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    Instructions auc Canoniers nerf?

    does it get back added when its fixed?
  2. Hi all, I only got one question, and i saw no topics about it, but why in hells name is the that skillbook nerfed off the -5% cannon crew? I thought it was just fine with it because it had less reload then the old flag officer. any sensible thoughts on it? greetings dbeerewout
  3. dbeerewout

    Permanent upgrade removal option?

    Hi guy,s This happens to almost everyone I believe, but its even the most annoying when u craft an upgrade thats very rare, and u put it on another ship then it was not intend to. My example: crafted a Guacata Superior gunpowder for my L,Ocean, and in all haste I put it on a LGV. Most peeps would say suck it up. But in my mind sprung a Idea, give an Option to remove the upgrade, for a payment in CM or Gold, but don,t make the price to steep or to shallow. Maybe make it 50 CM to remove one permanent upgrade and put it back in ur upgrade tab, So if u make a costly mistake, it doesn,t mean it keeps stinging. Hopefully u guy,s have sum thought about it and so do the Devs. Greetings from, Dbeerewout