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  1. Title pretty much says it, fix the Trader tool, it is not a reliable source for traders currently,
  2. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    Huh, no you wouldn't, How many times have the pirates been caught using exploit's regarding the Pirate mechanic of attacking each other to hide in combat? Good luck with that, if you had rolled Spanish, you would have at least been required to bring an alt nation account to abuse the system, and hide in battle screens...
  3. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    Wow Texas, the US can not recruit or hold new players by you advocating that they move into the gulf, Savannah belonging to the US, on the other hand would dramatically help with new player retention, I encourage any remaining US / GB players to re-roll pirate or pick up an alt account (like a lot of us have already done) and play as pirate, since the creation of a Safe PVE friendly area is all the Pirates really seem to care about...
  4. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    So you are advocating that Pirate areas are strictly for PVE, got it, JobaSet the PVE advocate!
  5. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Just because I can ignore this person does not stop every other member of the US Nation from witnessing there Bile, and unlike the Pirates that have an ability to sink on offensive individual, the US nation does not, so we are stuck with a Pirate alt sitting out front of our capital, spewing Bile on our Nation chat, while reporting US player positions to the pirates, Don't really see how my ignoring of this player solves anything...
  6. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Since you and I both agree that the developers seem to be allowing the Black clan to use exploits at every opportunity, maybe the developers have simply chosen to let this game die off, and do not expect it to succeed, since if the developers felt otherwise they would dole out appropriate punishments, for exploits and Alts etc... Yesterday the US nation had a new Pirate alt of "Stuck in Irons Badger" trolling the US nation chat on his new alt "Sir Salt" for hours, making US nation chat completely pointless, as he parked his basic cutter out front of Charleston and reported US player positions to the Pirate's as he trolled US Nation chat... Unless the developers can figure out a way to keep one persons Alt from disrupting an entire nations chat, this game will become completely untenable!
  7. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

  8. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    I know of three active US players with 1st rates, and none others, where are all of these supposed 1st rate ships that you claim to have seen?
  9. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Like half the US going Pirate?
  10. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Actually, if you you have been following along you would see we have plenty to do here, like join the Pirates, that does seem to be their desired out come to this,
  11. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Delusion much? Vast majority of the US player base has gone Pirate or over to GB, so good job on beating up an inferior force and thinking you accomplished something grand,
  12. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Actually this has been the Pirate agenda for some time now, every time they abuse a nation, many of that nations member switch to Pirate to avoid the abuse, it is quite intentional~
  13. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Koltes, you continue to speak out of both sides of your mouth, And I believe your actions in game this evening will Invalidate this entire statement of yours, I am not sure what mind game you think you are playing with saying one thing on the forums, but doing the opposite in game.
  14. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Based on the terrible behavior of individuals like HoneyBadger who linked NPG's crafting Google Doc to the web in retaliation before he went Pirate, I have little faith that you are not simply planting a New Alt into NPG...
  15. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    This is complete and utter BS, if the Pirates cared about the health of the US nation, they would leave Savannah, so that the US nation could retain some new players, and hopefully raise them into veteran players that would potentially put up a decent defense, But instead the Pirates prefer to Club Baby Seals, and Thus inadvertently recruit these new US players into the Pirate nation,