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  1. I would hope in the future we can see some features where we have some newspaper accounts on how the war is going, maybe some written words from the president ect... it Would add some flavor. When I started playing the game And finished the first battle I removed myself from corps commander and made myself a brigade commander. it seems your general gets promoted faster that way. my general stayed as a brigade commander until the final battle when I moved him to corps 1 commander 60120 strong my character had been a lt gen for some time id hate to see my general die the last battle of the war LOL he was wonded 3 time already. I am still upset after winning every battle in the game for the union a thank you would be nice from the old gipper wearing the and a fist bump from old abe lol... 2. A dlc that could add a few more battles to the campaign, there are more that could be added 4.random events, where your intell agents might sabatage the enemy, or weather might delay renforments. 5. Maybe a bio section for our general so we can see when he was promoted, when and and where we has wounded, and how many kills and deaths that was his brigade inflected as well if he is a corps commander same would apply. I know there is a section in the brigade officer section to view the kills,deaths, but does not show when he was wounded and not in command. I like making after action reports for role playing, I make aar for all my characters in crusader kings.