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  1. Full Sails vs Battle Sails

    I suppose half the problem is letting AI follow same logic where grinding is indeed challenging beyond superficial level. Removing combat missions would make things more intense as half the people are no longer absent in some private instance, leaving developers not as preoccupied with AI, that also means loosing the npc ships.
  2. Import Real-World Wind Data

    Also denmark will get hello kittyed with all of the traffic :D.
  3. Import Real-World Wind Data

    I also hate the random winds that will flip after a combat mission. It is also very important for piracy as in they're "prevailing winds". I think that you could somewhat localize weather patterns if only as a gimmick of the global scale where you have antarctic, arctic and as such cold and hot waters will wish to rotate along land masses causing winds (as they exchange temperatures). Thus in vast oceans you have actual traffic lanes without any need for random events for pvp to occur as you could for example cut off south western coast south of florida by parking at center of entry/exit currents (which would also mean strongest winds as in localized global scale of weather patterns), so simply sailing 100 meters to the coast or center of the whirlpool will not by any means let you just outrun enemies to closet port (that is wind near coast or center of the rotation will have quite unfavorable winds). You may want to make larger amount of mini current systems- attachment below- since with the system you no longer have constant 30kn winds, so sailing upwind against 10knots or sailing across quarter of map to reach the other side of wind rotation to reach roundabout isn't cool, while 100kn winds will surely just drive any ship short of downwind in that exact direction . This also adds a lot of strategic value to places like north east islands at the corner since the northern wind system will put them on route to the west if you don't want to take the southern system.
  4. Когда корпораций станут землю заберать, чтоб у нас тоже была.
  5. А online хароший, планы на charter есть? Предпочел бы *авантюрный клан под wipe карты.
  6. Russian clan anywhere?

    There is a wholesome russian forum after the english sections menu.
  7. what are the russian clans, but ideally in pvp and eu as i guess its more active.
  8. Read first 4 pages most comprised of clarification complaints, scanned the rest 10 for admin response. I demand clarifying within the first post by way of edit instead of dropping replies and giving up when the whole topic becomes about what exactly do you mean replies, since I imagine you'd draft final solution within the first post. You could instead try writing a proper post on first go around.
  9. New Player Quick FAQ

    From what I gather, players are not in sync (as per point 1 or something) since player drop that occured because economy went hardcore (real time job the game became) .
  10. New Player Quick FAQ

    When is release, what will be wiped on release, what caused game to become unpopular?
  11. New Player Quick FAQ

    Any chance moderators can keep this info up to date?