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  1. At New Symerna many months ago we were forced to join at maximum distance with mediocre wind and sail towards the circles. Due to not one, but two fortunate wind changes we won the battle. It was 100% rng. The wind change isnt bad, but not being able to plan for it isnt great. This is not a big deal though.
  2. Flinch

    Proposal to change sail force mods

    Not true because it only affects people using the mod. The mod users are slower but everyone else are the same speed as before.
  3. Flinch

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Then the spanish(who only lost one ship) didnt really commit to the pb and go for the zones. I dont know what to say. The team with more dlc ships suffered 4 times the losses. If they won still then they played better.
  4. Flinch

    Le Req is changing the game!

    What does this prove? The side with less dlc ships won.
  5. Flinch

    Le Req is changing the game!

    We dont need 5 topics on this ship. If anything pirate rig refit is broken and the ships BR is way too low for its power.
  6. Flinch

    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    Not having mods isnt going to help newbs. Skilled players will just demast more often and out play newbs harder. Mods can be beneficial to carebears and newbs as the wealthy pvers can have easier access to good mods. This gets argued often and the end result is always that ship customizing is priority. We dont want bland ships that dont have 'builds' we can theorycraft and try to death.
  7. The crash that cancelled salina point lasted 6 hours or more didnt it?
  8. We have no idea WHEN the server will be restored. We cant all linger by our computers for a half day waiting for the moment it comes up to jump into a PB that starts immediately. Any pb simply needs to get resceduled to the next day at the same time.
  9. Flinch

    Hugging exploit

    Ive thought about it and decided I don't want passive fire. Instead I would be quite happy with an activated ability that rains down musketfire for about 1 minute with a 12 minute cooldown. Activated with the same window as all repairs. This provides a temporary reprieve to large ships without making them untouchable by smaller craft.
  10. Flinch

    DLC impact on the economy

    Economy lends weight to everything. Every ship has a value. Every battle has risk, every strategic move has payoff. Without an economy there is no point to the game.
  11. Flinch

    Hugging exploit

    You can get it off of you long enough to get a shot at it.
  12. Flinch

    Hugging exploit

    I wonder why you didnt just stop your ship and board them with you 300% more crew if they continued to stick to you. Or turn them into the wind with your stronger sails. Dont sail first rates if you cant deal with someone getting under your guns.
  13. Flinch

    Gallant Points

    Yes my dlc first rate is a real problem.
  14. Flinch

    La Requin - how to fix a broken ship

    This ship would get a re-balance by rebalancing rigging mods again. Pirate rig refit and Elite pirate rig refit just turn the requin into La Beast. It should also naturally have very low crew protection as someone mentioned before. Everytime you hit it you should be killing a bunch of crew.