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  1. I think you make a good point here but we all have to be able to accept that many people play the game for different reasons and get enjoyment from aspects that we might find dull and boring. Once we try and see things from the perspective of others , we are able to understand their pov. If crafters and grinders and pve 'ers and pvp 'ers can all play the same game , we have to try and cater to them all. Snipped the rest. Some people think pve has no place on a pvp server , some people hate rvr but love ow pvp. Some love to be a trader and some just want pure PVP
  2. Or perhaps a set build for combat marks and fully customizable via crafting. That could work out well for both groups, the ones in a hurry or no access to materials or crafters plus the ones who want a ship to their own spec
  3. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    I agree with a fair bit of this, sadly there are many who thought we were getting "clan wars" and the ability to sort out differences within a nation. If we had known for sure we would be forced into infantile national agreements over which clan from which nation we could attack and at what time... we could have split of into the smaller nations for more fun Sadly, we would all need to go Pirate to be free of forced diplomacy and there are clans on GB who would have probably forged paper to safety by now if clan wars had really started
  4. Monkey, I wouldn't get so bent out of shape regarding all this carta tar , quantitative easing business right now. Devs put in a short term fix, it's not like they are propping up a clan like Greece or Spain IRL Seriously though, it might look like a lot of one way gold going towards a clan right now, but it's not really much different short term than another nations clan all of a sudden using their forged papers and bringing loads of ships and materials with them is it ? Short term blip that might look big on the graph right now , but not for long. Much like Black wednesday in the '80s stock market.
  5. When it comes to noob friendly zones , they could be smaller by all means but they are needed. New players starting are more important than the seal clubbing gankers. Not that I am saying that is all you are but anybody who doesn't think new players need help when they first start is a no good whiner imho. I could get on board with 1 noob zone being protected only and leaving the other base with 0 defence, just try looking at it from a new players perspective. We need new players more than we needed jaded whinge bags
  6. yep, I'd look at spreading out the rare upgrade materials a bit around the map. They also need to only appear in conquerable ports. Look at any unscrupulous behaviour also, super high sell orders which can be deleted when it's quiet and then filled at a lower price. I'm quite happy with the ability for players to keep outbidding on items they want if it's all within the rules of course. Manipulation needs stamping on , this patch has been great so far, lets not let the tar tards ruin it for all
  7. gold white and brown I guess for now ... could have the old Prussian one I suppose if you want to be pedantic. Plenty of the countries I quickly listed weren't even countries back then, but who really cares ? Pedants maybe ?
  8. We could find PVP targets easier if we weren't forced into alliances based on others in our nations. Just as easy to add extra countries and forget the Historical inaccuracies for a while. I see the map where GB are situated right now, if the clan next door to you was a possible enemy there would be less travel time , more diplomacy needed , more fighting over resources and land and less forced team sizes with absolutely no way to sort out differences within a nation without using forged papers which turn up if and when. Portugese, Poles , Ukraine, Russia , Germany all the Scandies etc etc People are too hung up about Historical accuracy , when it suits them. Treble the amount of Nations ( minimum ) and see how long peace holds or how far you have to travel to find an enemy. The map has plenty of space for cowards to hide away in, there is no need to have a base 2 hours sail from the enemy though Just a thought
  9. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    New player retention is paramount, there needs to be an area where they can start without Jo Tard coming along and bashing them for fun. Where and how big is up for debate but there is a need
  10. I'm not sure why you're complaining about other players choosing to price their goods higher than you think is fair. Rightly or wrongly this isn't some back water communist utopia. It's a market where people can choose what to sell their labour and goods for. You might think prices are high on ships, so high that you think you should tank the ship economy, not sure what the weather is like up there on your high horse. in the same post you mention having an alt just to farm bottles, so that's like buying ingame gold for real currency IIRC. That's all fine by me by the way but not everybody is prepared to buy an extra copy of the game to fund their ship purchases. You don't have to buy their goods and as long as they aren't cheating or abusing the games systems then they aren't doing anything wrong. You don't have to pay their price do you ?
  11. Request make unconquerable ports SOLID color

    we have flashing ports right now indicating open for all i think. be handy if they could flash when hostility is ongoing perhaps ? I like the solid colour thought for capitals too
  12. Port Battle Numbers

    15 looks like a good number to me for PB's Many large clans on global struggle to fill the 25 with their own team , fewer players in the battle would be easier to manage. If a clan had a lot of players then they could always have twice as many PB's Might help keep PB's going with limited pop also. Right now a larger team turning up and making ( for example ) 16-24 could cause the smaller team to run without fighting. If you knew you were'nt going to be outnumbered by quite so many at the start then maybe you might stay worth talking about for sure. Not everybody is in a large clan
  13. Yes I Understood and I am seeing both. People hiding from battles and people taking a beating and getting demoralized, thinking they have lost and there is no way back. Even though the game has only just restarted
  14. Bolded for emphasis and what I am sadly noticing too, everything has just been made cheaper and easier to get and yet people are still worried about somebody sinking their pixels
  15. I have seen it said somewhere on the forums before, but just the attacking force being active in the area would be an idea for hostility generation, how long this would need to take and whether that is too long to do , or too short for defenders was the concern. I could easily get on board with 10-15 player PB's instead of forcing 25's I wouldn't want to see players in their capital defence zones waiting for an instance battle to pop .. Legends is coming, lets not let it ruin the OW PVP that we are trying to hang on to