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  1. Slim McSauce

    DLC ships

    Some people have hundreds of marks and billions of gold in assets and will never need to buy a crafted bellona when they can spawn one at any outpost with a note. Some people will from here on only use the DLC shallow water ships because they're free and readily spawnable anywhere. You can't beat the ease of bypassing economy.
  2. Slim McSauce

    DLC ships

    You buy crafted bellonas over using PVP marks for notes? Can't say the same for most. Clearly the same rules of economy don't apply to everyone or else we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  3. Slim McSauce

    DLC ships

    So we're completely missing the lower half of the economy is what you're saying. Not to mention the surplus of pvp marks that have everyone using the same non-crafted ships. The market is nothing like it use to be, crafting is pretty irrelevant. You either have a full eco that everyone is participating in or you're not playing the same game anymore. Each sect of the game relies on the other, crafters sell to PVPers, pvpers kill, increasing demand, traders trade, crafters buy from traders. The circle of life, we don't have that anymore.
  4. Slim McSauce

    DLC ships

    It's horrible that some people want to bypass eco. Eco is the driving force of the game. Just goes to show how much local economy is gonna change the game when it's released.
  5. Slim McSauce

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Yeah I agree, I liked before the greenzone. I also like the ROE and I think a longer join timer ~10 minutes would be good universal ROE, and keep the 3 minute ROE for battles that start at night. That would be cool and make sense, unlike a safezone that doesn't do it's job protecting new players like it should.
  6. Slim McSauce

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    That's not really the issue solving itself imo. You're only further diluting the experience by giving away things to new players when the goal should be to earn. There's plenty of wealth to go around, enough for everyone to play the game with no economy for a while, but then there goes a lot of the game.
  7. Slim McSauce

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    They do, you just don't hear from them. They aren't so zealously invested into this game that they immediately see the ridiculousness of getting spawn killed by large groups of players who vastly out equip them. Even E.V.E treats it's new players better. That's really saying something.
  8. Slim McSauce

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    New player joins, hops in a cutter, tags a privateer, gets ganked by 10 veterans. Scale that up to any amount and you have a farm. I would sooner analyze why I'm being spawn killed by people with a thousand hours in my supposed "safezone"
  9. Slim McSauce


    Max achievable speed should be somewhere around 14.5 knts for the fastest and lightest of ships. There should be no need for a speed cap in a well balanced setup. Speed is king, if you have speed you dictate the terms of the fight always unless you get caught ashore. It's been clearly shown that too much speed is bad, because players won't be looking for a fight, they'll be looking to pick off easy targets while not being caught. It breeds bad gameplay, I attack you but you're 3 knots faster than me in the same ship. You will always run and not have to fight. A disservice to both sides, neither are getting good content.
  10. Slim McSauce

    Proposal to change sail force mods

    Sail force mods need to go, they too drastically change the sailing qualities of a ship and can add many knots of speed with little effort. Real studded sails or stay sails was something done in chase or to run away, it wasn't always active and probably had more downsides than just negatively effecting the opposite point of sail. More crew, more stress on the rigging, not an every day sort of thing.
  11. Slim McSauce


