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  1. Red Dragon 13

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    Man you deserved sinking
  2. Red Dragon 13

    Fleet suggestions

    Imho, at sea you should be able to recruit only what is left of the other ship´s crew, which in turn requires the other captain to surrender. In free and national ports you should be able to recruit without limit.
  3. Red Dragon 13

    Remove names from combat news

  4. Red Dragon 13

    First Rates should become rare and very expensive = maintenance, baby!

    This. Plus, what if a way was figured out to make first rates usable only in Port Battles?
  5. Admin, will the "magic wallet" stay or go with this new currency system?
  6. Red Dragon 13

    Don't support this weekend Multiflip operation against France.

    Cornelius Trash said: Dude, these threads are gold I only miss Toto Cabbage and his avatar....
  7. Admin, all these new money replacing the "gold" money, will be put in the captains´ chest or as one redeemable? Or will it be put in only one warehouse?
  8. Admin, please do not forget that credit also existed at the time, especially for traders.
  9. Red Dragon 13

    Hercules ship feedback

    Admin, can you please give duras to this beautiful beast? At least temporarily?
  10. Red Dragon 13

    Identities in the OW: A more realistic approach

    Maybe we could have mods or books called "Enhanced spyglass" or "Old Seawolf" or the like, that could help recognize at longer distances what ship you have spotted and/or who her captain is.
  11. There is no need for warriors to be beautiful
  12. Red Dragon 13

    The Newbro Problem

    Well I would try to pass the M&C permit, get my Hercules, then do some BC missions to fit the cannons, rum and repairs, and then go kill any newbie I can for marks, xp, gold, loot and whatever. I would NEVER be a Brit in such conditions.