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  1. This would be a very cool system. I was thinking it might expand gameplay to have a perm or ship knowledge that lets you add (or move from the broadside) X guns to the bow or stern. That way if some ships are balanced to not have chasers, you can sacrifice some other part of your typical build to have them instead.
  2. Turn inertia - discuss

    It feels much better than the "sailing on rails" of the old system. Feels like you actually have to plan maneuvers in advance, much like you would on a large vessel IRL. I don't have a problem with the turn delay re:shooting, it takes a little getting used to, but correct usage of the various cones and rear/front fire give the advantage to the more active and forward-planning captain. Also, can we get rid of random fire already? Or have an option to? Does anyone use this thing =p
  3. I like all the new sailing models for the most part. It feels like most ships have more of a role now (with a few exceptions). Pirate Frigate - I know the hull shape is short and fat, but it is really slow compared to every other 5th rate. It used to be good for its sail profile, gun loadout, turn rate, and have OK speed. Now it has OK comparative turnrate, bad speed, and a mediocre sail profile (gun loadout is still good at least). I think it should either get a much better sail profile, or a higher base speed. They are never seen these days because they are sluggish and don't turn as well comparatively anymore. Connie - Needs a little better base turn rate, it turns OK when you have sail force, but once you lose any turning it's completely awful. 3rd rate - There should be a reason (besides slightly lesser costs) to sail a 3rd rate. It is good that it gets 32lbs on the main gundeck now, but it still moves like a fat adult with the attack power of a child. Speed boost? Equal HP to Bellona? Mortar on top deck?!? Agamemnon - Is it supposed to completely not move upwind? I don't see this ship getting any play unless it can go upwind a little bit. Right now it is worse than everything in the game. Endymion - Is it too good? I like it myself, but its sail profile is far and away the best in game, especially given its gun loadout. A lower base speed, or slightly less good sail profile may be in order. Wasa - many people have already spoken to this. I would like to add it HAS been nerfed: the base speed is now terrible at 12knts, and it lees something awful. That being said, here are my proposed fixes given it is still the port battle queen... Classify it as a 3rd rate - It should not get the ship knowledge bonuses of a 4th rate; currently it gets more marines than a Bellona with 100 less crew. Remove crew to bring it in line with other 4th rates (500 at most). 32s and 24s are much harder to load with less crew; and/or... Change the 2nd deck from 24 to 18lb cannons. Needs higher BR - this is non-negotiable unless ALL of the previous fixes are applied. Given the crew count and gun type, its BR is far far too low. Overall, I am also looking forward to the BR rebalance (Indefatigable != Wasa).
  4. Leeway warning! Important!

    It's truly vacation time, everyone is going to the beach!
  5. Are we getting special gun types?!? Also the art is very cool. Merry Xmas to all!
  6. [POLL] Should 1st Rates be Considered "Rare"

    I have a hard time voting, because I feel they should have a special role (ie. they should not be able to go super fast) and should not be in every fleet, but it is wrong to lock them behind highly exclusive mechanics. Exclusive rewards should be cosmetic or marginally better, not an entire ship class better. The thickness of first rates currently makes them the mandatory core for port battle fleets; everyone else has already well stated the snowball problem, so I won't go into it. Making 1st rates more expensive may be a good approach to this situation, rather than placing them behind an arbitrary wall (PvP, RvR).
  7. Big news! Us on Global will have to consider how we will jump. I have few opinions on the matter, except to say that I would prefer the keeping of the 22 hour port battle delay so defenders have a chance to deploy. There have been other suggestions that would provide instant PVP that I think we should peruse before going back to same-day port battles: How about the one wherein you buy flags to raid a port - perhaps for that day's tax income or the special resource within? I liked the old pvp events, those were fun for getting people together to arrange fights.
  8. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    Islamorada - 4800 BR French Successfully Attack vs Pirates The Battle in Brief - French forces win the battle on points by sinking defending ships and forts. One Wasa was sunk on the attacking side, and the majority of the defending fleet was sunk. Good evening all, It was my duty and pleasure to participate in the Defense of Islamorada on Dec 10th, 2017 server time. Pirates deployed their main squadron eastward, set opposite to the French main squadron further to the east. One defending Wasa was left to capture the home circle, and the other Wasa plus one Victory were deployed to the west circle to combat the French light squadron of two Wasas and one Mortar Brig. Fighting between the main squadrons was immediate and decisive; the main fleets sailed straight into one another, with many broadsides being exchanged. During this clash, a few defenders were heavily damaged and unable to defend themselves, snowballing quickly into a very solid advantage to the French. The light squadrons were meanwhile engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse, with the two French Wasas attempting to sink the Pirate Wasa while keeping themselves safe from the Victory, with only limited success. The defending Victory was able to board one of the attacking Wasas, scoring the only kill for the defense force. This was an interesting fight since the Devs had changed the sail and speed physics the night before, and some captains were perhaps not fully prepared.
  9. Hello all! As I was leveling my Endymion yesterday, I saw the increased sail jobs and decided to turn them off to see how good the reload would be. To my surprise, I will able to turn the yards better with 0 sailors than with 60 assigned. With the default split between gun and sail jobs (~90 sailors on [6] Sailing) you tack better than with 0 sailors, but to my knowledge yards should not turn at all (or only glacially) with no sailors assigned to [6] Sailing. This was consistent over the two battles that I played. I forgot to do an F11, and I am at work, but I will post screenshots of me tacking through the wind and recovering with zero sailors assigned to [6] Sailing when I get home. Has anyone else noticed this?
  10. I never quite understood this thinking, even when I was playing as a brit fighting the pirates on the daily. We might as well be called 'Red Team", "Blue Team", and "Green Team", it is only the color of the flag that changes. There is literally no lore surrounding each faction, for all we know the pirates are the good guys against the evil fascists! How much of the nationals ganging up is related to groupthink? I know the pirate flag is a scary skull, but come on...
  11. Speed CAP

