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  1. please get rid of the npcs

    I'll be back when the NPCs are gone. Unfortunately I just can't have fun fighting against a bunch of AI. Boring stuff.
  2. Still issues with wind direction by the look of it? EDIT: On the Fort map? The wind was fine in a different map.
  3. General gameplay feedback

    I noticed in a turn that the ship was turning in a jerky way. Stops and starts. It looked like lag, but i did not notice lag in other things such as single firing guns.
  4. Should NA Legends have friendly fire?

    Friendly Fire is a must. Penalize XP etc. Way too many stupid tactics will develop with FF off.
  5. Yep. At least with this one, the vast majority of the hard work is already done.
  6. Constitution vs Endymion

    This is why the speed issue as it stands right now is so ridiculous. Half the ships in the game lose their usefulness when speed mods can be stacked so effectively on the big guys.
  7. I am not ever the guy to ask this normally, but I am very curious about general time frames on this as well. I'm hoping soon of course, but I'd love to know when to expect this.
  8. Ship Durability suggestion

    I like the one durability thing. It hurts when you lose a ship to be sure, but everyone else is in the "same boat" so to speak, so it is all fair. I like it a lot.
  9. No surprises here... This has all been tested and discarded before...
  10. Naval Action Legends Suggestions

    As long as the game encourages people to use all types of ships in battle, we will have something truly special here.
  11. Why Make a Separate Game?

    I think many of you are missing the fact that the arena type game is going to have a much broader appeal to a wider audience, and may actually serve to get many new people into the open world once they realize how great the combat in this game is. It may end up being way better for everyone all round.
  12. Definitely sign me up! Applying now!
  13. Speed limit

    Have we not learned the lessons of stacking overpowered mods over the course of this games development? All mods need to be VERY SLIGHT changes to normal ship stats.
  14. I said this when open world first became testable. Speed is the number one most sensitive thing to balance in a game like this. The percentage bonuses you can stack together are way to high on all of the stats as far as I'm concerned right now, but speed is by for the worst one. I will always advocate for people having some choice in the performance of their ship, but it should be small differences, and it should not push casual players out of contention in pvp. I play more than most people by far, but right now there is so much ship XP grinding to do to open your ships bonus slots. The bonus slots matter a lot because the bonuses you get are so high. Even high end refits need to by much smaller percentages so that everyone feels like they can get out there and have fun. A casual with high skill should be able to beat a grinder with all his bonuses, and I don't think that is true right now. This issue matters even more when the losses can be so devastating. Bonuses should be nice for customizing your ships performance, but they should not be necessary to win, and things like speed need to always have trade off negatives.
  15. Fireship CUTTERS exploit

    In Fairness I don't think it is Griefing since fireship outfittings are specifically in this game, and are intended to have exactly this effect. I think it is an unfortunate oversight by the devs. Griefing would be doing it repeatedly to the same person over and over.