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  1. Graf Bernadotte

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    Removal of smuggler flag is a good idea. It didn't make any sense anymore, but if you forgot it your sail was a waste of time. With Hercules and Le Requin pay for win will be introduced into game. There is no chance to win shallow water PBs against those ships.
  2. Graf Bernadotte

    Trade in Sea Bottles

    I always could store the loot of a sealed bottle in the hold of my traders brig. No need to sail an Indiaman, since other ships are much faster and can escape most hunters. Open your bottle in a port with low action around and you won't have any problems to bring your loot safely at home.
  3. Graf Bernadotte

    Deutsche Spieler Ingame

    Tut mir leid, aber Deine Vision hat mit der Realität nicht das geringste zu tun. Die furchtbarsten Kriege haben Deutsche gegen Deutsche geführt. Allein der Dreißigjährige Krieg hat 40% der deutschen Bevölkerung das Leben gekostet. Und wenn Du heute in die Zeitung schaust, wirst Du lesen können, dass der BND die Österreicher noch immer bespitzelt. Die Feindschaft zwischen Österreich und Preußen ist so schlimm wie eh und je 🤬
  4. Graf Bernadotte

    green on green by spanish

    There is no reason for an excuse. I proofed the fact that Unknown User apologized visible for you. You granted this fact. And you admited that this fact turns the case into it's opposite. It has been your duty to report the case as accurate as possible. Not to tell about the excuse was your mistake and not mine. Therefore the accusation against you was entitled. I never asked for a punishment. Another inaccuracy you have to be blamed for. I only pointed out that your accusation was wrong, even though it turned out that this was not by intention but by rough sloppiness.
  5. Graf Bernadotte

    green on green by spanish

    It was his mate who was in the first rate. Hans the Hawk got sunk in his 1. Rate the battle before and was sailing a Hermoine now. He would have escaped any of our 1. Rates easily even in another battle. Yeah, my mistake safed the British 1. Rate. 😖
  6. Graf Bernadotte

    green on green by spanish

    https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/924808427806893073/276ADF1BB5B24DE5EEBCA06292342DD1C2870885/ An accusation of wrong doing has always to include the full facts known by the accuser. Hans the Hawk suppressed the fact that Unknown User realized his mistake already in battle and appologized for the broadside. Background for this mistake was that we were hunting a British Océan which escaped into an AI-fleet battle. By mistake I joined this battle on British side and Unknown User followed me probably without realizing that he was on British side and not allowed to shoot on the Brits. As soon as I told him about his mistake he stopped any shooting took his sails down and left the battle as fast as possible. Therefore Hans the Hawk has to be accused of a misuse of tribunal by intentional deception of Admins. The full facts known by Hans the Hawk show very clearly that it was no intentional green on green how he claimed but a mistake.
  7. Graf Bernadotte

    Spain Land Jump

    I have no problem with an autopilot as well. As long as you get a message and can replace your autopilot in case of being attacked this could be a perfect tool to avoid wasting time in this game. First of all there was risk free trade in the past, since you could insure cargo against pirate attacks. This could be implemented by a fee you would have to pay. Secondly traders are still forced to sail their cargo into a freeport and have to sail them out again. That's the moment where hunters get their chance. Why do you only point on risk free trade and not on risk free hunting right in front of the docks as well? Hunters can jump into the port as soon as they get tagged a trader has to reach the docks first with the existing mechanic. That's one sided. If you fight for fair risks, you have to fight for the risks of hunting as well.
  8. Graf Bernadotte

    Spain Land Jump

    You quote only one half of my opinion. I'm fine removing tow to port as long as we get a tool to reduce time sink of long distance sails. Best would be a reintroduction of towing goods between freetowns. To avoid getting tagged by lazy hunters sitting right on the docks (without risk) freetowns should get a big safe zone that hunters are forced to cruise outside and with an own risk of getting attacked, if they wanna hunt trading ships. Maybe ship tow could be restricted between freeports as well.
  9. Graf Bernadotte

    Spain Land Jump

    Right. I used tow to port also to enter La Tortue when I removed my stuff from the Bermudas. Because I knew that hunters are too lazy to sail out those five minutes sitting between Blondel Cay and La Tortue waiting until a trader arrives. But what did I misuse back then? A game mechanic or the convenience of my enemies? Do we see you in front of Mariel in future, waiting for towing traders, who can't enter the port after jumping over the island? By the way what's about the Prussian tow from Guacata to Rio Seco, which is still possible as well? Isn't Banished Privateer the best witness that this discussion doesn''t go about bad game mechanic but about removing advantages of enemies for personnel benefits only? Why did he point on Spain then instead of asking to remove Prussian advantages first? Bach pointed it out very clearly. Tow to port is a problem for lazy hunters, who think traders have to be stupid enough to sail right in front of their cannons. This will not happen. Traders who use tow to port today, will find other ways, other trade routes or will stop trading, if the risks outweight the chances of their business. It will not turn out that the lazy and stupid will become the winners in this game.
  10. Graf Bernadotte

    Tow To Port Changed?

    Changed to the nearest deep water port!
  11. Graf Bernadotte

    Spain Land Jump

    In a perfect world captain would be a profession and sailors would get paid for their time sailing. But this is a game and everybody has only limited time. Therefore we need game mechanic to simulate this perfect world. Tow to port is such a game mechanic which enables such simulation without turning the game into a profession. Replace it by a better idea and everthing is fine. Remove it without replacement and you'll lose some more players. But remember that there are not that many left anymore. The game is fighting for its life. Maybe those permanent notes on "realistic simulation" don't have that many fans supporters want us make believe.
  12. Graf Bernadotte

    Spain Land Jump

    There is zero risk because most of the time there are zero enemies hunting in this bay. You can make zero money buying goods in La Habana and jumping with them to Batabano. You can make a few thousands buying goods in Batabano and sailing into the bay close to Mariel jumping over the island and selling them at La Habana. The risk buying Parisian Furniture at Santa Fe and selling them at La Habana is the same than buying them at any other port. Since the risk of getting attacked exists only near the port. In open sea you can sail millions afk without getting attacked. But why don't you sail in this bay and intercept risk free trade? Because you will have the chance to catch someone only every 2 or 3 days, since there is not more parisian furniture availible for more trade runs. It would turn into a terrible time sink to fight Spanish traders. How much easier is it to complain in forum to turn their trades into a time sink instead of sailing out by yourself and waist your own time. The fight about tow to port is no fight for a better game mechanic. It's a fight to defeat enemies without the need of sinking them.
  13. Graf Bernadotte

    Spain Land Jump

    This tow possibility makes the ports on the south coast of Cuba more attractive for resource crafting. Lately it turned into an interesting PvP zone for Brits and Danes therefore. Closing this tow will not lead to more sailing for Spanish traders but to a removal of buildings to ports closer to La Habana in the north of the island. In the north there is the safe zone and Spain knows how to defend it. Closing will lead to less pvp and some more players leaving the game because of more boring sailing. The game suffers. And one day jealousy will kill this game.
  14. Graf Bernadotte

    The Free State of VCO

    Congrats Christendom. It took you some time to think about my advice, but finally you started the civil war to show Raxius and those other wannabees who really has the balls in the US.
  15. Graf Bernadotte

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Then you know who declared war on HAVOC and what the reason was for?