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  1. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    This is sadly why I left the British. They did not want to learn or improve, and it seems that trend continues.
  2. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    I am in it for the fights. If the port battle fleet is successfully screened in the new system, it means that the defender brought enough people to truly engage up the attackers, as opposed to splitting them off into different battles artificially. This is a win for everyone, as the attackers will get a real fight and defenders may keep their port or weaken the attackers for subsequent fighting. When my group was screened at PaP the first time, the Brits in battle were ecstatic about how they would not have to fight us, and could simply split us off and tag sails from a distance. I know this because they said so to us in the battle; this attitude is the problem. The devs and playerbase were clearly unhappy with this style of screening, made changes to RoE (circle on the defender) and now there is no need for anyone who wants a fight to hide. I only gained skill myself by engaging in a variety of battles, not all of which I won, but all of which I fought if there was any chance of victory or fame. I would like to see GB come out again and try to screen port battles, as they will get fights, perhaps keep their ports, and gain skill (even if they sink) by participating in a real, large, engagements. In short, screening is completely valid as long as you bring enough BR to tag the PB group and a willingness to fight.
  3. This is the wrong example I'm afraid. In this case, the Mercury was trying to escape while being ACTIVELY PURSUED by the larger fleet. In the GB screenings, pirates had no desire to pursue the smaller vessels, yet did not have a choice to continue on their original course. In real naval theory, they could completely ignore smaller vessels (to whatever detriment to their rigging etc) or have a running battle en route to the final target. Because the smaller ships were able to disrupt the larger fleet into separate realities (a necessary game feature, don't get me wrong), their smaller and more numerous ships were able to overwhelm the now-separated fleet. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, IF IF IF there was some counterplay the pirates could have made. We tried our best to stick together in one 4th rate blob (no ships were more than 3 ship lengths away from each other); considering we are on a multiplayer server with lag and different speed ships we did pretty well. The heart of the issue is the RoE, as 5 frigs and smaller could tag 4 Aggies right off the front of our group with their surgical tag circle. There was no counterplay to this, even through as a large, well-organized fleet we should have wiped the floor with anyone who could tag us together (as demonstrated at the recent PaP PB). In short, I am really looking forward to the RoE changes, as they are the core of this problem. We should not have been able to be separated when we were so close to each other. If we had been all straggled out, I see no problem with a screening fleet separating us into smaller battles but that was not the case here. I hope that with the new RoE, people will not feel the need to circumvent screening via obscure methods. I had a ton of fun at the PB itself though, I hope we have more fights like that, both inside and outside port battles.
  4. I love this idea. It makes complete sense, the attackers must have proper BR to tag all the defenders, and people aren't left out in the cold OW despite being right next to their buddy (attacker or defender). This prevents "surgical" tags where much smaller fleets can separate larger fleets into separate instances despite the large fleet being generally together. I don't see any downsides either.
  5. Guide to solo piracy or how to hunt with a style

    This is all great advice, especially about attitude; there is no merit in getting salty when you go out looking for trouble and lose. Expect to sink, and using cheaper ships will help you keep rolling and absorb losses. I also enjoy the Snow for solo (and group) PVP, it is quite good while being replaceable for younger/less funded captains. It also has a very unique sailing profile, that I suggest any captain who wants to sail it (or against it) to study well. The Snow can almost always escape from a pursuer. Of course, take targets accordingly, you won't always be able to capture the same ships as a Surprise.
  6. First off, I really like this patch, and ver. 10 in general. One dura ships, more crafting woods, cool upgrades with trade-offs, these are all fantastic! This 10.3 was very welcome in removing the knowledge tree (though I ground the brig up to 4 and cerb up to 3) and the small UI changes for quality of life. However I have to echo many in this thread when I say that PVP marks should return, along with some more favorable rate of exchange. I am happy with everything being priced in combat marks (thus available to all players eventually), but PVP players should be rewarded for the risk they take and content they create for other players. There is nothing more exciting than fighting another person, and the more we encourage this the more people will seek it out. Currently the rewards are rather paltry. I actively PVP, and will continue to so, but perhaps it should be made more worth player's time. Thanks for the cool new content!
  7. I really like this idea. It rewards the nation willing to go out and risk their ships, either to defend the port or attack. I also like the decrease in randomness vs finding and killing AI fleets (they are really fast!). Beyond that, everyone will be vulnerable to attack the entire time they are out there. This eliminates the problem of player fleets "passing in the night" by hitting different AI fleets, sealing them into different instances.