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    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    Don’t get me wrong I was never a fan of thr merge. I knew the result would be empty pb’s. But say you loose because of mechanic is just plain wrong. You can just put timers on the ports you want. You can attack there ports in the weekend and move it to your timezone. Get s Night Crew. We just got a larger numbers of players from Spain, that play at EU Night. Dk is now actually stronger at Night right now. No you loose because you want to play the games on your terms. DNP stopped care about RvR because of the nightflips and we didn’t want to grind gold. We only do RvR thies days for fun ore when we are forced to it.
  2. staun

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    No if Spain falls, it is because someone play the game better.
  3. staun

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    Must say I am a bit surpriced. I thought Spain sealclub France. Now Spain just role over and hand over ports, without a fight. I have sailed with a couple of the guys in Spain. They are better then that. Former RDNN player I also thought it was in there DNA to fight.
  4. Would be realistic. So an Aye from me.
  5. staun

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    Know it is another topic my friend. But can you plz tell your country men, not to run away when they come to DK-Ng. Come with 6 plsyers and run the minut they ganked one player and see a small danish fleet comming out. We had to waist tree hours to get them in a fight where we could kill some of them. Half allready run to safty insted of helping there team mates. Another Britt cowardly stayed far away from his english captains, so he could kill a trader when we where busy. You are britts. Look at your naval history. And act plz according to it.
  6. staun

    Next DLC

    Come on guys. Have a bit of imagnation. It will be the Christinan the VII. It will be so OP, that it makes epic ship looks like fir/fir ships, But best part is that only danes can sail it.😀
  7. staun

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    Yeah But we all know everybody in there heart want to go danes.
  8. staun

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Lig you can’t go kill danes. We are an endangered species🤗
  9. I know oure timezones gives different opertunities. But look at @Captain Reversestream from yesterday. So how was my day yesterday. Was short on early morning, chased of a Reguin, that had attacked a trader. Logged of. Logged in: 6 BF in area of Amalienborg. We where player online , so we went out to fight them. Was a 6vs6. Different sizes ships. But a balanced fight, with a smal advantage for us. But they didn’t run and we had a fun fight. Bf came back to Pick a fight with the polish. They where in first rates and some 3 rate. We helped the polish, and was doubke there numbers. But an even fight. Think the loses in ships was the same. Ended the day when we went for the patrol area. Joined some pirates that was outnumbred agsinst Sweden. Got killed fast(was on the 12 beer, didn’t help the skill of s poor player) But yes Hunt in a requin and Dodge a revenge fleet is more fun.
  10. So hunt traders is your idea of good PvP?
  11. staun

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    I can recall one. When DNP had flipped Cariacou. Was when BF still was Danish. Spain showed up with 17 first rate, got in s fight with BF and got slaughtered, ad I remember. Thats a couple of month ago. They Screened for the brits against us at Placer. A month ago. The was at Viques helping thr Dutch against us. So yes the show up.but it looks like danes have to be part of it😶
  12. staun

    Fireship green on green?

    He can’t find my avatar and put it back. It never was there.
  13. staun

    Fireship green on green?

    It is proberbly me thats confused. Make sence what you write, so it must be me that just is reading it wrong. Will go see a doctor, think something is wrong with my head.
  14. It is a change in how small nations can work together. Sure there will be bumps on the road. But in DNP we welcome oure new nabors. From the start as a nation, the polish have showen guts. We had some good fight. later we drifted apart. But they have proven to us all that they are willing to fight for what they belive in, and stand by it. Think we will have a good nabo in the polish.
  15. staun

    Fireship green on green?

    Btw Thonys, is your google translate broken. We understand what you write😨