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  1. Swedish Nation

    You must be quit far away of all Swedish belongings, if you ask me. I don't know who gets the map win right now. It's a complete useless competition.
  2. Swedish Nation

    For a victory mark per week? Guess how many trade runs British traders have to do to pay off the deficit their ports make each day?
  3. Swedish Nation

    That's right, we abandon all ports which are useless and don't make money.
  4. Swedish Nation

    Good decision. You didn't waste time to sail all the way from PaP to George Town for grinding hostility only to get chased all the way back by Russian first rates.
  5. Swedish Nation

    Was that last summer? Where have you been yesterday night? (Or is this a threat for the great history of Sweden only?)
  6. Samana...

    Guess you wouldn't be happier if we took Road Town, Spanish Town or The Settlement instead of ports at Hispaniola. You have not been able to defend ports so far away from CS. There is no reason for territorial claims you are unable to fight. Be happy that you got a good deal and nobody thinks about touching your core territory. Russia is not interested in fighting the wars of history again. We have interests. And if the major clans of Danemark-Norge share those interests, there is no reason to let old fights be old fights and start a new chapter of relationships instead.
  7. Samana...

    Remember that a lot of Russian clans have Danish origin. Expansion of Danemark-Norge to Hispaniola took place under their supervision. Battles were fought by their captains and commanders. So why could Russia steal if Russian captains conquered it before? We only picked up our property. There are no plans to attack Danemark-Norge. We are fine with the expansion of this country. But BF should always be aware that Russia could force some internal changes of clans which hold Danish ports.
  8. [PVP EU] battle results

    You don't believe in your ability to take back Grand Anse after you lost it to the French? Then you had to leave Cap Francais under all circumstances to defend your property. By the way you cannot give up to join another PB and claim to not be defeated at the same time. I'm very happy to hear that finally you agree in my claim that you overextended the possibilities of Swedish captains to open outposts all over the map to defend the Swedish empire. We will not do the same mistake than the Swedish council. As you could see we abandonned Blondel Cay, since there is no reason for REDS to keep it. Land or ports you don't use have zero value for your nation.
  9. [PVP EU] battle results

    I count 23 Russian captains.There is no alliance with other nations which fought you at the same time. Only the swerg can fill up 2 PBs at the same time.
  10. [PVP EU] battle results

    Cap Francais was lost for Sweden at least half an hour before the end of the battle. Then two Swedish captains escaped the batte to rescue their Bucentaures. That was the moment Swedes gave up and kited to minimize their losses. That they would have had a chance to win the battle after or with 30 minutes more is a nice fairytaile to fight the loss on morale in Swedish rows. Since the country experienced their Moscow yesterday. All those captains who switched to Sweden to join the winning side, got an idea of the big mistake, they made with that move. They should remember that it was in Cap Francais as well, when Lord Vicious got defeated and never recovered anymore. Now it was rediiis time. Russian captains fought well (so did Swedish). But they received the experience that Swedes are not unvulnerable. Stay patient Russians! It' was a long way for Napoleon from Moscow to Elba and a lot of battles inbetween. Some of them he still won.
  11. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    ... only vassals.
  12. Hotfix for patch 13 - Important port battle rule changes

    But that's the reason why removing shallow water ships from the deep water PB was completely unnecessary. Nobody used lynxes because they have been ways to weak and would have been a cheap point collector killing them. But the Prince is strong enough to survive quit a lot of hits from long range and would have been a nice addition for different tactics due to its great sailing qualities.
  13. [PVP EU] battle results

    Don't fake reasons why I left Sweden. That was a very personal decission. I had to decide rather to fight with you in future or with North, Tiedemann, Anolytic and Babay. You lost.