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  1. Dibbler

    Demasting / dismasting

    I like the term "taking his wood", as one would "take his sails".
  2. Dibbler

    La Requin - how to fix a broken ship

    Also repairs and rum, got to have those to, every time you redeem and they slowly regenerate over sail time. They should also be able to drop IFED's , improvised floating explosive devices to hamper chasers.
  3. Dibbler

    La Requin - how to fix a broken ship

    To make them more balanced i would say they need 18lb's.
  4. Dibbler

    Level Up Crafting

    Trade lynx gives good xp/labour hours and is cheap to make and sell for ok gold if you put them in freetowns.
  5. Dibbler

    Grief Fleets

    Was it not because of the same thing chain shot was limited and range reduced? Onwards the circle of evolution goes. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Dibbler

    Improved chat interface ingame

    Aye true.
  7. Dibbler

    Improved chat interface ingame

    I think it would be a good addition if we players could make our own tempory chat channels, so allied clans could communicate for instance, also as a measure to combat spies when preparing for port battles etc. Just a thought
  8. Dibbler

    DLC ships

  9. I've played another game for over 10 years that involves a real cash economy (Project entropia now Entropia universe), and every year people have said the same about that game year on year. However people still spend insane amounts of money there such as 7k USD for a gun, 20k USD for a land area etc and it has grown from 1 planet to 6 along with a moon and asteroid (which neverdie bought for 100,000 USD and sold years later for a cool $1 million . People say it's a scam but i've managed to withdraw $$ year on year and make my way there, as always those who lose or get bored badmouth the devs/game etc. Now comparing NA with EU is not a true match, however the same is true about doombringers and end of the world mentality. Also same is true about the reviews on steam where people have played over 1000 hours or more yet give a shitty review.
  10. Dibbler

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    Two words Summer sale. I don't think DLC are bad, but to attribute them to the increase in server pop i think is mistaken. I've noticed though quite a few newer players over the last couple of weeks which is ofc a good thing.
  11. Dibbler

    Odd Graphics

    Next DLC ship? πŸ˜ƒ On topic no idea why :).
  12. I agree that devs should do what they think is right and ignore the extreme opinions on both sides. Every topic we have totally polarized opinions, total PvP vs more PvE content/protection for new players. As with most things in life the answer probably lies somewhere inbetween.
  13. Dibbler

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    Aye very true, it was a different age with different values.