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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    Yes my friend you can, and from what I read you proberly will. We just prefere to kill Russians and not Spanish players. Ports dosent realy matter to us and maybe, just maybe by taking ports from us, you dont need to get empty ports from the Russians. edit: BTW Have @Ink made a decision about if it is legal to give away ports, to manipulate conquest. Because if it is maybe we should handover ports. Haven’t read what they did find out about that in the tribunal made by @King of Crowns
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    It will be fun, but plz come your self and plz dont send the Spanish players, we do like them.
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    We just played a small part. No need to mention us. Your lord and master have already done it in another post. Just like to read what you write and would hate to se you end up, with as little respect as my friend @Admiral Horatio Hornblower on the forum. But I do think without your Spanish friends, well lets just say they make you look good. That why we liked to play with them when they was in the Danish nation. They make it just a bit more easy and fun to be around.
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hey Graffi. Think you forgot to give you Spanish friends some credit for there screening. But hey guess that me. So Russia killed of the Swedes and didn't loose to many ships themselv. You guys are the best.
  5. The shittiest timer nation in the carribean

    What, isent He the center of the World. He has been lying to me. That bastard.
  6. The shittiest timer nation in the carribean

    Have there been a change in status, since Danish ports is up for grabs after today? Thought that they always have been. As I recall Russia had from the start of the nation been going for Danish ports. But we dont mind. We want fights. We all know we dont stand a chance against the mighty Russians and there Spanish friends. We dont get Wm by trading ports and we are not strong enough to be be a top 3 nation. But that is ok. We just have to work a bit harder. We had a fun night last night and more will come. Hope fights like last night will inspire other players and nations to join up and fight. Small nations actually dont need more than 5 ore 6 ports. Just need what gives the ressources to craft ships. So plenty for the mighty Russians to take. In a fight against Russia, well we proberbly will get kicked back to start. But just dont see *us giving in to a nations, that try to use fear as a way to get there will.
  7. [PVP EU] battle results

    Yep was a fun fight. Thx to @sveno for inviting us to the party and to the swedes who filled the ranks, so we could get a even and fair fight against the Spanish. And ofc a special thx to Spain. You made it to be a great NA evening . Hope to get more of it in the future. On a side note. The DNP player who died in his Victory, well he need some more practice on blowing up a fire ship, but guess he will get another chance in the near future.
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    Is this to understand how Russia try to take care of the balance in the game. Attack any of oure ports and we get a war we dont want. The strongest force on the server bullying small Nations, insted of be happy for some fights for the mighty fleet. Cant rember the sweeds trying to get people not to fight. Do wonder why nobody want to join forces with you and Spain.
  9. [PVP EU] battle results

    Yeah it seams that the Russians and there friends the Spanish have luck, skills and number of players on there side. Guess it would take the rest of the server to join forces, just to give Rusards a decent fight.
  10. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hold the Press. important news that may change the war and politisk situation had just hit us all. Russia regard Sweden as a frindly nation, witch Russia plan to make joint operations with.How ells will@Jon Snow lets go be able to ram a Russian in frindly battle, ore have He change over to the Russians? So many questions and so few answers. How do @rediii take that one of his officers are in bed with the Russians.
  11. Broke VM for top Nations

    My point is not the cost of wm, But the use of alts in empty to get more vm. As wrote players that would use alts to get the most marks would get a great advantage, and in my opinion an unfair on. lets say a player use it to get 4 extra vm. How much pvp do I have to do. I win 8 pvp a houre. 200/8=25 hours I need to play. Does it matter if you can build big ships fast. Yes it does, because if you cant replace ships in the same rate as your enemy, then you will get a harder time fighting back. That will limit your posibilities a lot if you have to lets say screen in a fleet with a much lover BR.
  12. @admin I just poste a senario based on what happens in the game right now. Not to accuse anyone of abuse, because I cant know. Just tell how what is happend right now, just not can be what you intentet for the game and how it might be abuced. Spain is right now second and getting PB against Russia. There allies. They get there port For free. No fights, wich means they can use alts to win the pb’s.( yes alts do exits. Some players have statet, that they have up to 10 accounts). So what does that do for Vm. Lets just say they for each pb have 15 players in and by using alt account, they by 4 pb therefore get 60 different account get the right to VM. So even if they get in 3 place they get 60 VM. I dont even dare to think of second place ore dear Lord the first place. How do anybody fight a nation with unlimited VM? Ore are you tellng me you want a game where ppl abusening the game is getting rewarded?
  13. Today's port timers situation

    I may read it wrong. But does Russia only have 5 %. They have a total of 32 ports and you say they have 7 ports, so 7/32 =21 %. Is that many ore not. Guess it depend on how many "global" players they have. Lets say Russia can field in total 60 RvR playes and 15 is "global". 15/60= 25%. In that case the number actually looks ok. But it wont change there is ports not being able of being attack by EU players unless EU player are ready to get up in the middle of the night, and ofc visa versa for the global players.
  14. Caribbean Invasion News

    Don’t think we should expect fairness here, it is when all come to all a war game. Therefore mechanic will be used as much as possible. But do like the britts, oure fight so fare had no of the twist of mechanic. But just good honest fights. If what I was told about oure fights against a nation is true. Do think the devs so go over the rules again. From what I been told and from what I have seen my self. 1 they tow the screening fleet in(legal) 2 then they tow the pb in( legal) to get in and get a better Wind. 3 then they tow players in so they are behind oure players that should Enter the pb. One didn’t see it and got tag(legal) and yes it was oure on fault that he didn’t get in. We can offcause have got something wrong. but if thats is what happend, is it that what devs ore we want in the game.
  15. Caribbean Invasion News

    Hey and what the heck. Blame usfor Graffi, you had him first. Never before have I heard so unkind words about my beloved nation. Shame on you. I hope He will return to Sweden. Would be a fit punishment for your harsh words.