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  1. i hope they merge all brig versions in one wich researching upgrades acordingly like wot
  2. the reasons WoT was healthy while paying to play with friends is because there were no alternativ at that time. and alot people did not decide to abbandon a game when they buyed something :\
  3. Why "Naval Action Legends"?

    Ultimate Admirals? cause Ultimate Generals: X
  4. so I started learning to oil paint 3 months ago...

    instead of ataching to your post us imigur. then use the "insert other media" button on above the "Submit Reply" one and select "from link" try replicate that one. step 1 draw the ship with pencil on the canvas not a coal one but one that has a more organe tint to it. step 2 ignore the ship focus on whater background sky and the shore. once the background and the raw ship is done you can start focusing on the ship. thats how most naval painters do it : painting starts at 8:20 here some offical loading screen art work from NA wich were sort of made in a similar way.
  5. Work in progress

    that is her standard look.
  6. Screenshots of a Swedish 4th rate : Wasa (1778)

    Wasa was a Swedish ship of the line , built in Karlskrona in 1778 by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman drawing. Participated in 1788-1790 years sjötåg during Gustav III's Russian war . Sold in 1803 but re-purchased in 1808 and converted to the 50-gun ship. Abolished in 1827. The Swedish East India Company took advantage of Wasa for the trip to Canton 1803-1805. The crew was reduced as from 556 to 167 men. The ship was repurchased by the Navy in 1808 after his only trip to the East India Company.
  7. Ship models anyone?

    she was allready send into good hands sorry.
  8. Limiting SoLs

    the only reason we had so many firsts up until now is because gold became so worthless over time by compasswood and other exploit farming.
  9. Why are the playernumbers so low?

    people are doing this since sea trails 3 years ago gues what we all are going to die one day should we kill ourself now to save us some time
  10. die NPC's sind nun wirklich ein schatten ihrer selbst im moment.
  11. wenn du dich für die alten Segler interessierst dann JA viel konkurenz in dieser Nische gibt es nicht. es gibt immer diverse Nein sager die einem alles Schlecht reden wollen, diese sind meistens die lautesten. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwuiDNwFb8xX7O4qppdXZ0Q hir hast du ein deutschen YT channel wo du von steam release bis zuletzt die entwicklung ansehen kannst
  12. weather is to nice to sit inside all day.
  13. Going to model a ship

    i also recomand getting Achitecura Navalis Mercatoria Since it has alot of small vessel in it from all kind of nations Dutch/Danish/Swedish/!Finnland! and even a Spanish Barg. if you aim for smaller vessels. if you want something for practis here a dutch shooner
  14. Going to model a ship

    if you want something simple get Chapman Mercatoria Plate LVII number 15 wich is a bermuda sloop got no scanner at hand atm maybe Bungee has the book too and can giv you a scan of the plan
  15. PvE vs PvP for the next Release

    we had neutral fraction everyone was using alts to mess up the economy globaly since no one can touch you except pirates.