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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    I'm not so sure about that. We could forget to enter as well.
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    We are Swedes now. We are allowed to do that I'm pretty sure. rediii sits already in his Santi to sail to Bermuda for help.
  3. Clan-based RvR

    Try to imagine how a world without the nations as protectors of their members would work. 1. A clanless player would be fair game for really everybody. He could be attacked leaving the docks of his national capital until the moment he has the chance to hide in a port again. 2. Members of small clans with few allied clans would be hunted down in home water almost in the same way than a clanless player. 3. A nation would very soon be turned into two factions of competing clans, since every clan and clanless player would be forced in one of those factions not because he wants to, but because he wouldn't be able to survive alone. Wars would not happen between nations anymore but between those two national factions, who would fight each other until one side conquered the nation to install an autocracy. That would give all power into the hand of the prevailing party. What means players would not only decide about RvR and taxes but about the existence of other players. Who doesn't follow their orders would end up very soon as clanless again with the result getting hunted by everybody else. Removing the protection of the nation for every player would turn naval action into a North Corea where the most evil players decide arbitrary about death and life of their fellow citizen. The question is, if such a game should not be forbidden by law at least in democratic states. I'm pretty sure that it would violate jouth protection in a lot of countries.
  4. Mate, I never asserted to be good in commanding PBs. I follow orders. I claimed that I know more about mortar brigs and their possibilities than you. That's why you have to believe your mortar brig captains. And they prefer to be the stars in your fleet instead of telling you the truth that most of their success is based on luck, help of their team mates, mistakes of the enemy and not on special skills. I'm so smart not because I know everything but because I know that I know almost nothing. I told you that before. That's why I'm so relaxed, if someone tells me, that I failed. And that's why you shoot your broadsides always too short.
  5. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    A good opinion is always based on facts. But I agree the internet and you don't care about that.
  6. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    Mate, we are here in suggestions and not in national news.. I posted some proper arguments to proof my point. If you don't have any argument to disprove me, it would be better just to shut up. Your hate is not my problem.
  7. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    Russia didn't implode with a single attack. Russia lost a lot of experienced players long before, who took a break or quit the game. Russias problem was that devs forced us into a race over the map. Which was not winnable on the long run with a small player base. Without changes in VM mechanic we would never have expanded in an extent we couldn 't manage anymore. Controlling the map is a time consuming and boring game play, as long as you don't have enough traders who share all those sails necessary to ensure supply with repairs and ships in so many different regions. Boring game play leads to a loss of players. Impossible nations don't work, if Devs make access to 1. Rates at the same time so hard for small nations that only the very best players with a lot of PvP marks can pay for them. Knowing that move of Devs before, almost nobody would have joined those nations. Russia didn't implode losing battles. Russia got backstabbed by Devs. It would have happened to all other impossible nations as well, if they would have been successful in the beginning like Russia was. Devs have to decide if they wanna test the impact of small nations without safe ports or if they wanna test the impact having only big nations. But they cannot test both on the same time.
  8. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Sveno gave rediii a forum ban for 3 weeks. No complaints have to be expected.
  9. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It's not that I make a secret out of the recipe how to perform well in a forum. Don't post things you have no clue about, and you're invulnerable.
  10. That's why you try to get so many mortar brigs in your fleet. You never questioned if those kills have been the result of excellent skill or of terrible mistakes on the other side. It didn't happen again because players learnt how to counter mortar brigs. No line sailing. No boarding, No stopping and no tagging as long as you're in range of a mortar brig. Send a ship against them and kill them or chase them away. And there are no 1. Rate kills by mortar brigs anymore. Lucky shots have been a successful option against fleets of 25 1. Rates. Against fleets with two 1. Rates there is 90% less chance to hit a mast. In my last two battles for Sweden my team beated Swarkers team clearly. Since he had no idea anymore how to shoot forts. After months without playing he wouldn't even understand the moves of the duels between qw569 and me at North Inlet. And why we agree that mortar brigs are the ballet of Naval Action.
  11. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    That's pvp thinking. You don't have to change PB mechanic for that. Doing PvP instead of RvR solves your problem.
  12. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Such proposals are too often let by very selfish ideas. Each nation has other conditions for rvr. Individual experience opens your eyes only for the conditions of your nation, but not for the opposite view on things. A small clan with six excellent players like Rubli thinks completely different of PB mechanic for 2400 BR ports than a clan which can rely on 20 not so excellent players and 30 screeners who know not a lot more but to shoot sails very successful. Making good proposals for PB mechanic needs experience in rvr, but a lot more it needs imagination for the impact on the game. That's why most of those proposals are nothing more than continuation of a war with other means. Roadkill explained very well that pvp goes about sinking ships and rvr goes about denying PB fleets entry into PB and gathering 1000 points for victory. Sinking ships is not needed in rvr. It's only a means to an end. That's why pvp players can be a pain in the ass of a PB fleet.