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  1. Slim McSauce

    Game Reviews on Steam

    I have 1k hours. I would have no issue changing my positive review to a negative one, it wouldn't be hard at all. The only reason I don't is because there's still some hope that we get big content. But in another 4 months if the game hasn't gone anywhere I'll probably drop NA and wait for someone else to pick up the concept.
  2. Slim McSauce

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Up the health pool, lower the thickness a tad. I don't understand this argument of 5th v 1st rate. How often are you getting killed by a 5th rate broadside to broadside in a 1st? You make it sound like anyone can hop in a frigate and do that sort of thing. Truth is you'd have to be a real noob to lose to a trinc in that manner.
  3. Slim McSauce

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    1. You can't disengage until you're already boarded 2 turns in, by then you've already been caught either by the skilled boarder with a bunch of mods or his friends who now pump grape in your stern. 2. No, because ramming exists, there is no counter to ramming if the captain is half decent, he can match your moves and stay the same distance from you. It's extremely easy to get someone upwind in the first try. 3. Really it wouldn't, your sheets wouldn't raise themselves just because there's a metal hook and a rope on your ship. You would still have sails flying at it would be the burden of the attacker to wrestle you down. This is how boarding should look and about how long it should take to throw/pull a grapple. What takes Total War a minute to rapple a ship takes NA >3. Similar speed of combat, huge disparity in time.
  4. Slim McSauce

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    The goal of the last update was to allow most calibers to pen a 1st rate point blank. I guess that's been forgotten. Oh well, just keep raking super strong and we'll balance 1st rates that way I suppose since you can't fight them broadside to broadside.
  5. Slim McSauce

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Afraid of getting penned? What's there to worry it's just a meagerly 5th rate.
  6. Slim McSauce

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Says the increasingly nervous 1st rate sailor
  7. Slim McSauce

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    It wasn't too long ago that the same thing happened with 42 and 32pd longs not being able to pen at point blank. It's better now with the thickness reductions but with mods there's still a threshhold of impenetrable-ness that can be reached, exacerbated by the L'Oceans thicc curves.
  8. Slim McSauce

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    It is you just don't make a very logical or sane argument. I can tell you multiple times why it is a problem, why x needs to be changed and y is fine, but it gets annoying when you come in refuting there that there's even is a problem in the first place. Obviously there is or else it wouldn't be discussed. I don't hate you Hethwill. Even though you're a huge nutjob , you no doubt support improving the game. Your comparing of things within boarding to things like the sailing model as a counter argument (even if just as a counter argument) leaves little room for objective reasoning. I find my side of the argument very strong and will concede little to non-facts. Hope you understand o7
  9. Slim McSauce

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    ▲ with armor ▼with thickness for first rates Mods are probably the hidden issue here. (big surprise)
  10. Slim McSauce

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    No you think because 1 thing isn't realistic or practical that that's an excuse for everything to not be realistic and practical. You're cherry picking things that aren't an active problem with the game or community and comparing it with something that is and has been talked about extensively. Your solution is to change everything at once or nothing at all. You wan't the game to be realistic AND fun? There's compromise between those two, that's a given. How about we start with the most glaring problem with the combat which is boarding, and start from the beginning of that which is grappling. What doesn't match up with fun and realism? Well.. 1. Grapples are instantly hooked with no way to combat whether it be axes, deck fire, muskets, you name it. 2. The time from grapple to pull to boarding screen is usually >3 seconds, that's all the time you get to counter a boarding by sailing away. 3. Getting boarded immobilizes you completely, leaving you to the mercy of the gank. Hence people complain that their battles are ending being rammed up wind and boarded, reboarded, then sunk. There's no compromise in the way boarding is done. It's not fun, and it's not realistic. There's no excuse to not make it either of those things. Nothing needs to be changed with it, so what combat is sped up. Is it fun? Why do you think cannon reloads aren't sped up to match? Some things have struck a balance between fun/realism and they just work the way they are. Boarding/grappling on the other hand is a jack of none and needs improvement more substantial then a measly perk.
  11. Slim McSauce

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    No it's not lol. That's called being lax for sake of gameplay. Being lax (as in simply not giving a f*** to do update boarding/grappling to their counterparts level) is plain stupid. You aren't benefiting from NOT fixing it. You're just being a luddite.
  12. Slim McSauce

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    Look around yourself, I'm not gonna spoon feed you. DD is a meme fix, you say yourself boarding needs reworks, boarding is actually working O.K, everybody knows the rock paper scissors is pretty fair, although mod dependent and more depends on ping than skill. Ramming upwind for an immediate shut down board is laughable, completely outrageous and silly. If you don't agree please feel free to express why, otherwise the general assumption is that it doesn't match up with realism and it doesn't do so in regards to better gameplay. It's the absolute worse of both options. Also I would check up on the definition of "simulate", just because you "feel" like the game can't be improved doesn't mean it actually can't.
  13. Slim McSauce

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    Because it isn't realistic or practical from a gameplay perspective. Rage boarding is a very specific problem that has been talked about plenty of times before. Determined Defender is a direct result of the problem with the current way boarding is set up. No one is complaining about tacking or cannon reloads speed not matching up. People are complaining that they're being rammed up wind, insta-boarded and swarmed unable to counter, even with 100% prep and equal crew.
  14. Slim McSauce

    Games similar to Naval Action

    The Pirate:Caribbean Hunt is basically off-brand NA singleplayer for free.
  15. Slim McSauce

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    Grappling is instant, it takes no time to do. Tacking is fine, boarding is not.