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  1. Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

    Fir / Fir?
  2. Naval Action Legends Beta is now open!

    5-10 mins is too long. up to 5 should be max and only in rare cases. Half an hour? are you crazy? lol... are we back in 1991 or something?
  3. A few suggestions, almost got it devs... almost.

    Do you understand that with new physics your damage output is now double. For example my Constitution can unload 3 broadsides now within 2 mins. So, repairs now are actually weaker compared to what we had before. DPS due to turn rate helps a lot here. I really do not see any issues here or reason why reps/ rum should be crew heavy or something. Maneuver game is all what matters now.
  4. A few suggestions, almost got it devs... almost.

    There is a thing called get distance and repair.
  5. Naval Action Legends Beta is now open!

    They are only working on big boys right now, so I do not think it's implemented yet.
  6. Naval Action Legends Beta is now open!

    What? wow. Such a BS.
  7. Na-L going live when?

  8. Just don't over do it, it's not that bad right now.
  9. Na-L going live when?

    It's there , greyed out. Just hard to see if you own many games.
  10. A few suggestions, almost got it devs... almost.

    I think turn force should be stronger is waves are larger, and little less if sea is calm. We need weather adjustment. Heavier seas = stronger winds = better turn force.
  11. Sailing Physics

    Agree, new patch rocks.
  12. Quick patch review: New physics are awesome. You guys just nailed it, needs slight tune, but god it's so good. I feel like I am back in potbs with my Mercy (Constitution). All what I could do there I can now apply here in Naval Action. Thank you! Turning is so easy. I suggest you tune auto sailing for new guys, it's not that good. You guys just moved pvp to the whole new level. NPC need work as well, but they turn and act natural. Congratulations!
  13. If no ointment used, pain will cause redness and will require serious medical attention. Such accidents will require players to leave NA in a hurry and possibly stay away from it if doctors prescribe it.
  14. A few suggestions, almost got it devs... almost.

    90% crew? Jesus. What did I pay my carpenters for? Fk it, marines get the fkn planks and start rebuilding the ship, drop your muskets and remove your red coats. All to work! You are out of balance a bit here.
  15. Why do you think it's wrong? Some say it's perfectly ok to group a large number of skilled players together and let them seal club left and right. Some say world of warships did 3 player group per battle not because of this. What's your opinion on this?