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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    No. Thanks to devs who changed BR rating for tagging PB fleets there is no chance anymore to get into a PB against a decent screening fleet. You have to join where nobody expects it. But you have been able to find out early enough that there would be no chance to join the PB. If you left the port anyway you should have left in a big group to not being outnumbered. it was Cabral who was spitting acid after he lost. If you wanna have a chance to enter a PB you should choose a target where this is possible. If you prefer to get screened out Little Cayman was the perfect spot to attack. But expect as much enemy players as are online please. Since everybody wants to have a piece of the easily earned PvP marks. Should we deny access to some of them that numbers are more equal? Go play NA Legends if you ask for this. Why didn't you invite Swedes, Prussians and Pirates yesterday? They might not be interested to support your RvR. Swedes and Brits showed up at Cayman Brac the last time. And got chased away. Doesn't look like that any other nation will compensate your failed tactic. Why should they? You're no help for them as well.
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    If you have not enough players it helps to found only one battle group, which includes screeners and PB fleet. A mortar brig captain has the possibility to take a big ship in fleet to switch ships at the beginning of a battle in case you get screened. Leaving a hostility mission alone in a 1. Rate is suicide. If you wanna do risky port grindings with few players take faster or cheaper ships. Then you don't have to insult your enemy, when he takes advantage of your weakness and destroys the best ship you own. If you don't have allieds and not enough players, don't attack the strongest defended port in the area. Choose an easier target.
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    To get outnumbered in multiple battles is a clear sign for bad tactic. Enemy managed to divide your forces. Instead of complaining against Spain, USA and Russia you should ask your high command how that could happen. And if you see Cabral ask him why he could end up as a lonely Océan in a battle against 6 Russians, while there was a bunch of friends helping him grinding the port before. Where did they run to instead of supporting him? It's so much easier to complain instead of facing your own faults.
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    Looks like you have one enemy nation for each Danish player
  5. You don't dislike me. You hate to lose debates against me. Change your mind about winning. You win if your argument is disproved, since this extends your knowledge. Then you will love me I never talked about my personnel opinion of PB timers. They are a fact. That's why I care. If clans don't have to pay for PB timers they don't need extra income sources. If they have to pay for timers to defend important ports for a nation, game mechanic has to give them a tool to generate money that they can do so. Otherwise ports should be given in the hands of those players who are able and willing to pay for them.
  6. Noporting would require that safe zone nations don't suffer in the same way losing players due to broken game mechanic. Without enough enemy players an impossible nation will always have the chance to retreat into an empty area of the map and force attackers to hunt them over the map. Right now the best insurance against getting noported is the fee for PB timers enemy has to pay as well, if he want's to defend the port against recapture. Also a broken game mechanic leads to a balance of power.
  7. It depends how you define playable. I define it that you can play the game without help of alts in foreign nations. Then it's not possible on the long run. For a short while it will work, if the nation has gathered enough resources to survive until they conquered some new ports where they can start a new production.
  8. That we sail in ships of the early 19th century doesn't mean we have to reduce our knowledge on the standard of that time. In modern economy there is no difference between production of service and goods. The proper differentiation is material and immaterial goods. Also immaterial goods like supply needs land (for the store, warehouse docks or streets) it needs work (salesman, sailors, truck driver) and it needs capital (ships, trucks, commercial building, store equipment). In your example you forget the main reason for price setting. A rare commodity is more expensive than an abounding one. That's why there is always more turnover for a cheap good with low margin than for a rare good with high margin. If you compare one local Renault dealer with one local Porsche dealer your might be right. But that's business economics and no national economy. In a national economy people drive much more cheap Renaults than expensive Porsches. Your English is better than mine. Who cares. I don't fight you on that turf. But finally you agree again in my basic proposition. People won't spend their time in game to make money for paying PB timers a nation needs to protect it's most important ports. We need a better tax mechanic, that you're forced to spend more for public interest instead of buying selfish goods for ridiculous prices.
