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    Ancestor's Units During Historic Game Play

    Forgive me, I was talking about the British battles. It's on my wife's side - Scottish chap who I believe was line infantry and fought in all the Peninsular battles up to Waterloo by which time I thnk he had been discharged because he was an 'old man' by then.
  2. So... Another complete run as the Confederates, this time fairing much, much better until I get to Cold Harbor. I've got 60k or so men, against how ever many they field. I don't know how many it is because I haven't used recon past 1 point. But the mission ends somewhat abruptly on the second or third? phase. I just can't get the victory points in the alloted time which is a very frustrating way to end the mission all things considered. I'm obviously playing too defensively but that is the way I've taught myself to win the battles. I ended in overall defeat even though I had won all but two of the missions, and those 2 were drawn. I inflicted 450k! casualties. But I'm a tad burnt out now, need to try the Union side and see how it compares.
  3. pdstanbridge

    Ancestor's Units During Historic Game Play

    Wow! That's fantastic. It does bring you somewhat closer to your pixelmen. I've got an ancestor who fought in all the Peninsular battles and survived to tell the tale. That's quite an achievement too.
  4. You are right about the losses decreasing. It's quite dramatic! In Gaines Mill (I think), the grand battle anyway, I had 35,000 men on the field. The Union had 65,000! I didn't realise this because I opted for medicine/logistics rather than recon as my first set of points. But my brigades were much larger. I went with 1500-2000 men per brigade where I could. I ended up defeating the Union with only 7,000 losses. They lost 39,000! What a difference.
  5. Hi William. I'm the level with no bonus and no penalties. Is that BG? I maxed out politics and org, with medicine following. I tried to upgrade my muskets quickly, thinking smaller brigades with superior weaponry is a better choice. Due to the lack of manpower I generally suffered I couldn't take the offense in a lot of battles so I played defensively. If a mission involved assault I would try and use the canon fodder for the initial assault, followerd up by a better quality unit. I would always try and keep my best brigades in reserve, but this plan was hardly ever followed The battles would be fast and furious and sometimes I couldn't follow my own strategies due to lack of time. On occasion it felt like a capture the flag rush. The first unit wins due to the terrain. I would always like to use at least one cavalry unit in my divisions and one skirmisher unit with the best weapons I could get. But the micro management could prove problematic on occasion. I've accepted defeat in this campaign, right at the last hurdle. But I am going to try it again from the beginnng. I've learnt a lot more since the first run through and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. At the start, I like to have 4 recon so that I at least know the numbers I'm up against. Then I try to go for org. What size brigades would you start with? 700-800 men? Try and keep it roughly balanced with the Union side (to begin with).
  6. I love this game, there's no denying that. But I've just got fired in my Confederates campaign at the Cold Harbour mission. The missions up to that point (as the confederates anyway) have become more aggressive and increasingly difficult. In one grand battle I was facing about 90,000 men, and I had just 40,000, or so. Managing the manpower is a nightmare. I'm more efficient using cover, and have studied various guides. I am an okay player, but the manpower is a disaster. I realise that in reality the Union had superior numbers and I'm fine with that. But how many men should we be using as an average? It's certainly challenging. The max I could field was 3 corps, with about 2 divisions per corps. I guess I was looking at 2,000 men per brigade of infantry as a max. but I often used much smaller brigades. I tried to keep a surplus of manpower to about 10k, but after a couple of the grand battles I lost the lot and would have to eat into my reputation to replace it where I could. As a result my rep was quite low at most times. I'd appreciate any advice.
  7. pdstanbridge

    Struggling - but love it... Need campaign advice please.

    Thanks all for your advice, it really came in useful. I restarted a Union campaign, and have had a much better experience. The only caveat is notching down the difficulty level so that I get the gold and manpower bonus. That has helped no end. I started out small, with brigades smaller than 1000 men, and have gradually been able to ramp them up to 2000, and some of them with elite status. I'm still struggling somewhat with the weapons side of things however. I've been on the lookout for those Spencer rifles and have managed to find a whopping 16 When do they start to show in numbers? I've just finished the Stones River mission, and managed to field 95,000 men. The Confederates had 60,000. By the end of the battle they suffered 38,000 casualties to my 24k. That was a pretty difficult mission for me, up that hill. It was a long, costly slog. I sense the missions are really ramping up in difficulty now. Lots more entrenchments and better quality troops.
  8. New to this game and am thoroughly enjoying it. It's easy to pick up but very difficult to master. I've read the tips thread above, and it has helped a little. But I'm struggling with numbers. I've played two campaigns now, but only until I got sacked in one and gave up in the other. I've tried both sides. My basic problem is a fundamental one. I am lacking in manpower. I've started out with no bonuses, and gone with 1 corps until I have to upgrade to 2 and 3. My career path; I start out with the 4 recon which I find essential. Then I focus on politics/organisation. I try to focus on primarily infantry units in my divisions. I am doing well until I get to the end of 1862, then I have tiny corps due to the lack of manpower. This puts me at a distinct disadvantage. In one main battle of the campaign, I had 42,000 men and the enemy had 68,000 or so. It was a hard slog. But I eventually won. But from then onwards I had too many casualties and not enough replacements. It was unsustainable and quite frankly, not much fun. It felt terribly unbalanced from that point onwards and I'm not sure how you are expected to proceed. The problem as I see it, when you are made to add a corps of men to your army, the AI scaling seems to go through the roof. It wouldn't be quite so bad if I had manpower, but after losing 20,000 in one battle and then expected to face 60,000 or so in the next battle. I don't know what you are supposed to do. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong? I've also read that you don't need to worry too much about weapons as you will capture thousands along the way. This isn't how I see it. Sure, I am capturing a percentage. But nowhere near enough. I am wondering if turning the difficulty level down a notch will help.