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  1. PVP marks

    You seem a little salty
  2. The Carebear King

  3. PVP marks

    PVP marks, are a reward for people who play the pvp game and go outside of their safe waters. I'm not interested in a PVE game, as such I get less access to certain upgrades/books, in return I fight other players for these. Gaining gold, and combat marks, and a extra reward for the hours of sailing a few pvp marks... I spend an entire evening sailing last night, I made 22 pvp marks, that brought me to the top 3 on the server. That was for 5 kills... To achieve that, I had to sail outside French safe waters, I had to go to la Mona, Tumbado, outside of Belize, and outside of Habana... Think about the amount of sailing was involved for just 22 pvp marks. I gained no upgrades out of that, just marks, just enough to buy 1 naval hull refit. Please tell me how this is regarded as farming then...
  4. Server Merge Proposal

    I would like the merge for more people online, I simply don't care about any of the RVR. I still love the introduction of PVP marks, gives us PVP folks to work for something, I would love to see more rewards become available. I can't spend my time hunting chasing PVE bots. So I encourage having more folks online! And as a Pirate please bring back the option to fight other pirates....
  5. Eliminate small ship griefing

    But Malachy, me and @Gregory Rainsborough have taken out Vile in his connie, I think @Vile Executioner is a more then capable captain, again in the hands of any captain who knows somewhat what he's doing any ship can become a nasty weapon. I'm sorry you had two less experienced snows fighting you, but they probably had the time of their life fighting a big 4th rate connie that they just couldn't kill. I see why you had less fun in this, but calling it griefing and such doesn't help anyone, It is a game, you win you lose, when I lose I'm the first to say GG. You outsmarted me, you outgamed me, you won. If its a draw well good for both of ya, on to the next battle (that isnt the forum to reduce somebody else his preferred ship, cause it caused you to have a bit less fun) So end this post, this is no use, only more people getting worked up on something that isn't a problem, it takes guts to take on a big ship in a tiny ship. And kuddo's for them taking out the big ship. And kuddos for them taking out the small ship and calling it GG
  6. You say that, I was actually talking about using it the other day curious how they will react to getting killed by a trader snow... Challenge accepted!
  7. I've sold my LGV Refit, It took effort to get to a 150 PVP marks, making it slower then a LGV makes no sense... I will put the game aside for a while, I don't like for begging for PVP, cause that is how it feels now, PVE is not my thing. The refit was fun I could log out anywhere, resume the next day from where i left, and sail and find PVP. Now I would have to sit outside free ports again, hoping to get PVP, and hoping i don't get jumped by all the others teleporting in and rushing into the battle. Sorry not interested.. Felt more like a pirate, now that is gone as well. RIP pirates
  8. Sold my LGV refit, its trash, thx for the few days of fun travelling across the map felt like a pirate, now even pirates is just a nation...
  9. So Devs, @admin what nerf was done to the refit today? As she feels way more sluggish today then she did before... I'm not sure why the nerf was needed, she was under powered as she was an under powered 5th rate (buffed trader). As she sails now, i don't see her being worth 150 pvp marks... she's trash now, back to sailing my snow and annoying 4th rates why did you not listen to the few captains who actually sailed the ship?
  10. Eliminate small ship griefing

    I love how the Snoh is getting all this love and hate here, thing is... it is the captain sailing it who makes the difference, one broadside of a 4th rate can really ruin your day in a 6th. A skilled captain, will not come in that situation that often.. (happens though, damn wappen sinking me in one go :D) Some snow's are outfitted to be extra agile, some are outfitted to be speedy, some are outfitted for straight boardings, learn the captains, learn their tactics and you will come out victorious, also learn sailing profiles, as it will help you escape if faced by a stronger captain. And sometimes you just lose, just man up say GG and go to your next ship. Just don't underestimate any ship (how small they might look...) , oh and yes battles can take long vs small ships, they have to fight differently, small guns, small damage, it just takes longer...
  11. Smuggler flag

    I'm sorry you got attacked/killed by a trade ship, and now feel the need to change an entire game feature
  12. I have to agree with Vile, this ship looks amazing, she sails amazing, and she's a great trade hunter. Dev's nailed on this one. Increase the damage done to crew with swivels, it's a little under powered. (saw some of the nice stern rakes Moscalb did today) Again she will make for a great hunter. And seeing some players use it today, she's gonna be my favorite when I get my chance with it. But I do love the fact that she costs a lot of PVP marks, makes it more unique in the current NA world.
  13. Voted NO, you are limited by the amount you bring... so this is a mute point
  14. Insta multi boarding

    It's always surprising how people blame game mechanics, while playing a game Anyhow say what you will, that was the plan, you played along just perfectly, you sank gg Regarding the 'instant boarding' it is part of the game, I was prepared in case you disengaged, to attack you. It seems you don't like it, I'm not sure how else this can be implemented...
  15. Insta multi boarding

    Hammer, you never told the full story on how this battle started and why we 'Kited' you away. You tagged me right next to your fort, Greg was even between you and the fort. We (Greg and I) knew that the fort would be a challenge, and we decided to have you chase us. While we put distance between us and the forth, so we would have a fighting chance. You fell for it, if you would have stayed with the fort, we would have not been able to do much. When you realized you were to far away, and returned, we positioned ourselves so you were unable to get back. It's called tactics, not skill, but a plan for a chance of victory. the boarding itself, imagine you were to disengage, with your 50 crew left... Even if we had a timer of 2 minutes, there was no way you would have gotten out, you didnt have rum, you were done. GG