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    Reviving the game

    You say this, However you start firing crap at people such as Macjimm for simply opposing your idea with some valid points > Mainly : "The open ocean, various islands, coast lines and the feeling of sailing is appealing. The Carribean is but a small portion of the Atlantic and a tiny spot on the globe. Having a little room to roam is important." > Now you see, You stated that you wanted to talk about shrinking the map meanwhile all you have done was stated your idea and then simply complained towards any constructed criticism / opposing opinions that you recieved as a reply. > Okay, Of all the things that you stated in your starting post, The point that i find quite pointless is this " Maybe it's time for a random map and not an historical map." Now you see, That would potentially ruin the game for the people that play it currently in the sense that the current players ( the several thousand of them ) are used to the sailing mechanics and worldly navigation currently implimented into the game. But most importantly the carribbean is the pinnacle of the golden age of piracy. > So making a map with Hubba-Bubba Brac and Port Tinky-Winky all located next to each other would reduce the game of its feel of actually sailing like Pirates and Privateers sailed long ago, Initially this game would transform into "Windward" or "Tempest" which although they both have excellent mechanics and are a blast to play, They have zero realism and authenticity in comparrison to this game. > The long sailing adds a layer of depth and realism into the game, making it somewhat more authentic. Also sailing in someones backyard would be a constant pvp so new players would hop in against people who are more experienced in the game and in PVP resulting in them getting instantly D!&%ed on by the veterans > Also the new players would realise that the endless PVP just doesnt stop and thus *bam* they quit. Now picture how annoying trading would be in this game is it took 2 minutes to get from KPR to Mortimer Town. Think how predictable the trade routes would be. Which to an extent would ruin any potential fun for the new players. Meanwhile currently they can join the game, Be analytical and figure out the best possible trade routes for themselves. Lose a couple ships, naturally and learn that way, then they can join a clan which can help them and refine them both as PVPers and Traders. Meanwhile in pretty much a free for all that wouldn't really work that much. Just imagine how many big changes would have to take place for this kind of update to make sense. > Honestly, I dont think this could possibly happen for the previous reasons and also the many players who play right now and love the way the game is right now or atleast the sailing and map size, they could potentially just say F*&% it and move to EVE Online. (I wouldn't do that ) + (Can't afford the monthly costs ) > Now listen mate, I don't know you, i don't have any grudge or beef against you alright, but by the way you are getting on makes you look like a bit of a cock, maybe i'm right or maybe i'm wrong. Don't take this reply the wrong way mate I tried pretty hard to make it as constructed as possible. Don't reply with crap please as you created a discussion not a fight so tell me what you think about my points.