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  1. As usual in life the answer is probably somewhere in the middle.
  2. No need to remove it now, many have just dropped the perk.
  3. Dibbler

    Bring boarding to a new level

    I have the answer!!!!! https://www.rpsgame.org/ with many thanks to rocko
  4. New boarding is great. Make it so can board at any speed up to max 15.5 knts, just speed difference matters. In fact after ships appear on loading enter battle, just cut the crap and go straight into boarding screen. Cut out that useless stuff like sailing and guns. Tested it and not as bad as i thought but is kinda silly now. If we going to go this path though may as well go the whole way .
  5. Dibbler

    New Boarding patch

    Leave it as it is, it's hillarious . In fact make it so you can board at 15 knts also. Or even further we can just load up battle screen and go instantly to boarding mini game. To be serious though I don't care what changes, is same for everyone.
  6. Dibbler

    Naval Action Meme collection

  7. To be honest you very rarely get boarded when you have more crew anyway, DD was overpowered but now is so diluted is questionable whether i will use. Doesn't matter if you have DD if enough ships tearing you down anyway, delays inevitable unless fast enough build to escape. Personally i won't bother with DD mostly now, but is down to peoples choice and same for all.
  8. Hmm DD is now ok i guess, but no longer worth taking as a perk (like rigging specialist).
  9. Every second monday, except bank holidays.
  10. I think could work, but by making DD now a defunct perk will i think just create crew space/rage board meta. Will see though, perhaps will have whatever effect you were hoping for. For myself though will sit and watch for few days to see effects, all will do i think is make it easier to board people and crew space meta. Which tbh won't improve game for myself, as most engagements will be rock/paper/scissors. Am ok at boarding, have books etc, just will be mindless rageboarding but we have that already with req.
  11. I'll pop on and buy a crew space ship some point and try, but tbh will more sit out and watch for results and see if is what i mentally predict. I think is to try and stop hugging and make sterncamping harder, but will i expect make hugging more common and all battles fought downwind as nobody wants to risk going upwind or god forbid tacking through. Awaits forum reflection and blissfully explore the galaxy. Gl testing, will await the reflection of data.
  12. With all due respect I think the boarding speed change is a bad idea, especially with DD nerfed to oblivion. Wouldn't the boarding ropes just snap at those kind of speed differences also? I guess multiple ropes would ofc multiply strain achieved without critical failure, but momentum and forces involved i think perhaps speed difference to be able to board is to high. http://www.langmanropes.com/langman-en/products/rope-by-industry/decoration-commerce/hemp-rope Guess we will see though.
  13. Dibbler

    Little things you'd like to see

    Ahh i see :), still think would be better to have all in GMT though.
  14. Dibbler

    Little things you'd like to see

    I would like it so that the clock in chat was the same as that for port battles. A small change but the 1 hour difference is kinda annoying . Also closed gunports in OW sailing, having them open is another pet hate.