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  1. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    The utmost biggest issue I have with reinforcements zones at all are that we're taking what use to be PVP prime areas being turned into PVE only zones where everyone is safe from attack. This isn't good, the PVP scene heavily relies on being able to move freely around the map. If we can't do something as basic as blockade enemy ports, there's a problem. Yes getting ganked at your capital will be a thing again( for flag captains and up), but so will bringing a fleet to a capital and having the defenders sally forth and meet you with their own fleet. Seriously, name any other objective in this game that brings PVP together that doesn't require ports? There is none, no one gets enthusiastic fighting for open sea. We're taking the best spots on the map to fight for and making them PVP-less, leaving rest of the players with the boring scraps.
  2. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    I think @DrZoidberg makes a very good point. The problem I see with the game is that we have this nice big historical map of the Atlantic, and we have this nice PVP server that we're punished for using historical tactics like blockading the enemies capital. Its silly being restricted to only hunting in open waters and freeports when they have no military value, I get its a game but still. Now I understand some people want PVE to be balanced with PVP and not be forced into PVP. But we have a PVE server for that exact reason. You get the whoole map to yourselves to do PVE in with no compromise to PVP players. Why should the PVP server have to accommodate for PVE only players at its own detriment?
  3. ADS!!!!

    Why do we even have random fire? It's utterly useless.
  4. Limit chain like double shot

    Needs limited repairs paired with it yes. Does unlimited chain help the one in a 1v3 or the 3 more? I'd say it doesn't really matter because a half dozen broadsides of chain will leave you crippled, more so than you could ever return. You're ded anyway. But where chain does matter is when I attack a pfrig in my reno. How am I gonna deal with being outweighed? I'm going to sit at max range and chain his sails down until I feel its safe enough to approach or he runs out of repairs. This is how many battles go down. Chain is extremely effective at winning the battle, it requires little aiming and no regard for angle. You're just letting loose from a safe distance still doing tons of damage. I never have to get close and put myself at risk, and if risk gets close or the battle isn't going anywhere I can turn around and shoot chain out my ass, still doing a bunch of damage, and escape. This makes for very passive unrewarding gameplay. If chain was limited to few broadsides worth what you'd see is an exchange of chain shot right off the bat, closing distance followed by likely a sail repair. That leaves a single sail repair for further sail and mast damage, which demasting for similar rated ships is fairly hard and takes good understanding of your ship. It's also not an instance reduction in speed like chain is. Overall chain does need to be limited like other premium ammo. Chain is very likely to be used more often then ball is in PVP, let that sink in. Although we're all use to the chain meta, take a look and ask yourself "why we consistently chain to 60% before coming in for the kill?"
  5. Bovenwinds Refit issue

    Some upgrades cant be paired, I know the basic strong sail can't be paired with sail force bonus mods.
  6. Making gold, Missions V Trading

    We have PVP rewards, PVE rewards, but no trade rewards.
  7. disregard the haters devs, you've seriously been killing it the past few patches. Besides the short Wasa fiasco, the game has only improved. Keep it up you glorious bastards
  8. Clan Management

    all of this +1
  9. PVP Missions

    The example you posted is obviously unwinnable for B side, but during prime time you'd see more even numbers. Pirate v US it'll be a 25v25 almost every time.
  10. PVP Missions

    Abuse will always be present, we can't let it deter us from improving the game. At least with this it can be easily monitored by players and admins. I'm not a fan of PVP marks, exclusive rewards can be from the loot you get instead of a store that takes up too much space for basically being glorified combat marks. PVP very much can be self sustaining in this system. The chest you get will always give you a ship+loot with PVP marks to top it off. Every win pays off more than losing a single ship. I don't see how anyone would would be too defeated to show when what's on the line is as easily obtained as a captured frigate. I'd throw a dozen of those a day if it meant every time getting a chance at a free 1st rate + a bunch of mods. Plus even if you don't win, you're having fun and getting better at PVP which is worth more than anything.
  11. PVP Missions

    Hmm, it seems like PVP zones had mixed interest for good reason. It failed to achieve the goal of making PVP accessible to all players. Yes you could go and fight other players, but there were only 4 zones you could sail to, they never moved, and you still had to plan with the enemy to get a battle which honestly kills the immersion for me. You know how the treasure fleet always attract everyone who is there for the notification? PVP missions have to capture that same excitement or they won't work. They have to be rapid, but slow enough for people to chain them together if they want. They have to be dynamic, they must be set between 2 nations, and put close enough to were both nations can reach them in a reasonable sail. They can't be haphazardly plopped on the map as a looming 2nd option like the bathroom at a wedding rehearsal. There needs to be legitimate reward for winning one of these to justify them. Anywhere from extra PVP marks, upgrades, books, paints, or notes. There needs to be extra personal reward for people to get hyped on them. The rewards needs to be just good enough to where a player would be pissed if they miss one because it such a good opportunity to get whatever. I think the best reward is a modified version of the gold chest that you get from epic events that is guaranteed to give you 1 ship note along with a random assortment of mods/books/blueprints/goods. Everyone on the winning side would get one of these to take back. Because the battle would be running a cap circle setup, any one ship can cap the circle and get a chest, there's never a reason to not show up like we see with PBs. And because you recoup ships along with all the other potential rewards, doing these missions can be completely self sustainable. Just imaging being able to make a living off PVP alone, no more required PVE for mods, books, blueprints, etc.
  12. PVP Missions

    That's quite literally exactly what I'm suggesting. Why would they take these out?
  13. PVP Missions

    Yes and yes. Just 1 hour timer before battle starts. If a player had to join the start the timer then no one would want to be the first and wait an hour. Battle begins an hour from the notification, people can join as soon as notified but the battle will start on the hour to give people time to sail to. Could be played around with by the devs. But a single circle mode would probably be the best starting off giving a clear objective and prevent runners delaying the battle. The instance should be placed directly inbetween the closest 2 ports of each nation to give fair opportunity to get to the battle. Rewards is a head scratcher that I'll leave to others. I like paints tho
  14. PVP Missions

    IMO i'd like these to be separate from PBs, as PB and RVR is already providing their crowd with almost certain PVP. These PVP missions should just be random events on the map. Once spawned both sides have an hour to get to the battle and the winners get their PVP marks and perhaps some other kind of pay out. All this does is allow people who want to go find some PVP to do so without having to lurk capitals for noobs. It in no way takes away from the OW aspect of the game.
  15. PVP Missions

    Its not legends. The Admiralty of any navy would provide captains actual missions and not just send them out to hunt blindly. There's nothing legends-y about asking for OW PVP objectives