    Speed meta is silly and has always been silly. Why is it silly you might ask? Well imagine for a second a speed capped frigate. This ship is uncapturable downwind. You can only match it's speed, not exceed it. This is a very serious problem. Ships are being built to reach the speed cap which is game breaking. They can attack at will, and run when challenged. What does this mean? A skilled player will never lose. So my suggestion, looking forward we'll soon (soon) no longer have extreme mod stacking, beyond that who knows what kind of balance will take place (already talks of buffing all 6th rates, we know where that ladder goes) Assuming ships become more similar in speed, the biggest factor likely being ship wood type affecting speed. What does that mean for combat? Well it will be harder to get away, less difference in speed, less distance you can cover over time. How do we reconcile the ability to disengage from combat in a balanced way? You throw everything overboard, obviously. As a last ditch effort, you throw your cannons off the ship, you gain speed and you can get away. You lose the cannons, but keep the ship if all goes well. You may ask, why do we need this? Well why do some players insist on 14.5+knt ships for PVP? Everyone want's the ability to disengage from unfavorable odds, no one wants to lose their ship to a group of 10. Once mod harmonization update comes through, It's very likely that ship speeds will be lessened across the board. This is good, speed meta is cancer; but gank meta is just as bad. This is a fair, balanced way to retain the benefit we seek from speedy ships, but without the cheese that you get from people sailing around at the physical speed limit all the time. little details: simple keypress/confirm to activate not all cannons tossed at once, two at a time, should take a few minutes. speed increases as weight drops. (optional) visual of cannons dropping from the ship to alert the enemy alternatively a status on scoreboard (surrender, sank, captured) strike a flag to show you've routed, as to alert friendlies. that's it, thanks for reading.
  12. Slim McSauce

    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    The ship builds in game are not something to be proud of. I would rather ships be limited to 10% performance from base stats then continue seeing battles fought by the same meta ship builds. At least then each ship would be unique and not be fed through the mod blender turned into hyper ships.
  13. Slim McSauce

    Hugging exploit

    It shouldn't be hard. The GameLabs already have done this sort of thing with their other game. It's simple numbers, how many crew, how many muskets, time intervals between vollies, distance and fall off. Where they went wrong last time was just having the crew tick away without any cues or feedback of what was suppose to be happening. There's at the very least got to be a sound and some kind of pop up that says your men fire and kill x crew. It doesn't have to be perfect it's just gotta be functional.
  14. Slim McSauce

    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    It's not to help newbs, it's to make the game balanced. You can have wood types, and mods and not have people sailing broken 15.5 knt ships or impenetrable hulls. Most of the "builds" are just pushing the mods meta mods to get a huge % bonus to a ships speed/health. How do you think we get infamous builds like the Bellona, Wasa, and now requem? Because you can buff the speed of these ships to the game limit, and retain lots of health and firepower which cuts the need for frigates. Now if wood types were compressed, as in fir grants less speed but takes away less health, and LO gives less thickness but takes away less speed, making the positive/negative wood attributes less prevalent, then you have a more conform class of ship that doesn't jump and bite the role of other ships. If the most you could buff speed after woods and mods was 10%, people would use frigates and corvettes, because their base stats for speed and acceleration are higher which makes sense because in what other department can a smaller, weaker ship compete other than manueverability? Same with large ships, if you could only buff thickness 10% people would use large ships for their high base health. There would be no such thing as a 15knt bellona. If you want a 15 knt ship you get it in a small, weak package. That's balance. What's not balance is a teak/wo bellona modded out running at 14.5knts dishing 800pds of broadside while a frigate built in fir/fir is doing 13.5knts with a third of the health and half the broadside.
  15. Slim McSauce

    DLC ships

    The worse part is it's not P2W in the traditional sense. No, it's pay to win that dissolves the meta and creates a system of non-economy on a game that needs a functioning economy to justify everything in it. Like what's the point of fighting a 4th rate PB if by then we have a 4th rate DLC ship that is good like the ones now, and people use the ship that costs nothing? You've turned RVR into an unserious scrimmage. This isn't exclusive to RVR, I'm on the OW looking to cut down your shipping, or just cause you grief because you attacked my nation/clan the night before. Now I attack you but low and behold you're sailing your free redeemable and you're not taking the battle seriously because you don't care about the ship and why should you. At the point we have 5 of these DLC ships why should anyone care about the economy focused side of the game anymore? Everyone is running around in free redeemable ships. If things did turn out that way it'd be RIP for NA in my eyes. I play for the realistically set open world, economy, crafting, player driven game. I don't play NA to have repeat battles over and over again. What's at stake in the battle? What is there to gain? It's the motive of the economy and getting rich and powerful that drive the game. Now I can buy economic and logistic invincibility? No thanks.