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  1. Merge the nations!

    Destroyed ? you can only loose ports. Nation is players not ports. But I do agree with you that loosing all of the ports would have an impact on numbers of players within a nation. Same as I agree that there is a room for more contect. Where I don't agree is safe zones that are protecting everyone as this is actually denying content same as current size of the map which is denying content too. Less nations will not increase amount of pvp. It will be same 500 ppl which only 20% off is looking actively for pvp in the huge ow.
  2. Merge the nations!

    Very judgemental. I enjoy rvr too, although I don't care about keeping ports. If I wont keep it, there is good reason to fight for it again w hen it is needed, when I will run out of resources. Yesteday ended up with 8 lord protectors - 3 VM showing that I do participate in RVR.
  3. Merge the nations!

    And what does it have to do with what I said ? I expressed my own opinion saying that I would prefer smaller map to test combat mechanics better than sailing in the empty world. I am reading once a week a forum topic about nations merge and I do agree with admin that more nations statistically brings more action. Making map smaller was only a suggestion as this is what forums are for ? Really ? For me you can take all of the Prussian ports I don't need them
  4. Merge the nations!

    If you would read once again it says while in alfa stage. With amount of bugs and balancing issues, in my head those would be more important to deal with, than sailing around in the empty world. Release full map in beta.
  5. Merge the nations!

    solution to all of this issues, while in alpha reduce map size to hispaniola region only, where all of this 11 nation can meet up and have a brawl
  6. patroll mission thoughts

    Get production going put them in the shop for 1500 and make lots of money...
  7. lost 12 PVP marks ?

    Yesterday I took part in 3 battles with PVP marks rewards: - PB Macao - 11 - PvP near La Tortue - 12 - PvP near Mortimer - 2 Looks like leaderboard didn't register 12 PVP marks I should get for PvP near La Tortue. Not sure was it added to my PvP marks pool. Not that I care about that 12 PvP marks, but for some new player it can be a real issue. I don't have screenshots as I had to re-log in between of the fights due to group issue (could not disband a group). Regards Cr33D
  8. 1. Hidden names is OW - probably one of the best changes so far, make it all exciting again ! 2. Another great change is opening reinforcement zone battles for longer. This creates opportunity for big battles ! Yesterday we had people joining battle for over 30 mins ! Great fights yesterday, lost two ships although amount of fun was worth more than ships Thanks devs
  9. PvP - opisy walk

    szkoda:( dobra walka byla. sorry za trinco
  10. PvP - opisy walk

    @Trashtoto Kohl masz moze vid z naszej wczorajszej bitwy ?
  11. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    definitely we need less talk about sweden russia tentions in all possible topics... it gets boring guys...
  12. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    imho mechanics with favour should be added where each player starts as a free privateer and depending on his actions (through pve or pvp) he is being assigned favour points from each country. eg. at 1000 points he is getting a letter from the nation that he can join it and benefit from this nations ports, production and discounted prices in shops etc. then nation choice will be bound to your decisions. example If you are killing swedes that are in war with gb gb grants you favour points, after doing it for some time you will get a letter. political status would have to be added where clans with highest favour total are deciding on the status vs other countries through different mechanics like influence in the region, borders tension etc. no silly nation changing only pure outcome of your actions will set your fate. complicated to implement but even games like sid meyers pirates jad something similar.
  13. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    Same here. Since I started playing as Prussian I managed to get from level 15 crafting to level 50 now building in La Tortue while gathering resources around free towns, open ports (smuggler flag) and Prussian ports around LT. By today I probably have enough of most materials (including teak and white oak) to craft additional 20 - 30 (accounting Victory Marks - probably 10) 1st rates without having safe zones or dedicated eco hub. I never had an alt account nor I plan to have one.
  14. Modules...what are they?

    modules are rudder magazine and pump. you can enhance rudder and pump. not sure about magazine never needed any improvement on it.