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  1. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    North American Server becoming Global. His recent handling of the Global and EU merger was done much better.
  2. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    Funny, I saw none of those things. I dont read Steam unless there is a patch, I dont read the facebook page.... really? And only recently bothered with the forums. When I look at other games handling of server mergers, changes or migrations. They made it IMPOSSIBLE to miss. When you logged into that server you got a popup you HAD to click OKAY to acknowledge you saw it. Then the lack of information on WHAT was actually going to happen on the so called change of the server from US Server to Global, was.. uh.... lacking to say the least.
  3. Whats the crow's nest for?

    I wouldn't mind a sound, bell or something signalling the spotting of a sail. But this could be annoying in high traffic areas.
  4. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    No there wasn't an announcement in game, there was nothing when you logged in our out in game, before the initial global changeover from the North American server to Global. If people DONT login the forums, and vast majority of the player base dont even know of these forums. Then there was the half-assed nature of the switch... like I listed before.
  5. I feel most of the problems in game are due to mods unbalancing the ships natural balance. You want a fast chase ship, well naturally the Renomee, Rattlesnake, and Trinco would be the ships of choice for that task... but seeing as I can build a 4th rate *ahem Wasa* to go just as fast as the above ships, with more firepower, turning that can match, and is tougher, just through mods alone. Why would I bother with a paper thin Rattlesnake, a leaking Trinco, or a matchstick mast Renomee. So I am suggesting that if you want a ship that is fast, with calking and french masts, well it would have to be BUILT that way. The only options as a captain you should have is your gun load, crew, and ballast options. The current "knowledge books" simulate those options well. But all other permanent options should have to be built into the ship from the dockyard. Everything should have a pro and a con. You want less leaks from damage, well your ship is packed full of tar which is flammable, so you are a floating oil lamp. You want tougher masts, well they are slower to respond with yard turns. You want copper plating, well repairs will be MORE expensive. Everything will have a place and a use, no matter how obscure, it will have a use, unlike now.
  6. Turn inertia - discuss

    The problem with all of the tests so far, is most everyone is testing big ships of the line. If we use them as a baseline then smaller more common ships will "feel" to nimble by comparison.
  7. It is funny, because the Essex has the space for this gun on the model but yet doesnt have an actual gun there. But ships like the Prince has "saddle" guns but it actually has chasers in game. Hmmm....
  8. Is there a road map for this year?

    I believe the road map for this year is pretty short. 1- finish UI 2- Finish tutorial 3- try to make it to 2019.
  9. Ports segregations due to time zone players

    Considering that 70% of the American speak Spanish or Portuguese as opposed to those who speak English or French.... I imagine Spain shouldnt have much of an issue recruiting from that demographic. I initially went Spain on the EU server way back in the day, only to be met with hostility and trolls. So I went Pirate and stayed there.
  10. Battles should not close

    Thank you... 75x that of Battle speed.
  11. Turn inertia - discuss

    This aircraft carrier gif, you can clearly see the ships aft is turning out from the bow... granted an aircraft carrier has bow jets and stern jets to turn it. And here Note the drift angle of the ship is pushing the back of the ship out and the bow towards where it wants to go. And this boat again, you can see the back of the ship is being pushed around. Anyone who has spent anytime on a lake, pond or ocean in any boat of length, not some kayak or a canoe, knows that boats handle different than cars. Boats rear ends swing out when you turn them, this is why you dont ever turn away from the dock when you are next to it, your stern will just smack into it when you do so.
  12. Battles should not close

    No but it leads to the my above statement... of tag griefing.
  13. Carronade buff.

    I have to agree with Bearwall on the carros working as intended. The USS Essex was soundly defeated by the HMS Pheobe because the Essex COULDNT hit it at range with its Carronades. The idea that the 32lb carronade is the same ball as a 32lb long gun is also wrong. The carronade had a different ball caliber than the ball for a long or medium gun. This was due to the nature of the carronade. They also used a reduced charge because the gun wouldnt burn the whole charge to clear the shot out of the barrel, and the penetration drop was drastic at distance. Kind of like a 75mm L24 howitzer vs the 75mm L48 gun. While they are the same "caliber" gun at 75mm, the L24 is only 24 calibers long thus a VERY short barrel. The L48 is a much longer barrel, has a much higher muzzle velocity and thus has a MUCH higher penetration capability over range. 7.5cm KwK 37 (75mm L24 gun) firing a Armor Piercing Ballistic Capped round would penetrate a max of 60mm of armor at 90deg at a distance of 100m, but at 2000m it would only penetrate 38mm. While the 7.5cm KwK 40 (75mm L48) would punch through firing the SAME round APCBC as the above gun... at 100m 176mm of armor, and at 2000m 92mm. That is more than double the penetration at 2km and just under double at 100m. Longer barrel, more powder burn, more powder burn means better velocity of round.
  14. Turn inertia - discuss

    To be quite frank the ships feel "sloppy". It is like they are hovercraft not sailing ships with keels, rudders, and hulls designed to run a set way in the water. They turn from the middle instead of the aft, where they should turn from. A ship should turn like a forklift, or like a boat, where you turn the rudder, the rear of the ship swings the opposite direction of the turn, turning the bow into the direction you want to go. This causes the rear of the ship to swing wide a bit. Here it isnt like that, I can turn the rudder and the ship turns like it is mounted on a pin in the center, and then it wallows around like a hovercraft with a lose rudder.
  15. Battles should not close

    And outside is 4X.... so how does that match up? I know before you used to just tag someone to stop them, while your heavy hitters caught up to the battle and joined. You could keep this up till server reset if you wanted to. It was horribly abused and will be abused again. If you think the PB timers are bad, just wait if they add that back you will rage quit in a matter of days because of the abuse that will bring. 1 or 2 Prince used as a tagger, and 4 Wasa as the hammer. Yeah.. that sounds like a good current meta to bring anything down. The Prince could be well out of sight of the Wasa ships, and still slow down ANYTHING on the OW by just tagging it and drawing it into battle, then sitting at max range and hitting it every 60sec with a single shot to keep it there, till the Wasa fleet arrives. If it is a bad entry for the Wasa, and they are to far away, they just leave first and wait for the pray to get out... then the prince RE-Tags it and they get into BETTER position to hit it again. Yeah fun... no not really.