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  1. After the patch, that brought us to the new unity platform I was having issues with crashes, and I started playing around with my graphics settings in-game... But unfortunately now, I don't see any damage anymore on my ships in battle, (rest assured i still take damage, just the visuals are gone). I have put my settings back to Ultra, but unfortunately the damage visuals or bullet holes did not came back Can anyone point out the setting for this that I have turn on again, to see this nice visuals? Jef
  2. Oh I fought more then just traders, but you are missing the point... if those area's are protected where most people are, how can we find people that do venture outside of these regions. Especially with the current amount of people! Why not come with options of doing convoy missions for people etc, I'm a trader myself, I hire clan members to protect me when I went around Jamaica or did bigger trips. Regarding hostility grinding, yeah I spend my fair time helping out... but try finding the enemy fleet... with the mission spawn all over the place..
  3. Reason people are around the capital area's is to find people to fight, and raid. Now with that gone, I have no incentive to go sailing for hours in the hopes of finding somebody... And vice versa I enjoyed hunting down raiders attacking KPR or Belize. And scare them off or fight (and often die ). I literally jumped in a privateer to hunt Dutch Traders, that is now off the books, as that entire region is basically protected now. I avoided anything below 'master and commander' lvl, even gave money to dutch starters and tips on how to avoid us 'raiders'. But where do I find these traders now, with that entire region on lock down... I also raided the French,Swedes I would sail up and down between Carriacou and Desirades and hunt traders sailing between bridgetown and Fort Royal, again this is now off the books as that region is also on lock down. So where do I hunt traders now... I could join some of my clan mates and do PVE missions now all around protected Jamaica and fight AI, but that's not why I joined a PVP server.
  4. Yeah this makes no sense... Also what is the maximum range for people to call in reinforcements... There is no indicator at all for anyone raiding/searching for PVP to know where the reinforcements circle ends. If it is the region(and I believe it is) look at the map... There is no incentive to raid Dutch traders anymore, as their entire region is basically protected, same for the French, and for the Brits. Where else will you be able to find people in a huge world, except for their capitals with a player count of 300-400 (let alone during the evening where it drops to 100 and lower) I hope the reinforcement circle can be tuned down, and also the way the first rates popup in a battle like this, is purely ridiculous... At this point, I'm putting the game aside as I'm NOT interested in PVE, hence why I joined a PVP server