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  1. Chickamauga has 3 days for the Union. On the first you only fight the skirmish at the bridges, on the second you get to counterattack before Longstreet is on the field and on the third the Confederates attack you in force. Longstreet arrives "overnight" though, so you won't see him if you win on the second day.
  2. I did get a draw though. That's my point. A draw is achieved by holding LaFayette Road and one of: Horseshoe Ridge Brotherton Road Jay's Mill Therefore, if you attack on that second day taking only Jay's Mill you get a draw. If that is working as intended I would like for someone to explain that intention to me.
  3. The title, basically. I just finished playing through Chickamauga as the Union only to find out that finishing the second phase with only one of the Confederate objectives captured forces a draw. Taking none proceeds you to the next day where you could easily win and taking both wins outright, so this seems a little unbalanced. The "reward" for a draw at Chickamauga is a quite underwhelming after all.