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  1. Flinch

    Retag griefing

    We had extended invisibility and in rare cases you could leave a battle and tag someone else while invis..obviously increasing the tag timer would be a solution to that.
  2. Flinch

    Retag griefing

    When it comes to hunting grounds I stay away from Danes and Spanish now as they have ZERO problems when retagging and retagging with 4 to 1 numbers till your dead. I dont hate them, I just wont go there anymore. I do think its far too easy to retag someone which leads to some griefing situations where you cant be caught in battle but you cant get away in the OW eventually leading to surrender.
  3. Flinch

    PvP Heat Map

    Im shocked someone hasnt made a bot that takes information from combat news and creates a heat map from it.
  4. Begging the question is a fallacy. He stated that limited chain is a failure therefore limited grape would be a failure. The fallacy is that limited chain HAS NOT been able proven a failure and therefore we cant infer that limited grape would be bad.
  5. Upgrade stacking is going to get a nerf soon. Buying ammo is a very interesting concept.
  6. Dont be fallacious. You stated chain being limited is a failure and its not, thats a fallacious arguement. Chain is in a great place right now. However limited grape is a terrible idea because first rates can rum up hundreds of crew and grape damage is very unreliable.
  7. I agree with this. Protecting your weak side is more important than protecting your ship. I also feel bow and stern tanking is way too effective against ball as it barely scratches your structure to get raked.
  8. Not exactly what I meant, I still think boarding while in motion would be fine as long as you continued to sail in a straight line so you weren't a total sitting duck for the enemy fleet swallowing you up. Edit: This would also have a strategic choice of risking getting yourself isolated if you board someone then end up sailing away from your fleet in a random direction.
  9. I don't think boarding should stop you anymore, it should trap your ships together, nerf your speed about 25% each and both ships should sail side by side in rigging shock while performing boarding. This would solve everyones main concerns about using boarding to hold people in place.
  10. Wow DD nerf is great but the boarding at high speeds is going to be insane. Every fight will eventually come down to a boarding action. @Banished Privateer i heard you orgasm from canada.
  11. Flinch

    wood drops

    Reducing drop rate would just increase the price which would keep the best ships in the hands of the best players. I would prefer a rebalance on woods that made more combinations viable.
  12. Everyone ignores that the wind speed has a drastic effect on a ships recorded speed historically. We dont have variable wind in NA. In ideal conditions with a strong wind the connie may have possibly at some point touched 13knts. Somedays our ships would do battle at 3nts if we had varying wind speeds.
  13. Flinch

    port reset

    Then hit some ports that will be defended! Off the top of my head: Little Harbor Cartegena Puerto plata Neuveitas Truxillo Cayman brac Blondel cay Etc, basically any rare wood ports.
  14. Flinch

    port reset

    Theres lots of pbs tomorrow..there's lots of ultra valuble ports to fight over but most of you allow select nations to hold them uncontested and simply keep an alt in in those nations to take advantage. All a wipe would do is cause a land grab for a weak but the valuable ports will fall into the hands of the usual power blocs. Little harbor is one of two copper ports in the game and it has a tiny br rating. Litterally any nation could fill that PB. But no one goes for it..
  15. Flinch

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    The Endymion captured the USS President (constitution) all by her lonesome. The connie was not THAT amazing and british training overcame any technical advantages.