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  1. capture missions.

    I have! I was talking about for new players. And I was talking about adding more missions for not only teaching but fore better payout and another way fore them to level up.
  2. capture missions.

    I think a war effort capture mission is still a good idea.
  3. capture missions.

    I understand why the allowing of capturing of AIs hade to end, but. learning how to capture is still crucial. So I think you should have a new kind of war effort missions to capture ships with the reword being gold pay out fore the ships, more XP and more or better loot. If in the battle the target ship gets sunk the mission is a fail.
  4. new alt rule

    It would be more challenging for the rats....um I mean Pirates to have to recruit spy's rather than just be there own spy's.
  5. new alt rule

    using ALTs with in your own nation can be useful. It's the way that they are being abused that's the problem. And wee have ben being policed a lot lately! So.....
  6. new alt rule

    alts should be of the same nation as main character!!!
  7. I never got gankt because of gps and in fact I was able to send for help when being pursued because I NEW WHERE I WAS and I wish you history Nazis would just let this be a game! I still want GPS back!!!
  8. The Entier Explosion

    I wish I could have seen the whole thing:(
  9. The Entier Explosion

    was that you that happened with?
  10. The Entier Explosion

    OH Sorry
  11. The Entier Explosion

    is this reality or a game? I was asking fore a little more eye candy. explosions are cool.
  12. The Entier Explosion

    Ya and truth be known it's not a bitch it's a suggestion. That's why it's in suggestions and not complaints!
  13. The Entier Explosion

    I have exploded twice because of the open magazine ,not complaining, The first time was my fault I didn't know about this change and the second time I let my self blow up. But both times I did not get to see the full explosion just the very beginning. And that WAS kind of sucked the second time because I also blow up the pirate who attacked me. And now that I think about it I think I would have liked to see BOTH explosions in there entirety. Even the first time when I lost my first Snow, after coming back. judging from how the beginning of each explosion looked, I think it would have made great eye candy.
  14. I don't know how to use out of game apps when in game and I shouldn't have to. when we hade Coordinates, you hade the option of not using them but now that we don't, I don't have the option of using it and that's no fare!