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    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Since winning as Union, I haven't had the heart to start a new campaign. I miss those units. I've played some scenarios, but I really miss those units. The whole game I was made to care, it's gut wrenching just to take them away. I want the game to recognise the bond. So If I may, some suggestions: Wall of honour - best units in several categories for union && confederate campaigns. New Game+ - carry over unit or two with their commander, loose their weapons. Or maybe offer them as political prize? Credits - statistics for the campaign for each unit, with maybe units marching on the background (victory parade).
  2. darktatka

    Army Management for new players

    My army composition at the time of battle of Richmond (but I've been using the same composition essentially the whole game): I corps:Elite Infantry corps. (holding the line and assault) 1st division - Elites of the elite. All divisions except 1st division have one 10pdr cannon unit (workhorse cannon). 2 units of skirmishers per corps. One or two units of cavalry per corps These are my Triarii. I hold them back and if they don't see any fighting, it's a good battle. II corps: Artilery corps (Assaulting and holding fortifications ) 1st division - Elite infantry for this corps. Just infantry. 2nd divison - All heavy artillery. 20pdr parrot, 24pdr howitzer, one unit of whitworths. Other divisions - Infantry with 10pdr cannon unit. One unit of skirmishers per corps One unit of ranged cavalry per corps. III corps: Cavalry corps. Speed (quick reinforcements and exploitation) 1st division - Elite infantry for this corps. Infantry and 1 skirmisher 2nd division - Cavalry only. Mix of melee and ranged Other divisions - Infantry + 1 cannon + 1-2 skirmishers. IV, V corps: Infantry corps (fresh troops - assault and first line defense) One cannon per division, 1 cavalry per corps, 2skirmishers per corps additional units (ie. heavy cannon) may be assigned according to mission. These brigades are deemed expendable if need be. In my opinion, using this every corps is usable for every battle, but some are more good in some form of warfare then others. Regarding first level infantry perk - I don't take the morale buff. I get high morale from my political points.
  3. darktatka

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    I've finished the game as Union and I was a bit sad that I wasn't given an option to review my soldiers one last time. Some kind of credit roll maybe? It would be fun if the game would recognize a unit which has been with me since the beginning, the unit with the most overall kills, the unit with most losses, the unit which lost the most commanders etc. I've grown to love some of those units. I care. Now they are gone because I've won
  4. darktatka

    Leaders Killed

    It's probability. I've just lost major general Burnside, veteran of many battles, who stayed with his brigade since they were formed, in attack column at Cold Harbor. His unit was third in the column and got one lone burst from long range cannon, which wasn't even directed at them. They were just peacefully marching. Damn those rebels, damn them to hell. His unit continued to break through rebel lines and roll their left flank, with Superb Hancock and Geddes brigades. RIP general Burnside. Your brigade will be always named in your honor.
  5. darktatka

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    I have suggestion about degameifing scenarion specific units. For example in Chancellorsville as UNION, you get several thousand men armed with spencers. For game purposes, it's best to hold the bridges with as much losses as possible, so that you get those spencers. There is no incentive to save those units. You can't even use them later if you fought well and they reamined on the battlefield. (Which they in my case did, inflicting thousands of casualties and receiving about 30% themselves) It would be nice, if the game would notice that the player had taken care of those units and gave him a reward for this - for example by saying "The local force was impressed with your skill in battle and commander approved X volunteers to join your army" and player would get some money/manpower, based on percentage of survivors. Even better, receive a unit for cheap or no political points (like Iron Brigade). Thoughts?