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    it happened to me multiple times but never lost boarding becouse of it
  2. not really cannons still cost gold,but people will be more daring/suicidal in tactics
  3. so basicaly after insurance introduction if you have felling enemy will win you just turn off surivival better to explode/sink than get capped
  4. Nope this would be simply bad, and completly unrealistic
  5. Lovec1990

    login battle exploit

    True, but OPs problem is an exploit: one goes there attacks or is attacked then his friend magicaly appear in OW and join battle
  6. well as way i understood @admin you getting gold for your mats at NPC or harvest cost plus small % of bonus so if you have acess to teak logs at NPC/harvest price there is no reason your next ship cannot be teak/teak again becouse insurance will cover mats
  7. insurance is better solution at least most of deafult mats cost will be returned so you can craft new ship again relertively fast
  8. Firsthly DLC ships cannot ruin something already ruined by alts secondly fear of costly loss couses players to stay in green zones and attack AI. I belive insurance we are getting may fix issue of fear of loss plus better crafting may couse players to PvP more.
  9. i disagree i think current way is worse it confuses becose why three fir log lines one would be better
  10. only wood that could give you full insurance recompese this is oak
  11. well new currency,easier crafting, new rewards and ship insurance will lead to chaos with prices at beginning. @admin if your ship is captured and sinked in battle will you get insurance or not becouse around 40% of battles end like this?
  12. Well coupled with easier crafting people will craft more so merchants will have too be competitive so lower price becouse why would i pay 500k for stock ship if i can craft her for only 100k plus insurance may cover mat prices
  13. you get money but not 100% refound so you may get 50% of ship worth money back
  14. Lovec1990

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    forget that from now on im only fishing why do broken PvP or PvE at all?
  15. Lovec1990

    Battlesail fighting

    henry just gave best idea using full sails in battle should should make you lose mast very fast plus even sails hit can couse it not just mast hits
  16. Lovec1990

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

    instead of buffing battle sails why do we not get a penalty of using full sails by having far grater chance of mast loss in case of sail or mast hit?
  17. Lovec1990

    Battlesail fighting

    totaly agree @admin whats your say on this?
  18. true but still it proves my point towing captured ship home was far more popular and rewarding than sinking captured ship
  19. still it points my point in age of sails it was far greater achivement to capture the ship than sinking her while in game well you know
  20. Battle of Trafalgar only one ship sank in battle other 21 ships were captured in boarding actions
  21. Yes historicaly most fights ended in boarding action its this game that its unrealistic becouse we finnish battles with sinking good ships
  22. Effect of lighter or heavier DLC vessel would be the same if ship is properly balanced against crafted ships.Economy will not suffer only crafting would becouse people rather buy DLC than deal with tiresome crafting new crafting system will help, but becouse of current reward system one thing will not change DLC ship will always be number 1 choice for PvP becouse of ease of replacing ship
  23. Admin truthfuly no matter what you do players will always find a way too use feature in intresting ways
  24. @admin any info on fate of Constitution classic