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  1. From devs. When they showed the numbers that looked in in each nation. As I remember Dutch had about 240 and dane 220. Since Dutch have got Havoc an Dane Exile, so think we should have dips on all new players. Edit: But ofc wrong to say enough players, think most nation can use more players, just that we need them more.
  2. Well you shoudn’t be able to take more money, than I have on the ship. Lets say I have 10 billions. I have to get ressources, it will cost me lets say 100.000, why would I bring all my money. The rest I most likely would have in a bank back home. So you should only be able to take what i bring,
  3. I didn’t say I didn’t want him, just what He so fare have learned, dosent show him whst he is going up against in PvP. You know there are thies nasty players that may leak you, an an example of what he hasent seen. My point is only not to tell He is ready for PvP, But he had a good start and now start the learning and fun part. Btw Dutch have allready enough players, so think all new players should start 1/2 year in the danish nation before they could move😈 I play with my son. He became rear at about 100 hours, But that was back last summer, guess you can do it in about 20-30 hours today.
  4. The exam don’t prepare you to do PvP. It is harder than normal, and it good training to get ready for a epic. Imo the fight have where little to do with PvP. When have you ever been in a fight where the player didn’t repair, ore didn’t go to his friend to get his weak side protected. If you want to prepare ppl for PvP, maybe make the AI smarter, not just better upgrades. Maybe give the player a tutorial on the most important things in PvP, and use some of the top PvP playrs as guide. Make them fight different styles. - The ships that turns better and want to rake - The demaster - The bigger and heavier ship let the ai repair, let the player fight souch ships, and learn what repair is and when you should repair.
  5. staun

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    Well guess that we can't complain in dk. We have a nice thing going on with the dutch. just the two nations.
  6. staun

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    We just need a big war again. Thats all. Maybe a 10 flip on some danish port my help. I can provide with a list of ports we like all nations to attack.
  7. staun

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    In all fairness, they have @Lars Kjaer. He need to spend his money on something. But do we like the game as it is right now? Nah, but we like some of the fights. Pesonally I, even if it breaks my heart to say, but I agree with Graffi. But That is not the issue in this thread. You try to make some money by selling a port, and we will help you. We let you throw Macao in for free.
  8. Do seams like the devs want to turn the game to a more hard core game. Is it better ore worse. Think it all depends on how ppl want to play it. They have tryed to balance it between PvP and PvE an lets be honnest, numbers have showen that haven’t gone well. Will this cost players, maybe. There is a lot of players that only play for a bit of trading and a bit missions. Think we might loose those. But the more hardcore may want to play. In the end it is up to devs to deside what game they want. So we don’t like play something Els. But lets all just wait and se. Anyway the summer is comming, so anyway better things to do.
  9. staun

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    Well if you don’t want to sell Macao, (that in every danish heart, we know i belongs to Prussia) maybe a trade. We even promise never to attack the port as long it is in Prussian hand.
  10. staun

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    Don't you think that you should sell off Macao first.
  11. Maybe ore maybe not, still lots of money thats each week goes Down the drain. But thats depend ofc how much it get lowered. Ore if there could be found a game mechanic that could narrow it. And except the ide that a nation had a couple of free timers, I have no good idea right now, and I see plenty of problems to implement that one.
  12. And all I argued for was that the gab in term of economy should be a bit smaller.
  13. So actually those Nations with out a Capital in term of finance are better of then a nation like Dk ore Sweden. But if I read you right, you agree with me, that the mechanic of timers econemy, just don’t work as is should.
  14. Thats my opinion that San Andres have little value, But apearently not by the one who have chosen to have the timer. I still belive in Cayman. Those ports in gennerally only have value for me, if the can generate fights. I could easy se us drop Guama Servillia. Not much use either in El socho ore Hugyie. We also two close to La Mona that have little value, except for the VM. I would be fine with the core area for new and casually players. But again the issue was not witch ports to own, But the advantage some Nations got because of the timer and have ports that can’t be taken.
  15. Yeah and have I doubted that Sweden have good money ports. Don’t think so. But that was actually not what started this debate. I was that I surgested that timer was a disadvantage fore those nation that didn’t have a large area that was safe for capturing. And that I hoped in time that it would change. Then there was a post about only Dk was “stupid” enough to put timers on ports close to core territorium, that not even Sweden did that, even if a simple count could show, that they actually do the same. Then the debate was turned to finanse the ports. Yes the Swede have the best setup, better than the danes. Luckely we have some players who are willing to help finance timers. But again the issue was never on how to finance it ore wether we in DK-NG where struggeling to finance oure ports.