  12. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    Islamorada - 4800 BR Pirates Successfully Defend vs French The Battle in Brief - Pirates defended the port via circle control, with limited but fierce fighting by the light squadrons on both sides. One mortar brig was sunk on the French side. Good evening all, It was my honor to command the the port battle for Islamorada on December 6th at 05:08 server time. Pirates deployed their main squadron as westward as possible, in order to take their best wind position. The French main squadron deployed southwest of the Pirates and circle C (west), taking the wind advantage. Both sides deployed their "light" ships to circle B (east); the Pirates sending two Wasas, the French sending a Mortar Brig and a St. Pavel. Combat between the main groups was largely done at range. The Pirates approached the attackers by beating into the wind, but the French fleet declined to engage, instead proceeding downwind to capture circle C and onward to circle A (middle). Circle C was quickly un-captured and the pirate fleet pursued, leading to a long range running battle. During this time, the Pirate light squadron had sunk the Mortar Brig and succeeded in driving away the St. Pavel, ensuring the defender's hold on circle B. In terms of ships sunk the battle was inconclusive; in terms of maneuvering the defenders solidly had the advantage. With points accumulating, both main squadrons engaged in a brawl, but no ships were sunk.
  13. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    Blondel Cay - 1250 BR Pirates Successfully Attack vs Great Britain Good evening all, It was pleasure and duty to participate in the port battle for Blondel Cay on Dec 3, 2017 02:00 server time. Pirates won the day with superior numbers, and worked to ensure the sinking of the majority of the British fleet. Pirates deployed their main fleet west of Blondel Cay, with a few outlying ships prepared to capture the outer circles. British defenders deployed in one large bloc between their home circle of A and the main Pirate fleet. Pirates ultimately captured two of the circles. The battle was fairly straightforward; both fleets met in and around circle A, with the Pirates attempting to give wide berth to the defending fort. A large brawl ensued, concluding with the pursuit and destruction of the British fleet. Thanks to everyone for coming out and fighting!
  14. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    Nassau - 2500 BR Pirates Successfully Defend vs USA Good day all, It was my pleasure and duty to command the Nassau port battle on Dec 2, 2017 00:00 server time. This was a relatively short action (~42min), wherein the Pirates won on circle capture points and enemies sunk. Screening actions outside tied up large numbers of the American fleet; 2-3 USA were sunk, and many more were greatly delayed in their entrance to the port battle. The wind was blowing towards the South. USA joined their main fleet near circle B north of the fort, with a few ships to the east of Nassau who were attempting to capture C. The Pirate main fleet joined as close to circle B as possible, south of the fort and USA fleet. A small squad led by Willis was dispatched to confront the Americans at circle C, and a few ships were left to capture circle A. The Americans had excellent wind advantage at the beginning, so I commanded the pirate fleet to begin tacking upwind towards the fort. The Americans beelined for circle B, with their mortar brig set up to bombard the fort. Once the Pirates gained a similar wind position to the American fleet, I ordered the Pirate fleet to engage the rearmost of their line, successfully cutting off 3 ships. One of these was sunk fairly quickly, and the American fleet turned back to respond. However, two more Americans were eventually sunk with no Pirate losses, breaking the morale of the USA fleet. They began to retreat away as rapidly as possible, hoping for the battle to conclude before their ships were sunk or captured. Several ships of the American fleet were also caught outside the battle as they attempted to flee, although I do not have a casualty report.
  15. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    Does anyone have a screenshot and/or report from Rincon?