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  1. Free port of Viques

    im sure the ts will remain open for every one in the danish nation no matter what happens but its up to anolytic after all it is his ts and he pays for servers. he created this ts for the danish nation and with the future in mind. now im not sure but i think it can hold up to 500 ppl so even when the game is released he would be able to keep it running as the danish ts, so i don't think you have to worry about it getting closed down or clans getting thrown out.
  2. Free port of Viques

    i don't care if DNP respects RDNN but a little gratitude for the effort would be nice. but DNP can use anolytic ts to talk bout how bad RDNN is and how much more Honorable they are then us is fine. they sail safely in the in danish water because RDNN and all the others clan worked together to secure them. if they don't like to follow us nothing stops them from getting 25 players together and doing there own plans and port battles, but every time RDNN did something DNP did not like we got same message from them that they would no longer support us rvr, like the where trying to blackmail us into doing what they wanted to do and mostly we did not care about if they help us or not. but when we do same and say that we will no longer be helping them they call us traitors to the nation. that is what all this is about
  3. Free port of Viques

    we where at Savannah trying to keep our live oak port for the eastern blok a few weeks when night flips started, i guess you only joined when they closer to cs if you don't know that. we did not break the truce our enemy's propaganda is all you know about it and your are stupid enough to believe every word of it. while the pirates where in our water we where fighting at the front line like we always do to protect the danish territory and i guess you see never the port battles we set up because you stay close cs and do pve except to sealclub and gank. maybe first rates are easy to come by when only lose them to pve but rvr is different matter when you can lose from 5 to 10 every day but ofc you would not anything about that i hope they coming to maybe a few defeats will open your eyes so you can understand about rvr and cost associated when a well organized enemy is attaching you instead of few pirates privileges has to be earned and they can be lost again. maybe you should think more about why you lost them in first place and what have DNP been doing when all of this happened if i may ask ? you misunderstand me then. imagine your are trying to help someone while they are talking shit to your face. how long would keep trying to help them. and im not saying we are the only ones trying to make the danish nation better in anyway and im grateful for all the other clan that we fight with but i don't see what DNP has ever done for the danish nation, they don't join port battles or screening, mostly they gank and do pve and im fine with but i don't know why they have to try to mettle in rvr when they know nothing about it
  4. Free port of Viques

    we don't care what you think but we find it irritating that you all ways do everything you can to ruin our plans and how can you question someone leaderhips if you dont think you can better your self ? and this leadership you talk about is really nothing more then plans we have made for our self and because no other clan is the danish nation has shown any initiative to do anything more then pve, other clans have followed us and our deals. while following RDNN and RUS the danish nation have expanded its core territory from cs to half of hispaniola and given all danish captains a lot of content to do. maybe you should should take the wheel and use hours on talking with the other nations diplomats, create and pay for the nations teamspeak and servers to run it on, gather and train a port battle fleet and make offensive plans, and use hours to sail and gather resources to make sure everyone has a first rate to fight in the port battles with all the while a small clan with no experience within the nation is telling you that they know the right way to do it. now you can because we tried of it, our officers are tried of making a effort and only getting shit back in return, so have it your way every clan for it self and lets see how long the danish nation will last when every clan is divided
  5. Video Card recommendations.

    this is my gpu but its abit overkill. a gtx 1080 will be fine for awhile in to the future
  6. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    we don't have problem with you not helping us. but when other nation want the map win just maybe they will remember that all of dnp port will be easy to take because your clan has no pb experience and not enough members to fill a pb
  7. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    with that logic why should we take any port at all ? we could just keep our 2 starting port and be safe and use alts to get everything else we need
  8. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    ohh im sorry i see now that dnp is doing there fair share for danish nation by ganking friendly's who we was fighting a war with instead of the Swedish we was fighting against. and its funny you bring it up because even though Sweden is only 5 min away from cs you chose to sail all way to kpr instead because it was easier to kill ppl there then in Swedish waters and if you don't think that wanting a formal apology and new ship because we did not help out one of you clan mate is crying i don't know what it tbh
  9. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    and have you been for the last year ? i only see you doing missions outside cs and crying in nation when you lose a ship to the swedes. i don't remember any pb won by dnp or anytime you sailed to help a ally in need. and look at what you asking of us, rdnn should do the heavy lifting with port battle, diplomacy and protecting of every trader ship in our waters. im sorry but we expect ppl to be able to look after them self and when assassin was attacked nation chat was full of warnings about swedes on our waters and he went out anyway without any escort from his clan members. and you made a big deal about it and declared that you would no longer be helping us with anything unless we made a formal apology and gave him a new ship
  10. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    what ppl tends to forget is that rdnn and rus and all the others clans we work with are also the ones who defend the nation. i remember when you played fox you where allways complaining about rdnn right up until somebody attacked us. we have always had the nation in mind when we have chosen our targets, when we go Cartagena we would have gotten Important resource, same story with Savannah and when when we had pirates in our waters and no way to stop them because of game mechanics we tried to get Bermuda so danish players could have safe place to do missions. we have sailed for hours for help our allies so they would come to defend danish waters when we needed it. we are the ones who go to meeting to make diplomatic agreements with the others nation to make sure the there will be danish nation at all. before you start whining about rus and rdnn imagine how the danish nation would be with out us, it would most likely be blue
  11. The Nightflip

    i would say they can set what ever time they want even 2 different timeslot there ports and have have as many port as they can afford
  12. The Nightflip

    so if the US want to take a danish port they have do it in the timeslot we choose. how do we prevent ppl from setting there timeslot late at night like last time to prevent them getting attacked ?
  13. The Nightflip

    so if no one has your timeslot you cant attack or be attacked right ?
  14. The Nightflip

    with timeslot do you mean timezone ?
  15. The Nightflip

    what mechanics would you like to see ?