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    Seconde missive du Roy

    +++ excellente proposition (*la meilleur depuis des MOIS ) j'espère que les "snob du country club" ne te mettons pas les batons ds les roues de tt facon la grande majorite du "peuples" vous supporterons ura
  2. I see a lot of words, emotions ... do not forget it is a Tribunal! stay on the line of the subject PLS
  3. PROOF ... hmm, funny to make the discussion around the" proof" and not around the fact it self Dear admins and captains just ask "Aria" if he did it or not, and if he did it with the approuval of his clan EDR I think he will have enough Brain to admit it and to apologise and get the minimum sanction because remember he is risking a perm ban!
  4. SUN

    Foreign clan alliances

    I think that In few month, years lot of changes and tweeks in the game will be modified or forgotten ... But this changes will be one of the pillars of the future game!
  5. I trasfert all my resources to a free town, now i will be blocked there (((
  6. you announced that teleport to own outpost will be available from neutral & free town ... I can't teleport ((( and admiralty is not available in free town for whom is installed there (
  7. CAYO ROMANO will be spanish safe town or not ? Please advice urgently!
  8. question to the Admin/dev! please just write the number of point that will be wiped/reset 1) owned ships 2) personal warehouses resources 3) personal Golds 4) Xp and rank 5) Crafting Xp and rank 6) ships blue prints acquired and learned 7) acquired permit 8) personal dock capacity and spend gold to extend it 9) personal warehouses capacity and spend gold to extend it 10) unlocked number of outpost and spend gold to extend it 11) combat marks and it's value 12) unlocked ship knowledge 13) owned upgrades 14) shipyard lvl 3 and all spend gold/resourses to extend it thks in advance for your answer and hope that you repect the great value of time spended by players in the game ...
  9. in some nations will be zero national war company then all ports will be controled by players from war companies from other nations this mean that all non war company players of that nation will be ganged 24/7 in their own nations ports and no need for their ennemy to make a trip for that they be based in the same port just go out and hunt mean trade will be dead! sugestion: to allow the members of a war company to be from diffrent nations!
  10. Because of the situation in some nations (no need for details: big clan migration, players just stop playing, ...) some nations do not have even 25 players to show up in port battles and some PB are just won by default this affect considerably the game play So please allow the nation alliance to let some nations help each other in PB !!! Suggestions: - make only defencive pacts, so nations can help others only if attacked to ovoid the alliance of 2 very strong nations to attack the others and take the map in some weeks - make that a person that have his place in PB by "earned hostility points can delegate his place to onother palyer from his own nation or other nations - keep alliance for a fixed week to avoid "merc" clans that will jump from PB nation to other nation each day