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  1. According to this post it was fixed on the EU server by giving the certain port more goods which ended up giving the clan 14 million worth golf from taxes.
  2. MassimoSud, bb3ar, Adam Littlejohn

    It is very bad that players do this and hopefully they are punished for ruining the experience of a lot of players.
  3. Neutral ports

    So either capture your own port or stay away from another clans port?
  4. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    Yes I do agree certain ranks should only get reinforcements because wheres the fun in doing missions all day in a 1st rate without risk? I also believe the BR for ship that get reinforcements is totally messed up such as if I try to attack a Surprise in a Trincomalee I will have the higher BR which results in the player getting 1st rates to back him up? There is a PVE server for a reason and they are only making pvp less enjoyable. They have increased the amount of reward from missions as well so let's say a player does 10 missions which is EASILY accomplished then he gets ganked, he can buy multiple ships while learning something from the gank such as how to avoid it happening again.
  5. WOW makes a move on Naval Bases

  6. Naval action is awesome

    Yes it is awesome game
  7. Rattlesnake

  8. Rattlesnake

    Ink gave me a rattlesnake today as a redeemable for helping him
  9. Rattlesnake

    Rattlesnake is in the game
  10. I Wish

    The game is very fun thank you developers for new update
  11. Yeah but how will they know what caused the crash
  12. Program crash when in battle

    I crashed once in a mission so far which has never happened before.
  13. How to make long trips more fun

    I have wanted to suggest PVE trade convoys that would be something very cool and fun to do as traders could be fleeing while other ships attack you. You would need a group of players to capture the convoys or they will get away because of the ones attacking you. For the other suggestions I believe storms that dealt damage would be very nice and could add a benefit of catching more fish inside of the storm.