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    VM's for Lord Protector Status

    well there you go, part of the answer
  2. To the Devs: Just asking here, can you give us an estimated time frame or estimated date when you intend to shift to Victory Marks for number of ports on the Lord Protector listing? Also, I am sure many of us would like to know the cut offs for the awarding of Victory Marks in relation to the number of Ports on the Lord Protector Listing. For example, One port to ???? gets one Victory Mark and ????? to ??????? gets 2 Victory Marks and so on. Like I said just asking here. Thanks for your time
  3. CoolBreeze66

    REDS + VCO Change Nation

    I could not have said it better Bristol.
  4. Really? How many people do you know that will have bow gun ports and no guns??
  5. No Chris not all clans! WO and Blanc are independent operators, but I am sure you knew this!
  6. The base price as I see it for food supplies is 35 as it stands right now. 210 divided by 6 multiplied by 4 equals 140. I have used 140 as the buy price on a eu trading contract, worked before but apparently the 41 price is the new price. Another ninja change. i tried it at 164 and it works. thanks for the help appreciate it greatly
  7. I have been trying to buy Food Supplies using the EU Trader ability. The cost to buy according to the chart is 96 per unit. I cannot buy a unit for anything less than 210. The pricing at the ports needs to be checked. There is a glitch, please check it out. TY
  8. I really hope the Devs give us at least a 24hour notice for the change. You know its going to happen tomorrow, that would be very helpful.
  9. CoolBreeze66

    Server Merge Proposal

    Nation based fighting relationships has got to go. Look at World of Tanks and World of Warships, those guys understood you need to give the player base real choices for developing fighting relationships. One server with clan based relationships that allows the french to ally up with Brits, Spanish or whomever is the way to go. Nation based in too rigid and too limiting, and players like choices. Oh yeah, one more thing. I have spoken with numerous folks on their TeamSpeaks who would come back to the game provided there is one combined server. The feeling is simply this, the bigger the player base the greater the probability that PVPers can find a fight in a reasonable time frame, and not sail for hours looking for a PVP battle. I mean this is how a lot of folks feel, this is what is motivating them to stay away and choose other games. I am confident the time zones issue can be worked out, but if we don't do this how will we know. I think there will be an immediate gain the the server populations soon as the servers are merged and some system for redeeming ships and mats that might be part of a players dual holdings on both the Global and EU server is worked out and made available.
  10. CoolBreeze66

    Eliminate small ship griefing

    sorry about that. You wanted an example of stern camping, well here goes HMS Africa revealed. Gunboat War[edit] During the Gunboat War, Africa was under the command of Captain John Barrett.[2] On 15 October 1808, Africa was escorting a convoy of 137 merchant ships in the Baltic, with the assistance of the bomb vessel Thunder and two gun-brigs. They left Karlskrona that day and on 20 October they anchored in the Øresund off Malmö. At noon a flotilla of Danish gunboats was seen moving towards the convoy and Africa sailed to intercept them.[3] The flotilla consisted of 25 gunboats and seven armed launches, mounting some 70 heavy cannons and with an overall total of some 1600 men.[3] It was under the command of Commodore J.C. Krieger.[4] At 1:30 the wind died and Africa was immobilized. By 2:50pm the gunboats had stationed themselves off Africa's quarters, where few of her guns could fire, and opened fire. The battle continued until 6:45pm when with night closing in all firing ceased. Had daylight lasted another hour the Danes would probably have captured Africa.[3] As it was, she had lost 9 men killed and 51 wounded, including Barrett. She was so badly battered that she had to return to Karlskrona for refitting.[3] The convoy, however, managed to reach Britain.
  11. CoolBreeze66

    Eliminate small ship griefing

    Lets see what history has to say about smaller more maneuverable ships versus big lumbering galleons. Do you remember the defeat of the Spanish Armada by the British Fleet under the command of Sir Francis Drake and Lord Charles Howard Size of the navies in the Armada campaign: The Spanish Armada sailed with around 160 ships. The English mobilised up to 200 ships in the Channel. Unknown numbers of Dutch vessels harassed and attacked the Armada and hemmed the Duke of Parma’s forces into their harbour of Dunkirk. Ships, organization, tactics and equipment: The descent of the Spanish Armada on England in 1588 ocurred at a time of profound change in sea warfare. The Spanish represented the old tradition while the English fought with a new design of warship and new tactics. In medieval warfare at sea soldiers added castles to the merchant trading vessel at the front and the rear (fore castle and after castle) and at the top of the mast and fought their fleets as if on land, discharging arrows and handguns, boarding the enemy ships and conducting hand to hand fighting. The ships incorporated by the Spanish in the Armada represented this tradition. The main Spanish vessels were galleons, sailing ships that rode high out of the water with towering fore and after castles from which handheld firearms were discharged; while the crews grappled the enemy ships so that soldiers could board and capture them. Their height and broad beam made these ships awkward to sail. English captains, particularly John Hawkins and Francis Drake, inspired a new form of ship for the Queen’s Navy, the “race ship”, of which around 25 were built. Lower in the water, with a long prow and much reduced fore and after castles, these sleek ships carried more sophisticated forms of rigging, enabling them to sail closer to the wind, making them faster and more manoeuvrable than the Spanish ships. History is replete with numerous events where underrated and vastly inferior forces overcame superior forces. What it takes to win was researched and discovered by a US Air Force Colonel named John Boyd who was obsessed with the question, What does it take to win? He discovered that the deciding factor was agility on the battlefield or on the high seas. Agility built on mutual trust. BTW Malachy don't look now but there is a target on your back!
  12. Hey Salty I figured it out, but thanks for your help. I mean that really. Thanks it has to do with crafting level. My Bad!
  13. Well thanks salty, btw I know how to craft. I traded 20 cm's for the Endymion Permit, I did that before I wrote the first note. But nowhere do you find the ability to actually see what is required for the Endymion even when you have the permit. There is no blueprint for the Endymion listed anywhere, go ahead, go look. Any other ideas?
  14. Hey admin can you comment on my note about crafting. Thanks