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  1. please, for when are you going to establish this rule in the game ?, we are eager to try and sure to push port battles to a level of fun for much older players.
  2. I sincerely think it a great idea to impose a system for BR, and thus give life to ships that were always fighting in these battles as the third, besides allowing captains with less experience to enter such battles and not have to wait for that can carry a wasap. Equally to mention, of which I sincerely seems to me that the wasap is not a ship of 4, but that it should rather recalibrarse to be a ship of 3ยช and if it joins to other ships of that same class would give much life to the battles of port.
  3. Port Battles with limited BR

    A greeting to all, never enter to the subjects although I found them very entertaining, although in this case I find so interesting that I could not resist. In my humble opinion I sincerely believe that it would be a great improvement for the game to be able to play battles for the BR, simply for the strategy, the diversity of the ships and the veneficio to be able to exploit the use of all the boats that today are limited in the use in the port battles, besides not to depend of having to take 25 players to a battle, which already would be a true achievement. Thank you very much for your attention.