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  1. Perhpase the answer I seek is buried here but I couldn't find it... This Constitution Classic, is she to replace the current Constitution, become a premium DLC, or something else?
  2. The Constitutions turn speed and turn rate are depressing anymore
  3. Thomas G. Marshall

    'Global' Ship Market

    Fargo, you clearly do not understand nor wish to understand the entirety of this idea. good day to you.
  4. Thomas G. Marshall

    'Global' Ship Market

    did you neglect to read the part where the potential provider NEGOTIATES with the person interested in obtaining the ship? or did you just forget what it means? perhaps in your opinion the ship should cost more, or even know based on fast the ship should cost more... bring that to their attention when you negotiate the deal! if they don't acknowledge and change the price, end negotiations and dont provide the ship... you know like what would actually happen. sure in real life it would take a great many months or even years to build a vessel while in game with LCs you could do it in hours, but it still takes a considerable amount of resources, which can take considerable time to obtain, with out LCs it can take several days to build the parts recoup the hours and then assemble the ship, there is also the time it takes to get the credits to buy the parts, or the combat marks to buy the labor contracts. all of those things lead me (and others who have said so in game) to desire a system where the builder doesnt half blindly build a ship estimate a price high enough to make it worth it and low enough for people to still want it. and i never said implement this !NOW! obviously it would be more a secondary project, just as customizing the paint on a ship would be tertiary.
  5. Thomas G. Marshall

    Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    I don't see why we should be limited to 4 repairs across the board. you need to have the needed amount and right type of repair to keep doing it, it have a cool down of several minutes and to get the full effect you need to be able to disengage. So because some people are playing in a slightly different way more suited to their style, they and everyone else should get, what i see as, penalized? This proposed change also just feels way to arcade-like to me as well... "we have the wood and nails needed sir, but Admiralty prohibits us from repairing more than four times in a single battle"
  6. Thomas G. Marshall

    'Global' Ship Market

    sure you can craft lots of tiny boats, and heck those are often rather easy to find the crafted ones of good builds... but im talking about proper ships. the only 4th rates youll regularly find currently are the Agamemnon beyond that you have to go to specific ports and hope there is one there thats not well beyond your budget or over priced. so how exactly is a method in which the people that want the ship can EASILY reach out to the people who can and will build the ship they want as well as negotiate on a price and location of exchange? if people SHOULD BE losing ships everyday (which i dont full agree with but thats irrelevant) then the system in which they replace those ships should be easier, simpler, and more reliable than blundering to this port and that hoping to find something you can and want to get, or all but spamming the chat "WTB (SPECIFIC SHIP) PM" over and over until someone finally answers your call. my question is, why are you so against a system that would allow people to 'order' a ship they want instead of accept whats available? would that not in the end stimulate the ship building economy?
  7. Thomas G. Marshall

    'Global' Ship Market

    your logic seems very flawed... why should the people who are paying for the ships be allowed to place contracts for the exact ships they want when the ships being sold aren't selling?? seems to be self explanatory... the ships that aren't selling are not selling because no one wants them... its a very simple concept really... do you think the shipyards of our modern age and of the age of sail would just make a ship and then place it somewhere until someone bought it? no, someone would come to them and order the ship they wanted. as such what is so wrong about being able to place a contract for a ship in this game? and then expand upon it to take it to other ports?
  8. Thomas G. Marshall

    Increase of Controls to Sails

    With in changes putting increased emphasis on knowing how to manually manipulate your sails i think it would be appropriate to have more controls over what sails are raised or not. Controls i think would be the best: on the number pad 4,1,0 select the fore, main, or mizzen mast 7,8,9,+ toggle the sails "on/off" 7 being the top + being the bottom there may be better options but this is what I've come up with.
  9. Thomas G. Marshall

    'Global' Ship Market

    Those ships you see that the AI seeds the shops with are generally of sub-optimal builds. The top three builds for Combat ships: Teak, Live Oak, White Oak frames with White Oak planks... I've not seen such a build for sale. THAT is why people will build ships... but why aren't the markets full? because who wants to build a ship and attempt to sell it by putting it for sale and hoping someone wants it. If the people who want the ship could put up a contract it would be SO much better.
  10. Thomas G. Marshall

    'Global' Ship Market

    We all know how the Ship Market currently works. Someone builds whatever ship they can/want to however they want/think which would sell best, and someone else looks in the ports for a ship they like. OR people broadcast a desire on chat. In the Future, what about a Ship Market where the BUYER puts up a proposal for a ship they want of what build type they desire and a price range they are willing and able to pay. Once placed after some time the proposal is displayed in other ports nearby of the same nation and progressively spreads farther over time, after some more time it begins to spread to ports of other nations starting around the port of origins and spread slower than it did to same nation ports. Once a prospective builder is interested finds the proposal they mail the other person from a link provided by the contract and they start negotiation and set up a time to meet when both are online. When they have come to an agreement they initiate something similar to that trade window (though it would be ideal if somehow this window did not require both to be in the same port) but instead of trading its a contract window in which the agreed on parameters are 'locked in' In the contract window the buyer would first submit the contract then the provider either accept or modify and send it back for approval, this would go on until both were happy. The Contract would contain the ship, ships build, price, deadline, and location of exchange. If the provider does not provide the ship by the deadline they pay a % to the buyer If the buyer does not buy the ship they pay a % to the provider I know there are some rather big things to resolve with this, but this is just a basic proposal. alternately they could just do for ships what they have done with other goods. contract for a specific ship and build, someone brings the ship there and sells it to the contract and then the contract is claimed.