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  1. Vizzini

    VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    It's almost like sitting in Ironforge, waiting for the random LFD to pop and getting bored while doing so oops wrong game , similar situation though
  2. Surely rewards from a winning gank fleet are small anyway , it's more of a problem with people arranging "duels" to farm rewards I would tho have a no reward duel room for people that want it
  3. Somebody gleefully said in global chat the other week, that they have 5 accounts and have left 5 bad reviews and they still log on very regularly. I can't quite get this type of thinking. It's very much like those 2000 hour reviews who say it's no good
  4. Vizzini

    pls change timers

    Won't be the last time the server gets riled by clans setting their timers for Liar O Clock. Same goes for all clans and nations , nothing gets the drums of war going more than percieved injustice
  5. Vizzini

    Updated Repair System

    Gap in the market , unless your playing at a time when nobody else is and somebody has snapped them all up to resell ... However , looking at all the ports set at weird times lately, maybe the bulk of the playerbase are indeed using so many repairs and rum during eu night time when they log on. ( /sarcasm off) As Tex says tho , sounds more like people being unwilling to sort out crafting their own stuff
  6. Vizzini

    Solve the PB timer abuse

    I see a lot of players seemingly being economical with the truth lately with regard to timers and why they set them at silly o clock. I'd bet if admin could tell us what times members of clans logged on and from where, it would tell a very different story to the one the players are saying Players who are trying to handpick their facts, chose whom they attack , what sort of port and only when it suits them aren't helping the game at all, they are only pursuing their own agenda. Most nations have been doing it lately.
  7. Vizzini

    We have too many Nations - Remove some!

    Clan wars was what I hoped for but that is like having many more nations. Being forced into playing with toxic players that switch nations each month isn't what I would call fun. People would just join into mega care bear alliances and funneling players into forced diplomacy with players they don't want to play with will not help. Limiting the choice to use the DLC is in my opinion a bad way to go. Having more would seem better from a financial perspective Right now the games only suffering due to timers.
  8. haven't we already passed this time ?
  9. Vizzini

    pls change timers

    A cursory glance at the map and checking the nation I play (France) seems to indicate questionable timers. WO and BLANC are the 2 USA time zoned clans most associate with EU night time and have theirs set to the time they are playing the game. So they're not hiding behind the clock
  10. Vizzini

    pls change timers

    In fairness to Greg , he's probably aggrieved as to the suggestion that the OP wants the GB timers to alter while the French ones remain unchanged
  11. Vizzini

    The bassing of nations and other Forumpvp

    1 time out of ten no pun in ten did
  12. Vizzini

    pls change timers

    The other way around this would be to make holding ports much more expensive in the first place. This has been brought up many times before. Forcing a clan or nation into choosing which ports to hold onto might be a good thing. Allowing a clan to set its own timers based on when they play is good, allowing them to hide behind times that they don't play in order to stop somebody attacking them..not so much.
  13. Vizzini

    US Player base

    First up , whichever nation you chose to play with , try and make sure they are active at the times you will be playing. Also , communication is something to bear in mind, if you are not willing to try and fit in with non native speakers, you may be best advised to pick based on the language you speak. google translate gets boring fast and sense of humour and sarcasm don't come across well in text. Picking a nation isn't so hard, finding a decent clan is harder
  14. Vizzini

    Unequal battles

    People chose to enter fleet practice , they cannot always chose where they fight in the OW People cannot lose anything in fleet practice and they are happy to enter knowing they cannot gain anything or lose either yet still they run... there is a reason they run, not sure what it is but it isn't all to do with reward or even risk. welfare payments for shooting sails won't imho address the issue
  15. Vizzini

    Unequal battles

    I am not so sure it's that simple , having seen people run from battle in fleet practice