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  1. Possible XP/PvP-marks-Farming

    Definitely an issue, please investigate and ban all associated accounts.
  2. If you don't want to be able to replace masts in combat then your going to have to make them a lot harder to hit. Right now a blind guy can dismast about anything in a shot or two. Hitting a mast deliberately with a smooth bore cannon from a moving platform is nigh impossible. As far as I am concerned dismasting should be a very slight chance that occurs randomly and our guns should not be pinpoint accurate like they are now. Make that change and I'll support your idea for making masts not replaceable under fire.
  3. Limit chain like double shot

    I've been pressuring to have that addressed as well. And it's not a new meta, it's a return of an old one that at one time was dead and buried.
  4. Limit chain like double shot

    I agree as well. Maybe give enough for 4 to 6 full broadsides of chain. Especially if repairs are limited.
  5. I have several sail force connies. They are just as awesome as the ones that don't... pretty much like the old Connie but turn better.
  6. Wasa as bad as it is isn't as unbalanced as a snow.
  7. Knowing game labs I'm not holding my breath. They will probably just make frigates and 6th all close haul and super fast downwind too to insure an artificial advantage. If some crappy little ship doesn't have every advantage handed to it, game labs isn't happy.
  8. Any sail force at all changes it to 135 and removes 1 knot over beam reach.
  9. Yeah it's 60. I thought it was 45 too (also on my phone)
  10. If we kept the wind you would have boarded us twenty minutes earlier. The only thing we could have done better maybe was stick closer together. Again, Rock Paper Scissors. Faster ship will always have the advantage in that situation. I knew that going in but figured everyone else would be going for max survivability. Halfway through I told draconis I wished I'd brought a pvp built ship. We would have been much better off in teak teak or something like that. The lack of speed made everything else worse too. I've been on both sides of the coin, and I doubt it would have gone down any different had the roles been reversed. Most battles on the os go down exactly that way. Locate tanky national. Control the engagement and snipe sails and masts. Use superior speed and handling to stay out of their arcs. Once masts and or sails are low enough rake and board. This same scenario plays out hundreds of times a week. Very rarely does the tanky ship get the upper hand. Ask the brits and Spanish how well being tanky helps them lol. if being tanky was as good as you describe, if we wanted to win fights everyone would be sailing to kpr and belize and Havana in tanky ships. I never see tanky ships going out looking for pvp. You know what I see? Light built, fast ships that can take and control the wind. You know who loses all the battles? Slow tanky ships that can't run and cant go fast enough to take the wind and keep it. when I see you camping kpr in a live oak white oak ship day in and day out, I'll believe the meta has changed.
  11. Hachi were your ships using sail force? I just checked all my logs from last nights testing. One of my connies handled a little like that one liq posted. It had zero sail force. However, it wouldn't have been a viable pvp ship to solo in because without sail force its way too slow. At only 14.3 at 110. It did do like 11.x art 60 tho
  12. Even a light hull is less vulnerable than sails and masts. Most fights are won or lost in the first couple shots. I've seen guys take down a mast in the first shot and three more sections in the next three or four. I've chained down people to 60 percent sails in one broadside, two max. After they blow their sail repair, rinse, repeat and I'm boarding them with full crew and them at 100 inside ten minutes. Also, the slower you go the worse you turn fyi. Speed has been king of the os and will continue to be until sail and mast damage is comparable to hull damage. As it stands, I have zero reason to sail a heavier ship and all the reason to sail a faster one. Why do you think Russia lost all those first rates to connies and bellonas awhile back? We took down their sails in minutes and they were sitting ducks after. Sure, we would never win a broadside duel, but we never had to. Just snipe the masts and the fight was as good as won. All that armor may as well have not been there.
  13. That was part of it, but the main reason wasyou were faster and could control the engagement. from the first few minutes of the fight I could predict how the rest was going to go. I've been in your position and played that same engagement from the other side hundreds of times. The game is too Rock Paper Scissors and sail and mast damage is way out of proportion compared to hull.
  14. Strange. The tacking is nice though
  15. Our tournament match the other day supports my position completely. Don't need to duel you to prove my point again, you already proved it. Every pirate proves my point every day on the os. I've lost track of the tanky ships I've taken down in a fir ship, simply by sniping sails then raking. It's boring actually, only another fast ship can put up a decent fight. It's funny, those with the most to lose are always against balancing the game lol. You are a mast sniper, of course you don't want to see it go away. I get that.