  9. Now you just sound like Lars Kjaer. No real knowledge about what you're talking about, you have to refuse any proper argument. It would be exposed as an amateurish thinking like your rudimentary knowledge about the "time-factor". There are three basic factors in economy: work, land and capital. Time is only a part of work. Otherwise we could all become rich with laziness waiting that the millions get transfered on our bank account. Believe me, I would be the first praising you for finding out how this works. It doesn't help you to reduce your statement to something really nobody denies. There are trades which are more profitable than doing other stuff. I have multimillions on my account, mostly earned by trading. And I didn't waste too much time for. I'm German and we are efficient. I'm lazy and efficient. That's why I don't own billions like other Germans. We discuss here, if PB timers can be financed with trade runs. That's not possible, if not a big clan does nothing else but trading for the clan. That's why Danemark-Norge and Prussia removed most of their PB timers like every other nation as well. Like Lars Kjaer you're not really interested in that matter. You only joined this discussion to find a possibility to proof me wrong. You won't succeed since I never discuss about things I have no clue about.
  10. Your limited vocabulary shows your simple reasoning. Since you refuse any advice your thinking and language will never make it out of underclass. Probably no problem for you. Since you feel quit well being a Swedish doormat. Encouraging you to get out of that hole seems to be unsuccessful.
  11. Already in this post I was explaining the time factor. Your problem is that you joined this discussion yesterday and not the day it started. No reason for the rest to repeat every argument. It's your business to inform yourself about the state of discussion. Turnaround includes a time factor. It's called work. That's why stores are open all day and not only one second. Salesmen have to serve their clients. Products have to be transported into stores. Machines have to produce goods being sold after. That needs time and generates turnaround. In game limited time of players doesn't have an impact on turnaround of expensive goods like Parisian Furniture. There is always someone who has the time to buy them and sail them to another port, where they can be sold with profit. The limitating factor of this business is the shortage of goods one can buy. Opposite happens with all those cheap trading goods with low margin. You find plenty of them in a lot of ports. Since players don't spend enough time to sail them to another port where those goods can be sold with profit. To generate more turnaround we need more players, or trade mechanic has to become less time consuming. Until the demand for a good is satisfied. But that doesn't solve the problem. Since players have enough money. Important ports don't generate enough tax income to pay for PB timers.
  12. At least you understood what I was telling you. Don't care if you call it bullshit or not, as long as you agree. You should go as an expample for Lars Kjaer. He is resistant to advices.
  13. Mate, you don't explain us how to trade, you tell us the story about winning the jackpot in the lottery and tell us after, that it is not luck but skill. Maybe you should work on your vocabulary for insults as well. There is more than idiot you can use. What's about fool, sucker, jackass or schmock?
  14. The next mate who wanna explain us that he makes billions in this game with ease. And the next guy who can't explain why his nation get's night-flipped today, because they cannot afford PB timers for their ports. Expecially for the director of Central Trade Intelligence Agency I will reveal the most important secret of high profit in trade. The more turnaround the more profit you can make. With one billion turnaround and 10% margin you make 100 million profit. With 100 million turnaround and a margin of 90% you only earn 90 million. That's why it doesn't help you to find the trade good with the highest margin. Since Parisian Furniture is too rare for a high turnaround and demand for ultra expensive modules is too low to earn the money needed for paying PB timers. Not to be missunderstood. There is enough money in this game. If players would donate enough of their income PB timers could be paid easily. But players prefer to spend millions for copper plating, Cartagena Caulking Refit, PvP marks and other stuff offered for their personnel benefit instead of supporting their nations in port defence. Clans have no possibility to tax players who benefit from the ports they don't wanna pay for. And the few players who feel responsible for their nations don't have enough time to generate all the turnaround with low margin goods needed to pay for. That's the problem not that I don't know about your secret income source you wanna make yourself interesting with.
  15. Guess you would tell us about this wonderful trade good which gives you more profit per ton and sailing hour than Parisian Furniture, only if it would exist. You can buy Textile Machinery at Codrington. Half profit per ton and half of sailing time to Gustavia but same risk. Malabar Teak at Basseterre-Town or Historical Artifacts at St. John have a much lower margin per ton and can't compete. Prices for Textile Machinery in Codrington is at 122.000 and for Parisian Furniture at 250.000 at Saint Francois. That shows clearly Swedish traders don't need your noobish advices and compete already about the rare opportunity to make some good and fast money. The risk for each trade run to Gustavia or any other capital is to enter the safe zone. You cannot lower this risk. There are always hunters nearby. At prime time more than in the early morning. I wonder why you wanna turn each thread in this forum into an exposition of your ignorance. So far I thought you need to fight me under all costs for your reputation. But why to counter qw569 as well? Could it be that you really think you're smarter than everybody else in this matter because you own an Indiaman? Return on topic. Explain us how you wanna finance PB timers with trade runs with proper arguments and reasonable examples or keep the bullshit you're talking. You're only confusing beginners. They will be disappointed when they find out that your advices lead them into bancrupty and quit the game therefore.
