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  1. Battle Join circles in land

    You can sort of rig where the circle goes so sometimes people intentionally try to get it onto the land. It's pretty dumb even though I've done it too. Got to remain competitive.
  2. Missions System (Players New and Old)

    I like the idea of OW questing where it encourages players to leave their capitals for the sake of pvp. Escort missions can be part of that. Honestly scavenging wrecks should be an thing that is a mission, not just out of bottles that are rare to get. Anything that populates the open sea with players is good. Good for pvp too.
  3. Im getting close to quitting this game.

    I dont understand the complaint here. The effort required to cap an npc 5th rate or even buy one is almost nothing. How are people struggling to stay shipped up? If your mad 4th rates and better are expensive then piss off. They should be.
  4. Make Repairs x4 more effective on the OW

    Obviously if a nation is blockading a capital they will want the gang doing so to leave at some point rather than be able to blockade indefinitely if attrition isn't a problem.
  5. Make Repairs x4 more effective on the OW

    Bad idea. Attrition should be a real problem with repairs if a gang is getting in multiple fights.
  6. Quick Logout

    Very abusable. You dont need hand holding, 2 mins is really short.
  7. They didnt say anything like that. Unity 5 is coming for NA and changes to port battles.
  8. My first day of Naval action consisted of me getting sunk against an NPC around Mortimer Town and for some reason spawning in the gulf of mexico on the opposite side of the map. I then spent the entire day (8 hours or so) traveling with a basic cutter from Mexico back to MT. This was my newbie experience. It was hardcore as hello kitty but anyone else would've quit (in fact I refunded naval action after 1.5 hours then bought it again to give a second try). The newbie experience is rough. Players join who want to trade, or fight or build things. There is no newbie friendly way to learn any of this. Compare it to EVE where at the very least you can get courier missions, pve missions and even crafting missions. These are simple ways to give newbies a good start. All this is moot however if a newb doesn't join a clan the chance they stick with the game drops drastically. Clans have to get connected with newbs quickly and easily (perhaps a newbie tag/highlight the names of newbs in nation chat.).
  9. Someone else said it. Its hard to gather 25 guys for a pb. If one side can gather 25 and the other can then the battle is over before it began. Most clans in the pirate nation for the eu server have less than 10 guys. We need smaller scale things to do with those kind of numbers. (raids?)
  10. Pirates - a personal view on their role in the game

    As a pirate since I first started playing. All I really ask for is the ability to teleport from free ports. My clan is currently based in a freeport to harass a certain nation and we are completely and utterly starved for resources because we need to sail 300+km just to do some production. We can get all our ships by capturing them, but we can't make repairs, we can't buy repairs if they are not listed (they never are) and we can't keep up with production thats far away without sailing super long distances twice a day. Raids sound interesting, all the other mechanic changes are really unnessecary for me.
  11. The Game is Great

    This game scratches the itch that Eve use too. Except now when I go roaming with friends for a few hours I don't end up unsatisfied with a shitty gank or when we do eventually find a battle it is immensely satisfying in Naval Action. Eve's combat was just so boring. If you eliminated all the negative reviews from people who have over 500 hours then the game would be mostly positive in steam reviews. These people loved this game, they had there fun, they got a little bored of the existing content and decided to throw a fit about it. Or a change occurred they didn't quite like cause they were satisfied with the build they had. Those people are destroying something they love instead of supporting it so it can become better. Idiots. This game would be phenomenally improved with..double, or triple the player numbers. No change needed to the game itself, just more people around, the OW needs a bigger population to make this game better. All this would require is a positive advertising campaign. If you haven't left a good steam review, please do.
  12. ROE

    I looked. Numbers tanked from the time of the annoucement to the wipe. They bounced back immediately post wipe as people checked out the game again. Then they rapidly tanked again since.
  13. ROE

    Wiping everyones progress probably turned off a few hundred people. Implying it will happen again keeps people away.
  14. ROE

    Correlation does not imply causation. Lots of things changed in that time frame and there is no way to know what changes brought people into the game and out of the game. I for one started playing post wipe and stayed because or 1 dura.
  15. ROE

    Get over it, 1 dura was the best thing to ever happen to this game. Besides you can capture free AI ships anytime now which is even more broken than duras.