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  1. Open World and game tweak for Wrecks

    It would be cool to see and loot wrecks that others have left behind.
  2. why bringing ship capture back?

    The Snow is godly as a tagger and can kill larger ships. It can also outrun every other ship in the game at 180. It beats surprises in an upwind race too.
  3. I feel the opposite. Building your ship to specialize is strategic and thoughtful. If everything was purely battle skill then you could never outwit someone more skilled than you. That being said. Rng based modules is pretty bad.
  4. Is it hardcore game or casual?

    Gee if only the idiots who still want the game to succed didnt sabotage it with bad reviews.
  5. Knowledge xp rewards you for sailing a ship and gives you progression. But it also discourages trying new ships before grinding them out. So its good and bad. Honestly the first two slots should be free or some kind of free xp system is needed where you can earn free xp on ships youve already grinded out to use on new ships.
  6. I'm only interested in pirates being able to teleport to free ports. IN general teleporting around is convenient for you but bad in the longer term when you sail around looking for people to kill and no one is sailing from point A to point B cause they can just teleport.
  7. why bringing ship capture back?

    There is also a lot of bitter veteran players who sabotaged their own favorite game by playing 800-1500 HOURS and then when they've finally had their fill of this great game they decided to leave a negative review. The grind isn't bad at all, its the newbie experience is too hard. On my second day I had 200,000 gold with an income of 60k a day just from crafting Hemp and fir logs into Rig repairs then selling them to players/npcs. Newbies don't realize that production is not crafting, its a near passive income. They also struggle to get that first 50,000 they need to construct buildings and produce their first materials to sell. One dude in my clan had over 2 million gold by his 14th day of playing by doing one very simple thing...5 iron mines, he would use all his labor hours on getting iron then he would wait for a good price to sell all that iron in bulk in a day. The only work required is the movement of cargo. Money is easy, XP is a little annoying.
  8. why bringing ship capture back?

    4th rates are too high for capturing. Other than that this change is irrelevant as the price of npc ships is so low anyways it is almost free. Trader market is doomed too.
  9. Bad kill board results can kill a clan. I would like my exploits to be recorded though. My clan has a channel to post screenshots of kills and captures as our killboard. So we can gloat internally.
  10. AI Trader loot

    Ive been getting more sugar from traders than my level 2 sugar farm which ie very useful.
  11. Population imbalance counter

    These bonuses never encourage someone to pick a certain nation over another. Plus its not a big deal to have some smaller nations in the game. An eight way split of the pbase is not interesting.
  12. Pretty sure you said you were leaving. I guess not. Whats the need for speed caps if almost nothing can hit 15nts now?
  13. Speed Meta and today's Hotfix

    This is already how it is. Stack a surprise against a frigate and see what happens in a shot for shot encounter. Surprises are good for their sailing profile and 4 lazer beam stern chasers. Otherwise they are not tanky or hard hitters.
  14. Contradictions, speed ships are the same but speed mods waste an upgrade space? What?!
  15. Your full of shit. But if you're still playing Ill sell you back your Snow I captured from you while you accused me of cheating.