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  1. Unequal battles

    People chose to enter fleet practice , they cannot always chose where they fight in the OW People cannot lose anything in fleet practice and they are happy to enter knowing they cannot gain anything or lose either yet still they run... there is a reason they run, not sure what it is but it isn't all to do with reward or even risk. welfare payments for shooting sails won't imho address the issue
  2. Unequal battles

    I am not so sure it's that simple , having seen people run from battle in fleet practice
  3. Unequal battles

    If I wanted to only 1v1 or 2v2 etc then I would play a lobby style game and they don't appeal to me. I can see merit on a system where a lone player cannot tag a huge massive group but the fight in the video isn't what a real life fight looks like 5 v 1 , they don't sit by and wait to see if their friend gets splatted , they wade in to make sure their numbers count and that their friend doesn't get killed. and as Tex has mentioned above, you do not reward people for showing up. It's a recipe for disaster in so many ways, not least that you will never be able to reverse it without uproar.
  4. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    No you asserted your opinion as fact.... No proof was provided. Telling people to shut up on the internet.... oh dear
  5. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    Devs didn't kill Russia .. look somewhere else for your scapegoat. The same names keep appearing with failed nations that got so riddled with hate and i guess I am not the only one to notice.
  6. Port Battle timer cool down

    Probably needs to be more but I like the idea
  7. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    What would be the point in having fewer nations ... forcing people to side with players they don't like or want anything to do with ? Clan based would have been the way to go but too many hysterical historicals started throwing tantrums. If we went clan based then it would be extremely similar to having a far greater number of nations. Why force people into 2 teams , you can't have clan based inside a nation without the toxicity levels rising to global level. Look what happens to every possbile green on green For a nation with no safe zone and no true historical basis , we had an awful lot of players chose Russia and I suspect many of the others in Poland or Prussia and the other nations are happiest under their own flag. Why force them into a nation they don't want to play in I do think that every nation in the game as it is, needs a capital, they could have no safe zone to make it harder if needed If every clan could fight another clan and could be their own nation if they wanted... rather than shoe-horning players into national agreements they want no part of i feel certain there are changes coming to Pirates , but I am also hopeful the devs learned their lesson from the last time Clan based / no nations , speak the language you want and invite who you want , play how you want
  8. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    a picture does indeed paint a thousand words ...
  9. The Death of a Nation

    The Swussians are coming
  10. Changing Nations

    Dread Pirate Roberts is retiring..... you're going to need a new one to take over from you !!
  11. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Wouldn't need a national identity as most of us would support our chosen clan mates rather than the teams inside nations we are forced by the game to put up with now Create your own nation if you desire , only allow in the players you want. Fight over your own territory , not via the choice of some council who don't even know your name. Your national flag could be your starting zone or where you get ported back to, when somebody robs you of your port and possessions. A clan shouldn't have a safe zone , the national capitals could, as now to allow rebuilding. Diplomacy would become more important however , something that has been shown to be lacking in recent events. The ability to play nice with others in the sandbox has been shown to be woefully lacking in the usual areas
  12. The Death of a Nation

    How you treat your allies is often reflected in how they treat you when you want something from them. I feel sure that this episode won't be the end of Russia , it might spell the end for some of the fair weather Russians who only jumped onto the coat tails of a perceived winner. Every empire that was of any consequence has risen and then fallen. The Barbarians have been baying at the gate for a while now and perhaps a lesson in humility was needed for some of those who thought themselves above the others. The rest who too all the jokes in good humour , good on you. The ones, who at the slightest jest , took offence and retaliated with malicious words... well that's on you and now you are being laughed at. If you happily dish it out, then be prepared to take it the same way. It might have been a bad night for some but imho it was a good night for the game
  13. Naval Action Meme collection

    whenever somebody threatens to leave
  14. The Running of the French

    perhaps we should try and arrange our war , around the tea time of your "better" players .... Would you like a weeks notice, so you can inform your council to arrange a meeting of the better players , then inform your council as to the time and date of the meeting, to see if you can let the French council know what time will be best for the battles to start Most of the large nations now appear to have players from multiple time zones now and will set timers according to their whims and or tactics
  15. PvP/Ganking Issues

    Playground bully dishes it out , all too happy about it, broadcasts it out to all in global and nation chat School kids get tired of losing their dinner money and start to get organized Group of school kids wait for bully to turn up , then batter him Bully goes crying to headmaster people seem to want fair even fights when it suits them but are all to happy to smash that solo trader doing a little pve run to gather materials for a new boat. When his friends who were waiting for those materials hear what happened , they have every right to want to address the issue.