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  1. Graf Bernadotte

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Talk to USSR. Don't think that the rest of the nation is interested to pay your bill in future.
  2. Graf Bernadotte

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    We didn't know about British activities until they failed. Anyway it was interesting to hear that there are other nations which are willing and able to get up early to threaten your ports with night timers. By the way. Does Sveno already know what you told me in our last battle? It's the Swedes who have to sail from Kidds Harbour to Bermuda to flip our ports, since you're too lazy or too fearful to do it by yourself. What I didn't understand at this plan is, why Swedes should help you. That you have more time at night to flip their ports as well? Is that the way you think to make new buddies? Only for the case that you miscalculated. Deploy some 1. Rates next to the Swedish border as well. Maybe Sveno hates night flips more than Russians. 😛
  3. Graf Bernadotte

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    Bermuda has timers And nobody crafts ships in Hidden Island. Russia never depended on white oak and live oak out of Russian ports. I never bought a single peace there. And I'm the chief purchaser of REDS. If there would be so much business you expect there would be enough tax income to pay for timers. We can run our nation by owning five ports. Each port more we own and pay for only supports the stupid port mechanic and gives devs the imagination that they develop a great game. The sooner they realize that they are destroying the great idea of this game right now the better for them and for all of us. For the same reason I support your step to get rid of useless Prussian ports. Best would be all nations would abandon their useless ports right away. Maybe then devs would realize that something's terribly wrong with this game.
  4. Graf Bernadotte

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    100k is money you have to pay for a port you don't need and wanna sell. Why should anybody give you money that you safe money after? Hidden Island is not worth to pay money for. The last time I have been there was when we conquered Rum Cove back from Pirates.
  5. Graf Bernadotte

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    Of course it has economic value. It costs Prussia a lot of money.
  6. Graf Bernadotte

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    Those that mean you're back in game? Nice
  7. Hard nations are for ambitious players only. They should be able to deal with financing conditions. But yeah my general critic in the game mechanic is that players have only little influence in making a port profitable, if this port doesn't generate or (better) consumes a lot of trade goods.
  8. Nations with big safe zones can't collect taxes out of uncapturable ports. That's a disadvantage to nations with no safe zone. That's why a nation with no or little safe zone can compensate their extra costs, if they have enough players who use the ports for trade runs. Problem with this strategy is that important ports for resource collection are not necessarily good trading ports. That's the bad design of trade mechanic not the different size of safe zones.
  9. Most of the Swedish ports next to Gustavia have a tax income of more than 400k. They are close to break even. While most of Danish ports next to CS have a tax income of less than 100k and cost enourmus amounts of money every day. Sweden pays only a fraction of what Danes have to shoulder. And Swedes have a multiple of players compared to Danes. Finally Swedes have a lot of money ports and generate profit instead of losing millions every day like Danes do. I cannnot see that rediii's post is wrong.
  10. Difference is that Swedes can afford those timers and Danes are struggling to pay for.
  11. Every extra hour you have to spend for generating money you cannot use for screening against us
  12. If you compare uncapturable ports in relation to active players of a nation Danemark-Norge has probably the most uncapturable ports per capita of all nations. Your problem is that you have much more capturable ports than you can afford. This problem could only be solved by removing costs for PB timers. Generating money always needs players no matter what system you use.
  13. I'm not telling you how you have to rule your country. The more costs you have the better for us.
  14. Best protection against nightflips is the costs new owners have to pay as well for setting PB timers. No idea why you need to be spread out all over the map though. A small nation doesn't have to play superpower.
  15. Have a look on all those ports you have a timer on without needing it for production. You wanna keep your core territory safe. That costs. Anyway port economy is broken. Ports don't generate income, when they are used a lot for crafting. But repeating this problem doesn't seem to help. Looks like Devs want to develop the worst economy system in a game ever.