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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    Can we have the results of Basse Terre as breaking news please?
  2. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth PvP EU

    There is no need to declare war on Danemark-Norge anymore. Hydra returned to Spain today. There are no citizens and no forces left to defend the territory. That's why the existence of Danemark-Norge ended today. The abandonned territory can be occupied by those who send ships fastest. Looks like that Poland get's a nice piece of it. Their missfortune today will not change that.
  3. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth PvP EU

    It's no bug. You have to built a clanwarehouse first to pay maintainance for the first day before you can own a port.
  4. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth PvP EU

    Looks like Poland has not the money yet to set a clanwarehouse for paying maintainance fees. Every beginning is hard.
  5. Foreign clan alliances

    Foreign clan alliances indirectly would allow national clan wars. This would solve the problems with clans who are not working together inside their nations. The weaker part would loose its ports to friendly foreign clans, which could trade them to the winning side in the nation. Since Sweden is only the relative strongest nation on EU-server there will be no risk to strenghen the zerg with foreign clan alliances. Sweden doesn't have a chance to rule the whole map right now. And it would require a lot of clans out of foreign nations to do so in future. Sweden could only act as the core in such an international alliance. That's why Swedish opponents would have plenty of possibilities to prevend such a development.
  6. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth PvP EU

    I thought you wouldn't become the new ruler of Danemark-Norge. To whom should the Poles adress such a declaration of war then? Is there anybody responsible left in your nation?
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    That's why his majesty the Tsar decided that your attempted coup will fail. "We must think of the children ..."
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    At least you confess that you wanna remove the legal rule in the United States to replace it by a dictatorship of RAM.
  9. Caribbean Invasion News

    Wasn't it your clan leader who told us that he doesn't care about the decisions of the President of the United States and the Senate? Wasn't it you who accused the clan of your president yesterday not to help you in this fight? And did all that not happen before the attack on the ports of your clans? Let me remind you that your clan already was a notorious insurgent when you still have been members of the Swedish nation. You occupied Danish territory in the Bermudas illegaly at that time and never gave them back to their legal owner. His majesty the Tsar didn't attack the USA yesterday. He condecended to help the United States to strike down a rebellion against the constitutional bodys of the United States of America. This help will go on. Since the property rights on the Bermudas crossed over from Danemark-Norge to the Russian Empire meanwhile, what was fully accepted by the United States, the islands only have been cleaned from some outlaws yesterday to install a legal rule.
  10. Patch 12. Invasion der Karibik

    Ihr überlegt also? Hätte ich nicht gedacht.
  11. [PVP EU] battle results

    Wasn't I on your ignore list? Why did you remove me?
  12. [PVP EU] battle results

    I didn't count your clan as an addition for Sweden. Sorry, that I didn't point that out.
  13. [PVP EU] battle results

    No I'm pirate right now. But soon RDNN will join Russia. I don't think that everything is bad in Sweden.
  14. [PVP EU] battle results

    Sweden got all those additional players right after the big wipe in spring. They joined because of the Swedish performance during the Eastern Alliance. RUS likes heavy ships. They always did. Maybe they change their mind. I liked my Fir-Bermuda Prince the last time. I think I didn't perform bad with that ship.