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  1. Akmatov

    Canton or Foote?

    Sears may well be wonderful, but at this point I'm interested in a broad history of the entire war.
  2. Akmatov

    Canton or Foote?

    How can one be especially out of date writing about a conflict after 100 years vs now? I would think almost all the facts would have been available after 100 years, though of course historians do tend to have fads of interpretation.
  3. Akmatov

    Civil War History: 'What If' scenarios

    Actually the force behind the end of the international slave trade was Britain and the RN AntiSlave patrols. Which I might add cost the lives of thousands British sailors due to disease.
  4. Akmatov

    Interest in a realism mod? +simple modding guide

    I for one think this is a great idea. Very much look forward to this mod!
  5. Akmatov

    Canton or Foote?

    Brilliant! Completely missed that. However, the $5 hardback unabridged collection of all three volumes cost 1/2 to 1/3 to price of ONE of the three volumes. I HATE the price gouging of publishers on ebooks. Not knowledgeable, but the production, personal costs,shipment and storage of physical books has to amount to at least 50% - 70% of the charged price and this reduction in cost should be reflected in price charged. eBooks often handle table, charts and maps poorly, but the fact that some epublishers can do it well suggest a lot don't bother to get it right - one publisher admits maps just don't work for them and make them available off their webpage. Rant over and thx for the advice.
  6. Akmatov

    Newbie UGCW Questions

    Thx for the helpful info. However, I must totally disagree about the usefulness of the TAB+Zoom method of terrain analysis, I find it almost useless. It relys on the artist's depiction of elevation by areas of brightness and darkness which doesn't seem to be have been intended for displaying terrain. Perhaps I've used military maps with elevation contour lines too much and have become spoiled, but I consider the current UGCW system a major Fail and handicap. It isn't realistic as no artistic map provide the kind of elevation information the eye will instantly see in reality, hence the need for contour lines. This is a major Fail and it handicaps the Player, since it has already been done right, hopefully it will be patched.
  7. Thx for the info. I knew a lot of the US awards were made many years later, hadn't realized is was so dramatically later. Nor had I known that the Confederate awards, likewise awarded many years later, were not from the Confederate government. New data is always welcome.
  8. Akmatov

    Canton or Foote?

    I think most forums have such sad ppl occasionally.
  9. Akmatov

    Newbie UGCW Questions

    Just too too interesting and so I bought a copy tonight. 1. How can one see elevation and field of view of units? The M key Elevation in UGG is invaluable and totally necessary. The maps are pretty, but they are fairly useless for a useful coup d'oeil without the elevation lines. The are essential. Surely I'm just missing something. 2.Can you aim and initiate artillery fire or just point it in the right general direction and hope it fires on your desired target. The choice of which munitions to fire in UGG was nice also. Seems to be missing in UGCW. 3. Firing Arcs on the map are vastly too thin and faint. At the Stone Bridge in First Manassas on pause and looking hard I could make out one corner and a tiny bit on both sides. Needs a Patch. 4. Would be nice if the red arrows showing movement orders stayed on the map as in UGG. 5. Is there any way to rally a routing unit? 6. The Tab Map Modes are not helpful, quite subtle differences and only usable at max magnification. Really really need the return of the Elevation lines on the map. 7. Would be nice if significant terrain feature weres identified on the map. For some of us this is an exercise in revisiting CW battles and not just a game, adding some identifiers would be very nice and atmospheric. And yes I can pore over a map and study the screen to figure out where the Henry House is located, but I shouldn't have to. 8. Does moving along roads provide a benefit in speed? 9. And BTW in the Campaign Character Development Questions the comment "After the war I . . . " is really odd. For any American from 1861 to sometimes today any reference to the War is a reference to the "Late Unpleasantness" from 1861-1865. To be correct you should change that to "After the Mexican War I . . ." Great simulation and going to be a huge time sink.
  10. OK, just bought UCCW, just too interesting. However, resolution problem. At monitor native 2560x1440 text is so tiny I have to wear reading glasses and scrunch to within 12" of the screen to read the text. At what seems the next best choice, 1920x1200 graphics look nice, but text is headache inducing fuzzy. Guys, this really needs a patch.
  11. Akmatov

    Canton or Foote?

    UG Napoleon and UG Frederick would be awesome. Though I'd wish for campaigns more open to changes.
  12. Akmatov

    48 Smaller Engagements?

    Is there a list of the smaller engagements somewhere?
  13. Akmatov

    Canton or Foote?

    I assume you mean Lee's Lieutenants?
  14. Akmatov

    Canton or Foote?

    I actually have Foote stashed in a box somewhere in the wilderness that is my garage. But have been reading the generously large sample of his first book from Amazon on my Kindle and am really liking his prose and information. But ofc serious historical study requires footnotes and other such apparatus. Irritating. Thx for pointing that out. Given that Foote also wrote novels I wonder if Foote wasn't a storyteller, which is in large part what a historian is, rather than a picker of nites. Doesn't mean his facts are not correct, just that he chose to focus on the story itself. Canton is not available for Kindle, a serious oversight - I'm trying to shift to digital media as much as I can as I have Far too many physical books and am considering move next year. However, I did purchase a one volume combination of Canton for a reasonable price.
  15. Akmatov

    Canton or Foote?

    Totally missed the historian you are recommending