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  1. Aegir can you pass me the salt ? =)
  2. Rune

    Abusing RvR System

    so its okey when you want it to be but not when others do it. you cant have both or special treatment. its ether wrong to trade ports in every case or its okey to do it in every case
  3. Rune

    Abusing RvR System

    what about when the swedes let the danish take a port from them just so they could take it back later, was that against the rules as well ?
  4. do you think murder and bank robbery is comparable ? the solider should be sentence the same as the peasant for the robbery and then the peasant should get sentences for the murders and the robbery you and your other Swedish friends sailed for 3 hours to meet up with rubeli and bf. then you towed in to the port and joined on the Russian side to block out the chance of the Russian screening fleet to do its job, then you did green on green to hamper what Russian did mange to join the battle and keep them in battle increasing the chance of them getting kill by the danish fleet. it show planning and therefor premeditation you intent was to turn it in to a lobby system making sure the danish port battle fleet would get in to the port battle. let me ask you this if i kill someone with gun should i get the same sentence as if i kill someone with a knife ? when you block spots in battle there is no difference if your are using alts or allies the outcome is the same so the punishment should be the same. if you don't get punish all that will happen is other ppl will do the same because they know nothing will happen the first time. if the dev don't take a firm stand on this it will spiral out of control and we will see many more tribunal post about green on green and blocking spots in battle. .
  5. one ship will not make that much a difference and the screening fleet don't need to kill the port battle fleet it is good enough to just delay it so i would say 1 ship is okey
  6. but we are talking about old players that know the rules to a degree when they can get around them and when sorry got punished they did not get any warnings. we knew they where gonna hide in battle and the prepared for it but then they block how many players we can get in to the battle and attack them, i think a punishment is due on this one, but mostly i want to know if this is fair play so we can do it as well what stop the Russian and Spanish from creating a battle in front of lets say cs getting 10 to 15 Spanish players to join on the danish side and kill the rest of the danish ppl who jumps in or you block out the chance of a dane calling the reinforcement as well. im sure there are other ways to abuse it as well
  7. good now we can all game the system on equal terms. im sure the game will be better because of it
  8. i have no warnings so i can kill a friendly ship in battle and get away with it ?
  9. if this is true what stops other nations from doing the same with player that has no warnings ?
  10. and what harm could a successful taking of somerset do to the Russian nation when they use this kinda tactic, you have to assume they would go for the 2 other ports as well destroying our power base and ability to make ships. i don't see you arguing that it would be bad to lose Russian players because of new use of limiting how many enemy's can join a battle mechanic or green on green. they made the choice to do it well knowing that it was wrong in the hope of dealing the Russian nation death blow. and we don't want them gone at all if they get demoted it is on them alone, we did not force them to do this, they made choice and they should stand by it
  11. if you cant do the time, don't do the crime is all most seams like you knew you where doing something wrong but expect to be let off because you haven't done it before. you ruined the game play for others and if you don't get punished all other clans can do the same with players that have no warning and get away with it. new players should get a warning but not veterans
  12. Rune

    alt or allies

    but the outcome is the same as if they had used alts in the battle they gain a unfair advantage. alts have allow been used to block spots so one side wound be at disadvantage, i know that did not use alts but they found a new way of blocking out the enemy
  13. Rune

    alt or allies

    so if they swedes had used Russian alts to block the spots that would have been fine as well ?
  14. Rune

    alt or allies

    can some tell me the differences from using alt to block spots in battle and using allies to do it ? today the Honorable swedes and there pirate lab dogs blocked Russian spots in a screening battle outside somerset and i am wondering if it is considered the same as using alt to do it ?
  15. Rune

    Caribbean Invasion News

    look in a mirror mate