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  1. Contoy swapped to neutral

    Howdy. As of server reset one of our ports swapped to neutral. I had enough funds in the clan warehouse to cover maintenance and one of our other ports generated enough to cover all three that we owned. Can someone look into this? Cause if it's going to randomly swap back to neutral we may as well not expend the effort to capture it.
  2. Haha love the whining. And to sink them you gotta be better than them and I don't see that lol. If you were good enough to sink ahoy and her allies, Britain wouldnt own half the map. In fact I'm sailing a Cartagena l'ocean right now that I took from a Dane with a bellona during a battle alongside my friends in ahoy. thanks btw nicely built ship!
  3. Sweden declares war on Great Britain

    Whats another enemy?
  4. DPL (The Deplorables)

    We are 39 members strong. We are still looking for 11 flag captain or higher rank. Must be able to crew a bellona, take and follow orders and be of good charachter. We work closely with Ahoy and CH and Big, so if you have issues with them, we aren't the clan for you. Feel free to contact me, John Loring, Werwolf, Sir Robert Calder of Southwick, Tigertex, or Gottlieb in game.
  5. The best way to fix that server is to shut it down. No one plays there to speak of and it's riddled with problems because ultimately this is a pvp game. The developers if you can call them that, I use the term very loosely in this case, stated that the pve server would be left up until it was no longer profitable. They have made several changes to the pvp servers to allow safe pve areas. In my book, it looks like the pve servers have a limited lifetime. Why fix something that very few people use?
  6. Judging from the new reinforcement areas, it looks like they are preparing to eventually shut down pve and integrate them into the main servers.
  7. We were 5 Pvpers from global who came to EU for more targets. We just broke down npc ships for components and built what we needed. When they rolled out the crafting improvements, in order to enjoy the same flexibility and types of ships we were used to sailing, we realized we needed to expand our internal economy. This led to a larger organization and massive expansion, so we are now more involved with rvr which we had no interest in before.
  8. It's a clan game, especially now. Adapt or be overcome. My clan was too small to thrive in the new system post wipe. We have become one of the more powerful clans on the Brit side now. We didn't do it by whining about how tough things were for the little guys. We did it by correctly adjusting our efforts and structure to thrive in the new system. Adapt or get left behind, if I can do it, anyone can.
  9. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    I agree with liquicity and elite delta. I think clans should be able to choose how many people can be at the port battle on each side and pay a one time fee (per battle) too to add defensive forts. Maybe allow the attacker to pay for a wind advantage or positioning advantage.
  10. Yeah no surplus. Every item is used somewhere. We've got 7 shipwrights servicing 37 members. There is never a surplus. Everything will be used eventually.
  11. I've yet to see a ship on the market that we can't build cheaper. I'll occasionally sell poorly built ships that I've captured for half cost just to get rid of the piece of garbage. That's usually what you see when your seeing a really cheap ship. And putting up a buy contract for less than production cost is normally a waste of gold. The amount of time you have to wait for a sucker to fill it and number of times you get taxed refreshing it usuallly eliminates all benefit. that practice is as bad as selling ridiculously high. The internal clan economy eliminates speculation and allows for a much more efficient process. Now that clans control ports and affect production, our closed economy is going to be even more efficient. The other benefit is I don't have to run around transportin goods. As a ship builder, all materials flow directly to me. If I'm low on something I mention to the person responsible for that item and I'll have 1000 of it in stock in a few minutes usually. There is no way the market can even come close to that level of efficiency. just last night I ran short on three materials I needed for a bellona. In 10 minutes I had all three items. If I was playing the markets, I'd have had to sail to three different ports, waste an hour and a half of my time or more, and had to shuck out gold myself. The clan mate got his bellona, for free mind you, I got my materials, and the clan is 72 guns stronger. One or two missions a day per person generates all the capital we need to run our internal economy. Actually it looks like once we have a few more ports, revenue from tax in this will eventually run our clan economy without even having to grind anything.
  12. Yeah, post wipe you basically have to have a support network. One other note: buying and destroying stuff in enemy markets is kind of a waste of time. Any successful clan has an internal economy and their battle ships never hit the market so your not hurting them, and those guys are the ones who fight the battles. The folks that buy ships and stuff from the market are the clanless and small clans that don't have the Ability to make those ships or harvest those resources. And for the most part, those guys aren't fighting the wars.
  13. I can turn out 1 1st rate a day without labor contracts. 2 or more if I use those FYI
  14. You are abit off in your prices. A regular frigate cost 75k before the patch, it's considerably less now. My point is you don't need to get ripped off if you apply common sense and do a little leg work. The economy isn't broken, we are experiencing inflation due to more readily available cash. Most people are trying to capitalize as fast as they can. Ship prices have jumped considerably along with everything else. I don't buy anything from the market. Nothing. All of my materials come from production lines I set up. I'm half tempted to really tank the ship economy. All I need to do is start putting ships up for reasonable costs instead of gouging 600 to 2000 percent. The only thing wrong with the economy is pure greed. People can make and sell things a lot cheaper than they do currently. They choose not to. Labor hours may have an arbitrary value some may choose to charge for, but they are populated for free and labor contracts are free as well. We've got an alt that just farms bottles. We have hundreds of labor contracts stored. If people sold for reasonable mark ups, I'd use the market sometimes. As it is , the greed has lost them a lot.
  15. I beg to differ. If you are buying resources off the market, you are doing it wrong. I'm sitting on thousands of materials that I obtained myself and it didn't take long. I'm also sitting on tens of thousands of clan resources. Like I said I've built a dozen bellonas in less than that many days and a couple 1st rates too. All without buying anything off the market. It's really easy to set up a chain of suppliers too, to avoid being ripped off on the market. I've got a bunch of people who supply me regularly in exchange for a ship here and there. I've got guys who keep labor contracts flowing. I've got other folks who I pay to use their labor. It costs me less than 50k to make most 5th rates and I can do a bellona for about 375k now. So tell me again how I'm doing it wrong and your doing it right?