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  1. Dibbler

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Problem is devs are stuck between extreme views each time, maybe time to totally ignore players and do as they want. There is no player concensus on anything just extremes from either side of discussions shouting loudly and ones who are best connected get their way. The silent majority just see massive swings in play and eventually can't be bothered and playerbase declines over and over. Devs i think just need to do what they want and ignore forum tbh.
  2. Dibbler

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Another discussion, another split in the player base, another 50-100 players lost when a drastic change is made. Carry on. Seems like things go from one extreme to the other whatever the change, and as usual in life the truth is often somewhere in the middle. Admin said somewhere 120k copies sold, and we have maybe 500 at peak players at wk-end. Maybe devs should do what they want and stop listening to one extreme or the other.
  3. Dibbler

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Whatever the devs decide is the right thing, it's their game and they have a plan. I don't care if DD goes or stays at end of the day i'm sure devs know what is best.
  4. Dibbler

    Mighty Mo thanks you all

    Go go team Mo!
  5. Dibbler

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

  6. Dibbler

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Determined Defender > Book of Five rings This is a hardcore change for a hardcore game being designed for hardcore players. I trust the devs in whatever they do, they are right, it's their game they know what they want game to be.
  7. Dibbler

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Everything is fine as it is, the devs know what they are doing :).
  8. Dibbler

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    I'm sure devs are right on this, let them figure it out. Admin has said they know what they want from game, and i trust them 100%.
  9. Dibbler

    Mighty Mo thanks you all

    We should do an allied hunting trip wiith Mo. Protect his ass for an evening
  10. Dibbler

    Mighty Mo thanks you all

    Mo is streaming!
  11. Dibbler

    Mighty Mo thanks you all

    Totally it wasn't meant to be mean at all, and i think when i last saw thread there was only 1 mean post (not from me)! Us in SNOW clan do really enjoy watching Mo, reminds us all of our first few weeks in Naval Action. A very fun stream to watch if people haven't already. Also nice to see Mo on occasion getting a fleet to defend him :).
  12. Dibbler

    Mighty Mo thanks you all

    When you stream Mo a few of us port up and just watch the stream. Thanks for the best stream i've seen in ages, I admire how you keep trying man we've all been there getting hammered over and over. Keep going and everything starts to fall into place, first with the odd victory and then finding all that pain was kinda worth it. I did start a Mighty Mo fan club thread but they deleted it 😕 .
  13. Dibbler

    Victory - too much hull exposed

    How ships sit in the water should be relative to materials used to build along with current cargo load. Ships built of lighter woods for speed should be higher out of the water than a heavy wood tank build.
  14. Dibbler

    Naval Action Meme collection

    C'mon dude, why you running?
  15. Dibbler

    Reinforcement Zones - A Better Approach

    I think it was introduced along with crappy rienforcements so capital area hunters stopped grumbling about looking into a fishbowl they couldn't kill new players in. Even now some complain about "revenge" fleets, as the server pop has decreased significantly. One thing i have noticed and in no means wish to be unconstructive is that whenever a change is made the devs ask about impacts of the changes. When people point out bad impacts the answer is "we know what we are doing", or just bluntly dismiss obeservations or concerns. Of course not all feedback will be good feedback but it seems the devs know what they want so why even bother asking for feedback. I for one will just like anything the devs say while mostly playing something else and wait for release, I simply can't be bothered to suggest anything. This game has a lot going for it, hope by release you guys create something that will succeed.