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  1. These things need a hotfix

    If you want to stop pb fleets from hiding in a battle you simply need to form 1.5 hours before the Pb and engage the attacking Pb fleet in that battle. Doing any damage will screw the attackers when the Pb occurs. Suddenly you get at least two awesome battles. If you can screen out Pb fleets with superior numbers then some nations won't be able to Rvr without another alternative method to get into the Pb.
  2. Ports segregations due to time zone players

    There isn't really an issue with how things are now. If you can't fight at a certain timezone then maybe you don't deserve to take every port there is.
  3. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    I would prefer if all books were acquirable with marks. I don't approve of the rng to find some books.. Every other part of the grind is fine now that PvP nets more experience.
  4. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    The poll was skewed by the questions. There is a number of people who like some former of progression/upgrade system but don't like the grind as is. I doubt the majority wants all ships to be cookie cutter samey with no customization and no work put into mastering it. Here's a poll for you: 1. Do you think murdering babies is wrong? 2. Do you approve of abortion? Your going to get skewed results by the way you phrase the questions.
  5. Introducing PVP separated ranks. Why not?

    It incentivizes pvpers to go PvP. Skilled pvpers will run into each other constantly. Seals will get clubbed no matter what. Because of PvP marks (and horrible money inflation) , PvP in this game has never been so active.
  6. Ship Mods Why?

    I like mods and knowledges. If I'm 1v1 with a ship the same as mine I want our 'builds' and skill to matter. I want to pimp my 5th rates so that I can make them viable in PvP when facing higher rates. I don't like over stacking speed or thickness to the point that doing anything else is not viable. My clan mate stacked repair amount recently and it worked shockly well.
  7. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    I like that I could play this game 2000 more hours and still have things I need to work towards. It's terrible to sit down and grind out a specific book you want. That's why it's perfectly reasonable to pay someone who already found what you want. There is a certain type of player who likes to simply pve and get rewarded with rare drops. That's why they play.
  8. Battle Join circles in land

    You can sort of rig where the circle goes so sometimes people intentionally try to get it onto the land. It's pretty dumb even though I've done it too. Got to remain competitive.
  9. Missions System (Players New and Old)

    I like the idea of OW questing where it encourages players to leave their capitals for the sake of pvp. Escort missions can be part of that. Honestly scavenging wrecks should be an thing that is a mission, not just out of bottles that are rare to get. Anything that populates the open sea with players is good. Good for pvp too.
  10. Im getting close to quitting this game.

    I dont understand the complaint here. The effort required to cap an npc 5th rate or even buy one is almost nothing. How are people struggling to stay shipped up? If your mad 4th rates and better are expensive then piss off. They should be.
  11. Make Repairs x4 more effective on the OW

    Obviously if a nation is blockading a capital they will want the gang doing so to leave at some point rather than be able to blockade indefinitely if attrition isn't a problem.
  12. Make Repairs x4 more effective on the OW

    Bad idea. Attrition should be a real problem with repairs if a gang is getting in multiple fights.
  13. Quick Logout

    Very abusable. You dont need hand holding, 2 mins is really short.
  14. They didnt say anything like that. Unity 5 is coming for NA and changes to port battles.
  15. My first day of Naval action consisted of me getting sunk against an NPC around Mortimer Town and for some reason spawning in the gulf of mexico on the opposite side of the map. I then spent the entire day (8 hours or so) traveling with a basic cutter from Mexico back to MT. This was my newbie experience. It was hardcore as hello kitty but anyone else would've quit (in fact I refunded naval action after 1.5 hours then bought it again to give a second try). The newbie experience is rough. Players join who want to trade, or fight or build things. There is no newbie friendly way to learn any of this. Compare it to EVE where at the very least you can get courier missions, pve missions and even crafting missions. These are simple ways to give newbies a good start. All this is moot however if a newb doesn't join a clan the chance they stick with the game drops drastically. Clans have to get connected with newbs quickly and easily (perhaps a newbie tag/highlight the names of newbs in nation chat.).