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  1. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    I'd be happy to try out anything that resulted in better gameplay for all. I am concerned that players are only looking at this from a POV that is biased on their own choice of gameplay. Whether they enjoy OW pvp or RVR is very relevant to this discussion. Ping times will also sway peoples decisions as it surely does when they choose which server to play on I'd also like to try and see if the whole playerbase can be informed about discussions, not just the forum whores
  2. Double it up. Needs to penalize. Right now 4 mill would be like sticking your fingers up at those who turn up to defend
  3. Creating the Cayo Biscanyo PVP Hub

    Easiest way to get more PVP , become one of the small nations. Rather than muddle on with the same 3 Power-blocks and their Mexican standoff , try something else. None of you want to become the smallest of the 3 and fall foul of the other 2 so much it beggars belief. There are only 5-6 clans who are really interested in RVR and if they really want to PVP then thinking outside the box is required. It's perfect feasible for you to split into different Nations, you've all got Forged Papers but that means you would all have to risk getting attacked by a larger force ... I'd agree it would make it easier if there was a well placed free town within fair reach of everybody but that wasn't thought of before map reset. Perhaps it could be done now, have a think about where ? Global server is a doomed idea right now and people on it are still whining about PB times when the whole idea was to be able to have them whenever players wanted. It takes one 5 man clan to run up hostility and create more issues and only 1 nation has the chance of policing their own players because of mechanics. Shift into different nations and have a scaled down version of EU which seems quite vibrant right now. Just my thoughts..
  4. Contracts for ships

    In fairness , they do read plenty but we aren't always sure whether stuff we suggest is doable or codeable or even makes sense. Sometimes the stuff we come up with looks good on paper but can't be done or at least is hard to put into the current game. All that being said, a comment from a dev along the lines of yay , nay or maybe would help us sometimes i like the idea , it could open up other ideas with regard to bounties. Imagine Liq's contract with Redii's head on it ( for example )
  5. Contracts for ships

    Yep , player driven contracts would be great. ( Could also use them for deliveries of goods of all sorts too )
  6. More Secret Islands?

    If it meant finding out what is North East of Bermuda and adding a way for us globals to meet and greet our Euro relatives via a long sea voyage ? yes please
  7. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    hehe Norf , set up a Holiday clan , I'll pop over for a break. Brits please or Rodents for the lols
  8. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    I'd imagine if this idea becomes popular the nations concerned could get their own capital area , perhaps smaller than the easier nations but with 20km reinforcement zones to protect their noobies. Perhaps spread the new nations about around the map. Hopefully at the weekend when there are often more people playing we will see more players moving to the new nations. If we really wanted to make the newer nations a much harder experience we could leave them with no noobie zone , a tax break for not paying for reinforcements and perhaps a tax increase on nations with reinforcements. Clans should be sending tax back to their nation also IMHO to pay for Capital upkeep and keep the Royalty in their jewels Right now it seems there is no penalty for gobbling lots of dots as the tax on upgrade resource ports can pay enough to cover many other less profitable areas. I'd also like to see all very valuable upgrade / very rare resources not sitting behind national reinforcement zones. We should be able to fight over them , not have to get an alt to place a contract and wait
  9. Clan or Country ?

    clan or country ? as the poll title says
  10. Player generated missions

    yep , also delivery orders giving xp perhaps. Deliver what the originator of the order wants , gets xp and an amount of gold depending on distance travelled ? plenty of other similar ideas , along with a bounty system perhaps a form of job board at capitals where players can take work if they want ? Could be good for new players to feel part of the world early on, rather than AI giving them 50xp missions that don't help other players.
  11. Little things you'd like to see

    Flashing map icon ( flag ) when hostility is happening ?
  12. Crafters names in colours

    Green is already taken by mods. Don't really think anybody outside the clan / nation needs to know if somebody is designated a crafter and maybe has a different perk setup ? can't say I believe it's of importance IMHO
  13. Server Merge Poll

    From a personal POV , I play on global and live in the EU like a good many others. Most players join the server with the best latency unless they have prior knowledge of the game and understand about Pb timers and primetime. Most players learn about this as they level up ( slowly) and many don't care ( why should they ) about the other server(s) The devs will have the information regarding player numbers and where they are from and I get the impression that the majority are not USA based but EU , the OZ / KIWI contingent being the smallest. That's my guess having played on both and disregarding a poll based on noisy players who spend more time on the forums than in game. i'd propose a different poll. More to do with character transfer and see how many of us would move if we were given a choice to move with all our goods from 1 o the other ? Global - EU or vice versa but any server merge would have to have a real poll ingame, 1 player ( not account ) having a vote as I feel that there are many here only looking out for what they want and not what is in the best interests of the game. We need more players , having only 1 server would help that because we are the content but it doesn't solve the ping issues or the PB timers Players chose their server and I would guess many would abandon global for the EU server rather than the other way round. Hijacking the EU player base and giving them worse pings and a playstyle they voted against seems like a losing idea to me.
  14. The King addresses his people

  15. Tournament - Y or N?

    Yes I realise the last part and voted as such, legends testing at the weekend sounds great, dragging players away from the ow sandbox game for a pre organised pvp fest ... not so much