  16. Do you really wanna continue to explain us how to make profit on trade? Then learn first about the difference between turnaround and profit. After that you should not only talk about margin per ton but also calculate it for Parisian Furniture. You would reach the result then that Parisian Furniture is the most profitable trade good per ton as well. That's why qw569 took it as example. Finally you should learn that there are only very few ports besides the capitals where you can sell Parisian Furniture with good profit. Santo Domingo and Cartagena are two of them. Making twice the tax profit is no real option for a clan. The trade run between Saint Francois and Gustavia is one of the safest on the map. You only have to sail east and pass La Desirade. Out of sight of the islands you sail north and turn west on the height of Gustavia. That's ten minutes sail in danger zones. On the rest of the one hour sail you won't see anybody. Where did you find a trade route with more profit in less time? The only problem will be that competition is probably enormous and will eliminate most of the profit. Qw569's example was very well choosen. Since he has an idea of what he's talking about. Next time give him a like and don't try to correct him without having a clue.
  17. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Aren't you in the wrong forum for such demands? Mods should teach you again where to write what.
  18. Behind which corner? Probably the wrong one. Good traders are never there where you are.
  19. Have a look on the ports of DNP clan in Danemark-Norge. A lot of them have no PB timer anymore. The reason is that Lars Kjaer's trading idea doesn't work to make enough money for port maintenance. You can make that money by buying Textile Machinery or Parisian Furniture and selling them in a capital and a few other ports. But you won't get enough of those goods to make 10 trade runs in a row to make the money for PB timer fees of all ports of a nation. It takes 3 or four days to buy enough Parisian Furniture to fill up 3 Indiaman. And if you're not alone biding for those goods you won't make the maximum profit of almost 5 millions per trade run. All other trade goods have much less profit per ton. That's why Lars Kjaer talks about the turn around and not about the profit he makes with them. Trading is not more profitable than doing 1. Rate missions, if you count how much money you can make in an hour. Since you not only have to count the time to sail the goods into your capital but the time to sail back as well. Something Lars Kjaer forgot about as well. And if that sail is empty like most of the times it takes you double as long as Lars Kjaer wanna make us believe.
  20. Caribbean Invasion News

    There is no hype about Rubli. Rubli is good. There is a hype about Prussia.
  21. Caribbean Invasion News

    Data shows that salty discussion increases the numbers of readers extremely. Don't join a salty discussion, if you seek to be everybodies darling. People love the beef, but they don't like the contestants.
  22. Caribbean Invasion News

    A good teacher knows about facts and is happy if his students know them as well. A bad teacher doesn't know about facts and thinks students are unfriendly, if they correct him all the time therefore. Don't be insulted, if someone corrects your superficial knowledge. Be happy that this person cares that you are better informed in future. To become a good teacher you should learn first. Then truth insults you much less often. By the way national news had almost no posts for weeks. Be happy that this discussion started. You wouldn't have an outrage otherwise. There is the choice between no posts and salty posts. A good discussion is nothing you find in the internet.
  23. Caribbean Invasion News

    The heeling has a big impact on hit ratio. Not at the fort though, since it is so big that you hit it all the time as soon as your aiming circle is on top of it. But to hit a tower or an anchoring ship you can see your aiming circle dancing around your target in ratio to the heeling degrees shown on the left side. Heeling while anchoring depends on the direction the wind and the waves are coming from. That's why you can't messure the impact of ballast on heeling. With less ballast your ship is dancing more over the waves than with maximum ballast upgrades. What doesn't mean that you have always 0 degrees heeling, but you have more often 0 degrees. Since you should shoot only at 0 degrees you have more opportunities to shoot with maximum chance to hit. If you wanna shoot on a moving ship, heeling is not so important, since you need a lot of luck anyway for a hit which makes damage. On a moving ship you shoot when you're reloaded not when your aiming is close to perfect. Most screaming in PBs that players got hit by mortar strike are nonsense. They got a message but zero damage. Anyway they think they are sentenced to death now.