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  1. woot woot, the UI looks beautiful and the raising of max crew is an interesting change (will update)
  2. could this be it? I'M SO EXCITED!
  3. You've got in backwards, seeing names is the physiological crutch. People dont attack someone they percieve is better than them, and on the flip side they target people they know are weaker than them. An option is always nice but should be voluntary. I for one very much appreciate my privacy, not being harrassed by people on ow or called out in global when realistically they would have no business knowing me or my personal location without engaging me or me offering up the info in a friendly manner.
  4. The Newbro Problem

    sounds like the only thing to do pvp wise is hunting capitals and pbs. LOL that's funny, it's like the line of progression and variety for pvp is actually a toggle switch. But seriously, why are the majority of pvp and the majority of new players in the exact same spots on the map? smh
  5. If you pull a mission and it is put outside a safezone then you can get jumped by an enemy who will have AI on his side which is unbalanced. If you hunt AI in your reinforcement zone your battle stays open, so new players can't do that without getting jumped. With lack of ow pvp directives, free market pvp still leads the vast majority of fights to in or around capitals where all the new players are trying to learn the game. Ironically the safezone is one of the most dangerous places a newbro can be. It's worse than giving no security to new players, it's giving them false sense of security. How do you plan to revert this?
  6. The Newbro Problem

    Safezones are a false guise. They only offer protection in the most narrow of circumstance and are mostly used by old players to avoid combat. New players still get ganked constantly. If you're for new player retention you'd want a smaller, completely safe home base type safezone where small trade and rookie pve can take place. There's plenty of room for it, either out of the way from capitals in their own pve nation or inside capitals, but in return ow pvp needs a real objective so we can stop pretending that sitting at an enemy capital for 40 minutes has any real affect. (it's as impactful as a rubber mallet on an empty pillowcase) From the looks of it ow pvp is just bad, so many excuses that we have no room for new players, we don't utilize the room ourselves (mostly because lack of any ow mechanics to promote fights around the map. We could fit all the casuals and noobs this game draws, but it means actually giving a shit about ow pvp to develop for it. Sad to see so many people disregard the new player in favor of their own expenditure. They must think this game is truly hopeless, that you have to choose between keeping new players safe and old players happy.
  7. The Newbro Problem

    Indeed. Old players have the least amount of anything to do, it's your pick between rvr and capital zone pvp/ganking. Hardly anything promotes us to go out and use the map, pvpers, pvers and new players are all being cramped into the safezone areas, not by choice. But because game mechanics doesn't keep us from doing it all the time, nothing to promote us to go out and fight on for other areas, no objective besides sink and get marks There is no reason to help a newbie but you were helped as a newbie and it probably kept you from quiting? That's quite on the edge for a game.
  8. The Newbro Problem

    that very much reminds me of a developer interview for a popular mmo "if left to their devices, players will optimize the fun out of their own game" "it's the job of the developer to protect the player from himself" also somewhat related "an FPS is 30 seconds of fun repeated over time, if you don't have that 30 seconds of fun, you aren't gonna have a great game" I agree the map is big enough to accommodate all types of play.
  9. didn't every ship in service have some swivels on it or is that a misconception? It would be nice to see swivels used for more than 1 ship
  10. The Newbro Problem

    Very well said and touched all the points I wanted to touch with. Your last paraphrase, "Succesful games need to protect their new players. Naval action does not" isn't exactly true, new players at the very least have been attempted to be protected in the way of safezones. Did it work? Not really, it's caused a bit of a mess with ideology and identity of the game. I guess you can sum it up in two questions -Is protecting new players a valuable move for NA? -If not, how do we make up for it?
  11. They actually do advertise this game as a hardcore age of sail experience. But once in game you would think otherwise with how protections are put in place. It's like an effort was made but was abandoned because it didn't work. It's an EA title and you can't expect everyone to read the tags, most people will try the game on steam before refunding if they like it, if those 1st 2 hours they see talk of safezones and whatnot they may think this game is hardcore but allows room for casual play when in reality you're in just as much danger doing anything casual in the safezone as you are anywhere else, just in very certain parameters you're protected for instance being tagged by enemies in the zone. That's very untypical for an MMO and needs very deliberately communicated to people who may buy the game. You're playing a game wholey dominated in all aspects by the presents of PVP in all locations.
  12. OK, so where would you draw the line, because some would say safezones are a needless feature if everyone is expected to be able to PVP within them. They cut into normal pvp, new players believe they should have this zone for casual play but keep getting interfered by hardcore pvpers. The fact that you have what players refer to as a "safezone" kind of infers that you are interested in the safety of the new/casual player.
  13. so are we trying to attract a casual crowd or are we not? People are buying the game with expectation that they'll get the same or similar protections that E.V.E (a very hardcore game might I add) has where new players are at a 99% level of safety and attacking anyone in highsec is all but suicide. In NA it's like everyone hangs out at high sec because there is no reason to go to low or null sec or else that's where the PVP would happen and not at capitals.
  14. if you're brand new, (most of us aren't, and stats if I remember is 50% of people don't make it to frigate, the games biggest problem is retaining new players) and you lose even just a cerb or something and have to start back at BC, isn't that equivelant to getting your items wiped? If all you have is a 1 or 2 frigate losing either to a gank squad at your supposed safezone meant to keep new players safe and comfortable until they venture off is pretty darn frustrating, even for the most hardcore of player.