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  1. One of my favorite movies of all time. I guess I've seen it 15-20 times. Talking about movies. I'm surprised no one has talked about the recent revelation that Mr. Lincoln was a Vampire Hunter and seemed very familiar with Asian martial arts. This adds an entirely new twist to the whole war and Mr. Lincoln's presidency. We have to wonder too why Doris Kearns Goodwin never mentioned this in her book.
  2. GRIT

    Leaders Killed

    I've been known to imbibe when I play Ultimate General so that's two marks against my poor generals and officers.
  3. GRIT

    Army Management for new players

    Great guide, the extra Corp slot is really a good idea, thanks.
  4. GRIT

    Leaders Killed

    There may have been some officers wounded and not killed. The General was killed for sure but I was not 100% familiar with the interface at the time to say for sure now that all the officers were killed and not just injured. Thank You for the comments and help.
  5. GRIT

    Leaders Killed

    Thanks, I figured it was me and there wasn't much I could do-maybe learn to fight better. I hope it gets better as the units gain experience.
  6. GRIT

    Leaders Killed

    I seem to be losing a lot of leaders. In a recent battle at Gaines' Mill I lost 6 leaders in just my 1st Corp including a General leading a Division. Is this normal, or is there something I should be doing to avoid so many leaders being killed? Thanks
  7. The game is great but would be much more difficult without the Guides players have posted. I'm on my 3rd time starting the Campaign and I finally feel like I have a hang of things. As was recommended by one Guide, I save often, before and during a battle. If I really screwed up I hit restart and try again. Which helps to learn what kind of tactics work best. I hate to not get a victory and not get the phat loot to build my army.
  8. GRIT

    Good review on Wargamer

    The review in Wargamer had a large part in me purchasing the game. I'm glad I did, having a hell of a lot of fun.