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    Spotting From Land (Realism Suggestion)

    Some ports could become very strategic as intel ports where you can get notified of passing vessels and mobilize to engage. I dont see how this doesnt increase OW pvp.
  2. Dont solo the patrol zone unless you avoid getting tagged and join in progress battles only. The zone is mostly small gangs and the only place for a solo person is to join a battle that's going on.
  3. Flinch

    hostility mission

    Prussia would love the fights, no salt here. I think the admins broke the US in two ways, first they made their reinforcement zone so big and safe that US players never need to toughen up to be successful. Carebears can flourish in the zone and never leave. Secondly Charleston is the most isolated capital in the game, it is way too far from its nearest deepwater freeport. (OMG is it really Tumbado?). The US has too far to travel when it wants to PVP so they dont learn. They have too far to go for deep water pbs(until now that we have flipped things close to CT.) By making the US an 'easy' nation the admins have made it one of the hardest to learn to be a good player.
  4. Flinch

    More Late Game, Get Rid of 1st Rate Swarms

    First rates are not OP and don't need to be limited further than they are now. The game REALLY needs some better end game content when it comes to the PVE side. I don't know what form that would take, I'm not a carebear, but something should be there.
  5. Our clan is devoting a rather notable amount of resources to keeping a single port with a favorable timer on it. It's probably just a little too expensive.
  6. Oh god no. It would be hilarious and terrible to insta kill ships with all that extra damage.
  7. If lets say 8 spanish tag 5 prussians at a tumbado patrol then call for reinforcements from nearby la habana making the battle 20 to 5 then the prussisns should their escape timers back unless the sides balance out again. It would strongly discourage batphoning a bigger gank.
  8. If it was possible to escape when the team difference was too high it may work to solve this. The weaker side shouldn't be locked in unless the teams are close in BR.
  9. I guess but you got to survive 90min which sucks. Not that I want things to change. I love that it's a fight to the death.
  10. Had an excellent shallow battle where over the course of the 30 minutes open time small ganks would join whatever side was weakest. By then end it was about 20v17. Thats how it should be. However its too easy in deep water for overwhelming ganks to dominate the zone with 1st rates. No one wants to risk a 1st rate by teaming up with randoms.
  11. Flinch

    Small Arms Skillbook/Perk...

    All ships could shoot muskets but it takes into account how many muskets you have through boarding knowledges.
  12. Switch nations or create the pbs yourself. The culture that allows those same guys to do all the work and pbs is your faulf.
  13. Flinch

    Capturable 4th-1st rates?

    Im against capturing bigger ships. There needs to be a cost associated with sailing bigger ships, particularly in pvp.
  14. The only real complaint Im seeing as that there isnt enough space in the port battles for some of you in big nations to participate. We certainly dont have that problem in prussia. Screening is effective but beatable (Americans brought 40 to New Smyrna against 12 prussians but look at who owns the port now.) If you want big battles attack big BR ports. If your small like Prussia and the danes then attack managable ports. The system serves everyone.
  15. Flinch

    Patrol BR limit suggestions

    Your so wrong. When we have a 2520 limit we start taking pavels and victorys because they are more BR efficent then their stronger counterparts like santisma and buccs. Designing a PB fleet is a ton of fun now.