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  1. Instead of applying these changes across the board why not add a few port battles with this new mechanics. Leave 1st rate battles in county capitals. Mix in some new types of battles with the 4th rates battles for regular towns. It could be very interesting to have more options. Im also in favor of 5th Rate only port battles without any Indefats and Trincos.
  2. Since we always talk about NA being like Eve Online why not give Role Bonuses to underperforming ships? Make every ship useful for something. Bigger is better is kinda boring especially when there are so many nice 5th rates to choose from. Maybe if individual ship bonuses are too much to balance give class bonuses. Reduced accuracy versus smaller ships in PVP. Increased turn or speed vs larger ships. These are just examples of course other stuff could work just as well.
  3. I think the reason for the Wasa is to give nations that are losing ports and dont have access to good PB woods a way to conquer again. 4th Rate PBs are most common and having a LO/WO or 2x WO Wasa means even if a nation is pushed back to starting area they can get back out and conquer.
  4. Solo PVP is not dead. If you want to hunt theres plenty of high traffic/bottleneck areas outside of capitals. Sealclubbing lowbies in capital zone is dead which is great for the game. Got a trader with 300k worth of white oak yesterday and it was the most rewarding 300k ive earned since new patch. Pick your fights, run when you cant fight, be a pirate. YAARRR
  5. I think a lot of people are gathering materials right now. There is also a lack of stone blocks which will be fixed soon. I would give it 2 weeks to see how this this develops.
  6. Is it intentional that upgrading a Stone Mine from lvl2 to lvl3 doesnt increase amount produced (200)?
  7. Firstly i think we should wait for conquest to ramp up before making and major changes. Things seem very balanced at the moment. Wasa for CM is a good thing and needs to be kept. The main reason is to give nations that have been pushed back to their starting area a way to get back up and conquer with a fleet that can compete in PB. The port tax issue isnt so clear to me. I think the idea is to make owning ports a gold sink not to create hundreds of millions for owning clans. Perhaps part of the resource building collection cost can go to owning clan if the current gold sink is too much. However im seeing some ports are money printing machines which can easily cover holding less profitable ports.
  8. To be fair there was a bit of handholding added to PVP servers as well recently. Theres no need to be hostile PVE server is a chilled out place with good people.
  9. I think they try to encourage orvr and port battles so free teleports and expensive 1st rates kinda nullifies that.
  10. Any chance the building production outside safe zones can be increased a bit for the extra risk taken. Seems pointless to drop an iron mine at 50k a pop in an area that could get conquered in a weeks time.
  11. Can someone explain the production of resources. KPR fir building is 350per day and if i goto Placer i get the same crappy 350. My understanding was if you go out of safe area you get way better goods. Whats point of capped ports?
  12. Economy seems completely broken for me. Im trying to get iron ore buildings set up. In capital region, in neutral and in clan ports its telling me the building is only going to produce 150 per day at level 1. I want to start producing ships and cannon but to wait 100 days for an easy to burn through 15k iron is broken af.
  13. Maybe the Hostility Missions can be activated and PVE players can 'paint the map' without any conquest mechanics.
  14. How is everyone making 600k in 40mins? Im getting like 200k per hour doing solo missions. Also loving this patch so far.
  15. BetaVape

    RvR port maintenance

    Sure but the flow is overwhelmingly from weak nations to populated nations. Are you saying to reduce it to like 3 factions like DAoC? Many games have nice underdog bonuses. Everytime i play H&G or RoR i always go to underpop faction to get those extras.