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  1. Lovec1990

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    Greetungs, Devs, @admin and others i belive release of DLC ships showed us another issue that we are not talking about it here on forums. DLC ships will be always very likable becouse it looks like most people rather wait for cooldown than bother collecting gold and materials then crafting ships or buying ships. I suggest this is something too be looked at
  2. any leaks on that new ship we may get?
  3. Second Constitution we are might get as DLC
  4. If its diana make her DLC and 72 hr cooldown😁
  5. Imagen the flames if she would be DLC ship but we all know it will be craftable
  6. do not care if crafted at least i will have fun with her testing her and leaving herc and req on vacation
  7. Will it be craftable or imported?
  8. i agree players do not try too fight back they rather go on forum and cry and just create more hate and at least 70% of them never sailed requin in battle
  9. Lovec1990

    War and Peace

    I agree on aliances but it needs to be done by game and be RNG every start of new month during maitanence ai would randomly choose diplomatic situation between nations.
  10. Lovec1990

    French ship Redoutable (1791)

    She will be added just currently devs are working on UI,eco and localisation
  11. No but it may help if next DLC ship is proper frigate that is balanced against other frigates
  12. really requin has 4 2pd chasers witch are only useful for decrewing and wasa is useless atm only hercules is good but
  13. Lovec1990

    PVP rewards for ship return to port

    its not forcing you still can sink the ship but it would be more rewarding if you capture the ship and bring her too outpost
  14. Then why are you playing naval action? Naval action is OW game so expecting balanced fights is wrong and claiming one new ship is OP becouse you are unwilling too adapt is your issue not ships issue.
  15. Depends on what gains each side has here DLC ships changed the game so elites have too adapt or leave perhaps there is no lies in admins hard data, but only obstacle in said elites plan to return game to state they were used too it?
  16. well based on hard data devs get atm their statistics do not show any of the two is OP but they say they need 2 more months too situation stabilise and they have real data based on witch they will decide if new DLC ships will come or DLC ships will be stoped from being released
  17. Lovec1990

    PVP rewards for ship return to port

    I agree capturing ship has too be more rewarding than sinking perhaps limit reward to 1 pvp mark if you sink the ship and current PvP marks reward if ship arrives too your closest outpost as AI. But also we need better boarding action current one is kinda boring.
  18. Lovec1990

    PvE Experience and PvP Experience on ships

    If you force people they will leave the game and saperating Ship XP to PvE XP and PvP XP will not nake people do more PvP it will do the opposite it will make players who PvE and ocasionaly PvP stick to PvE only. Stick will not work it will only create worse untill players leave game or go to PvE server no you need a carrot to make more people do PvP and like or not DLC did made more people willing to PvP, but this game needs OW content examples: -Exploring-discovering new locations with new materials,tradable goods,etc -Shipwrecks_ current two should be scraped and wrecks should randomly be placed over the map and everybody could see and loot them it will make people go out search for wrecks
  19. Lovec1990

    [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    Anyone has pictures of this one Endymion - SantaCeciliaMaxV ?
  20. Lovec1990

    [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    Admin said paints will come as DLC
  21. somebody nerf Hermione that stats are nuts😁
  22. So based on this data Herc is good while requin need alittle balancing and bug fixing Whats the difrence between Hermione and Lhermione?
  23. Lovec1990

    Fireship green on green?

    Fire shiping is fun besides you kinda see fire its better too stay away from it