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  1. Slim McSauce

    Desperat need of ships in the US

    so risk nothing taking a BC and getting free marks, or bringing an actual competitive ship that you risk for pvp marks.
  2. Slim McSauce

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

    makes sense, less sails, less stress on the rigging and masts. Good addition!
  3. Slim McSauce

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

    I really liked how the developers buffed turn rate for battle sails, I think that was a great move and should be expanded on, here's what I'd like to see to continue the trend of battle sails being the optimal sail setting for fights. 1. Increase reload speed across the board at full sails by 10-15 seconds, keep reload speed as it is now or lower for battle sails to simulate a more stable platform more suitable for the fastest achievable reloads. 2. Same with accuracy, decrease accuracy across the board for full sails, make accuracy as it is now (which is pretty darn accurate for cannons) achievable only under battle sails, again to simulate a stable platform being best suited for aiming. 3. Greatly nerf repairs at full speed, make slow and under the optimal speed to make repairs at. Full sails should be optimal for running/chasing, not for the heat of battle. They're called battle sails for a reason aren't they? Make them truly so! If you have any more additions to the list please contribute, and as always thank you for reading.
  4. it's only bad if you don't limit repairs with it.
  5. Slim McSauce

    PvP Heat Map

    Similar suggestion here earlier in the year This one is not map based but goes of the combat news system we already have, a bit more realistic in a sense but ultimately the same goal. Given the massive support for both our suggestions, and general talks of map focus and PvP, I think some sort of pvp tracking system that kind of gives the "news of the day" if you will is in order. Combat news is dull and drab and doesn't draw much interest and the info isn't all the valuable outside of real time (which both of our suggestions detest real time alerts but realistic delay)
  6. alternatively fitting ALL ships with swivels would be a more active solution that you can aim and fire, something we're all use to.
  7. Slim McSauce

    PvP Heat Map

    Good sir that is not a yes! Haha just kidding. While I disagree with your position I think there is no way to accurately predict the results, which is why it's worth a test!. The reason I disagree is because 1. This is a visual representation of what we already get with combat news. 2. People who want fight will smell the blood, people who don't want fights will try to avoid the frey. thats my reasoning, sorry if the format is funky, I'm on mobile that's why.
  8. Slim McSauce

    OW Navigation

    a sextant minigame? I don't know why you'd prefer all players be location blind when the technology was there, you dont have to use it.
  9. Slim McSauce

    PvP Heat Map

    Here's a little suggestion that I think would work well. PvP heat zones that pop up in areas where lots of pvp has taken place that day. These aren't zones or missions, just a simple representation of what's been going on and where the action is at on the map. Basically a visual representation of combat news. Yes or Yes?
  10. Slim McSauce

    wood drops

    and have an alt based economy? no thank you
  11. Slim McSauce

    wood drops

    then alts swoop in a seize production 😒
  12. Agreed! That's a fair compromise for gameplay and realism. Ships rigging tangles, so nerf speed a bit but let us remain in control of our vessels! If you don't have me tied down physics wise and I mean like physically I either don't have the sailforce or maneuverability to wiggle out, then yes I deserve to be locked down. But if I still have 100% sails going 13knts down wind and another ship approaches me at the same speed and grapples, no you shouldn't be immediately locked down for that. That's all I'm saying, @admin please consider this in our testing!
  13. which is fine, what I don't like is how locked in boarding is, once you're in you're stopped completely, unable to do anything but do 15 second rock paper scissors while enemy ships surround you. This may be realistic but what isn't realistic is that there's no way to beat back grappling attempts besides sailing away, you get insta snagged and that's pretty much the battle in lots of cases. It was already bad because ramming and hugging, now it will be worse.
  14. removing friendly fire completely, or having mirror damage where the damage goes right back to you if you should an ally, and being sunk this way granting some kind of short time out penalty, no rewards, and costing some gold. I like this boarding change, I think it's a step in the right direction, I just fear the short term effect that people will continue to use boarding as a gamey way to lock down enemy ships into boarding so they can't retaliate against others coming to fire on them, meaning easier ganks with even less of a fight. Any plans to resolve this before it becomes an issue?