have no idear. We where ready to have a fun little war, well aware that we would loose ports, just a question about where and how many. Regard the polish I am pretty sure they do what they think about what is best for there nation and there players.