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  1. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    carriers when?
  2. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

  3. Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    That doesn't really change the fact it's extremely easy (point in click) to aim your cannons, which doesn't match up with RL, or the sailing/damage we have in game which is pretty representative of how it was done. Gunnery is the only part of NA combat asides from maybe boarding that doesn't match up with RL. It's as arcade-y as arcade-y can get, and it keeps us from having fully realistic damage. Simply making cannons have huge spread would just make the arcade-y system broken. Turning off gryo assisted gunnery (where the start and end of your broadside is always where you aim regardless of ship heel in that time) Would MAYBE be a suitable solution but it still wouldn't match up with point and click aiming and people would probably not like it so much. I say if we go realistic like we did sailing, go all the way not in between.
  4. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    In war you're expected to at least have 1.5x the numbers as your enemy. In the future we're gonna need many stacks of screening fleets to engage, probably a better way to do it.
  5. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    Until a half decent players get his hands on one of these and he turns invincible in a 1v1.
  6. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    @vazco That's the point, this isn't even the best of the best he could've done and it's still on a fantasy levels of unrealistic speed/armor. If a ship with these mods can be 2x better than one without than there is a serious problem. The power game is too strong.
  7. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    CANCER. SUCH CANCER. I'M SAVING THIS PHOTO FOR ANYONE WHO TELLS ME MODS ARE FIXED. this is actually ridiculous. @admin quell this unholy monstrosity from our world.
  8. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    Yeah no, I'm not buying that that should even be possible. I would never fight someone in a 13knt 7k 40% repair 4th rate. You'd be pretty much forced to board or just constantly be kited and repaired on. Even if you get him down he runs up wind and good luck catching him when he can repair sails 2x faster than you.
  9. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    An Aga with 7k HP at 13knts repairing with 40% repair sounds like cancer. Mods are definitely not in a finished state whatsoever.
  10. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    I like your idea a lot OP. I made a little visualization of combining your idea with what I think would work well. I like this because it gives us even more customization options with the crew knowledge slots, while fixing the issue of 2 of the same types of mods being stacked together for large, overly large bonuses. The crew knowledge because crew is separate from what fits the ship has and shouldn't share the same space. So you can finally put marines/muskets/ladders without it interfering with our ship's performance. The crafting perm bonuses would hold things like bostin refit, black sails refit and good hope refit. I believe every single crafted ship should get a pair of these bonuses regardless of RNG. But never the same two bonuses.
  11. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    The ships themselves already vary pretty well. On top of that you can choose a lighter wood for a faster version of any ship. Mods and mod stacking only exaggerate ship qualities beyond a factor of obtainable and easily replaceable. We all know how mods are more expensive than ships in some circumstance, the importance of mods is way too over represented. It's like 50:50 to the ship they're put on (also considering ship knowledge which is a subsection or maybe even primary to perm mods) when it should be closer to 70:30 As for a lot of things that don't really work the same with NA, mods are one of them. NA is too based in reality to be throwing +8% speed buffs on top of fir/fir ships. It could work alright with random crafting bonuses IF every crafting ship gets at least 1, we keep it random so instead of crafting 5 ships to try to get ANY bonus you have to craft 23 fir/fir ships to get a very fast bonus on one that maybe you could put a copper plating on but nothing else for speed. Otherwise a very fast bonus or copper plating on something like a teak/fir Trincomolee will be a nice touch, but NOT gamebreaking by creating a +/-9% spread of speed making you way overly fast for your class. Like abnormally fast to where you can escape any battle where the opposition doesn't have one of these abnormally fast ships.
  12. Flares

    Flares. For OW. Ya know to send distress signals and what not. Can be heard/seen for miles. A simple yet effective communicative tool.
  13. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    This please. You may think players like getting random bonuses but we hate not getting those bonuses more All or nothing for crafting is too stringent.
  14. Ability to create battle group cross faction

    Most of the time when people say clan-based they mean more clan content. The game is already clan focused. Things like clan wars isn't clan based, its just what clans do. Then there are people who say nations shouldn't be a thing which I couldn't disagree with more. This battle group thing is really a call for out of nation alliances, which would require in-nation wars. Clan based game? More so but much less so than something like E.V.E. This is my opinion
  15. Proposed Rule: Don't join battle on your enemy's side.

    I do this to troll and sometimes avoid being tagged while trying to get to the dumb friendly circle. I say you shouldn't make it a rule, you should just fix the circle system.