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  1. There are plenty of people who want to PVP but there is no way to find it with reasonable consistency. We're talking hour long sails to find PVP that may not even be there, not to mention the long sail back when your done. Even if you die you're forced to sail in a basic cutter just to get back to your waters, unlike EVE where you can choose to respawn your guy at your home station if you die far away in null sec space.
  2. im looking for a fast, agile ship for pvp

    Reno, Surp, Or Endy is what you want. The good thing about the Reno And Endy is their base speeds are high enough to give you some room to pick a heavier wood like teak and still be faster than most ships after upgrades. Surp is a good sailer but isn't remarkably fast Good in fleets.
  3. Bring back Paint

    Make them bought from the admirality until you find a way to do it. We have a BUNCH of paint schemes that aren't being put to use. Waiting until release is too long, we need our paints mann
  4. What's next for Naval Action?

    So we got unity 5 along with a bunch of other neat stuff. Whats the next big move for Naval Action from here? What do you think it should be?
  5. Open World

    Could set a zone outside of 100k that automatically deploys visual studded sails like pick related which would increase your speed by 25% making intercontinental travel faster while keeping everyone on OW
  6. Why did players leave?

    I think what we have now can stay for a while, devs need to start focusing on core content creation. There's a simple lack of things to do.
  7. That's why all upgrades need to be able to be bought from admirality. These upgrades are in no way better than others. Them being as rare as they are is keeping people from using them.
  8. Resource Gathering and Refining

    There's something definitely lacking in non wartime actions. Right now with everyone racing to capture ports, not much is going on in terms of PVP, and there's not much to do because of it. Maybe if we had a dedicated career path as a miner/woodcutter and we had special ships for those purposes, where you had to go venture to acquire special woods and ores to supply your nation/clan instead of just having everything sit in the safety of a port, we could see some new situations arise from that and add meaningful gameplay to newer players +1 for something like this
  9. Player Produced NPC/Admiralty Ships

    It'd be nice to have a different section for quality crafted ships, tired of the store being filled up with pages of oak/crewspace traders brigs. More on topic +1 this is a pretty interesting idea
  10. Santa Cecilia vs Surprise vs Pirate Frigate

    Looking at the wiki the Santa Cecilia is a Spanish captured ship from the British HMS Hermione? Isn't that the French L'Hermione we have in game? What sets the Santa Cecilia and the L'Hermione apart?
  11. No its not realistic, realistically speaking you wouldn't get enough logistics to sail across the atlantic with 25 ships and expect to take a capital port surrounded by hundreds. Realistically speaking, even if you DID manage to capture the port, you wouldn't hold it for more than a few days since the port would get 0 supplies and 0 soldiers being surrounded by the enemy, and ships would pound your ships at port all day every day. So no, a capture lattice needs to be implemented to prevent the RVR mingery an unrealistic captures that drive people away
  12. Why did players leave?

    This is exactly why it isn't good, people don't want a completely fair single 25v25 as the decider of the most important thing in the game. It doesn't fall in line with the theme of OW sandbox type mmo, its like a WOT battle. If people want completely even 25v25s, their can be missions for that, or wait for Naval Action Legends, but leave the arena style battles out of Nation v Nation
  13. Why did players leave?

    NA is a platform for a better type of MMO. The immersion and RP is all here, its just finding the right combination of features to make the game its own, and not the copy & paste fantasy type mmos we all know of.
  14. A complete fix to RVR

    Your token idea, although has a silly name, is a good one. Token wars and Tonnage wars are essentially the same thing (tonnage war sounds cooler :p, token wars reminds me of those old windows live games where you had to put the token into the virtual slot machine to get x amount of play) There was already a fix for non attendance in the original suggestion., and plenty more after.