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    Exaggarated willingness to close to bayonet rage?

    Hi, I think the idea that “realism…”, in this case lack of a willingness to melee, and a game been accessible and fun are mutually exclusive is something of a canard. But wargames developers are businesses. Equally many may simply find it more fun if their men are heroic. Great game. But that little tweak would take it to a higher level. All the best, Kip.
  2. kipanderson

    Exaggarated willingness to close to bayonet rage?

    JonnyH13, hi, thanks for getting back to me. Seems a shame to me that something so easily doable by a such a talented team is left so ahistorical, for want of a better term. But presumably the target market like their digital heroes to be heroic . But a more challenging and would claim satisfying game if it were historically accurate . No matter.. very fine game. All the best, kip.
  3. Hi, I read in one of reviews that at launched infantry were too egger to close with the enemy in charges. Historically it was rare for infantry to close all the way. If they charged would come to a halt at 150m - 100m from the enemy line and start to exchange fire. As in the Frist World War or WWII bayonet injuries were very few. Has this been fixed or will it be, is it on the list? The game looks great and will be buying it anyway. Also, all ACW and Napoleonic Wars wargames I have ever come across ship with this exaggerated willingness to close to bayonet range. But UGCW looks so good shame not to make it historically accurate if not already fixed. Great game, congratulations, All the best, Kip.