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  1. How to safely do missions (Alt needed)

    when you join your mission, turn 180 when you spawn and sail for 3 mins. if no player joined the battle, then do another 180, and charge the ai as a normal mission.
  2. Lost my Indefatigable

    the idiot who he appointed captain abandoned ship, the ship stayed but crew left. the ship is still there, he just has to go over and put a couple of his own crew who will follow his directions, then he can dismiss the idiot captain from fleet, this will allow him to keep his original ship, and just cut losses on the idiot crew who ditched the obvious better ship. (the ai is dumb, and the dumb are ai)
  3. Lost my Indefatigable

    why didnt you just put some of your crew on your indefat and dismiss the shitty mercury. or if you really cared about your ship, stop the merc, take its crew, and transfer it to the indefat.
  4. Ship Handling & Gazelle

    why do we have magic upgrades that need crews attention now? do we live in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?
  5. West end PB pirates side: Bermuda PB Pirate side:
  6. Ship knowledge grind

    the skill tree was removed, which was the thing that takes weeks to go through in order. the new system lets you work on just 1, which can take just under a week to do, its not that bad.
  7. Port manifests

    I guess when one nation blames France its easy to jump on the band wagon
  8. ICS Kill Competition *Completed*

    i know you want more pvp. but you will not be spreading lies through my post.
  9. ICS Kill Competition *Completed*

    ICS doesnt go anywhere near haiti. they dont want pvp. they are hiding in the bottom right corner of the map.
  10. ICS Kill Competition *Completed*

    ICS is French, and stands for I Cant Swim.
  11. Let it be known far and wide, that the trading company ICS has knowingly and willingly sold his Majesties King Louis land to foreign invaders in return for gold and mere baubles. We the Loyalist forces of France, do hereby declare our independence from the influence of outside forces. No longer will we be shackled to the yoke of traitorous upstarts! Due to the Danish vassalization of France through the diplomacy of ICS, the French are fed up with the constant terrible negotiations and backpedaling on finalized deals with our enemies. Due to the uproar and utter dis belief for the military coup that is ICS I and a select few other loyal French nation, bring you a fun and prize filled competition to eliminate and cripple our oppressive dictators. As of Monday the 19th of June, through the last day of July we will be accepting screenshots of the Sunk,Captured, or otherwise destroyed ICS members on this following Google Form. Post Kills Here The rules are simple. Sink or Capture ICS only. No arranged farming of ICS will be used for final result of Data (don't bother trying. Prizes will be given within a week of the final day of the competition, the prizes once posted will not be removed and more may be added any time before the end of July. The prizes are as follows. 1 Victory, Live Oak/White Oak
  12. Crew numbers known in combat.

    i did not know a spyglass could see through hulls, that sounds like a pirate hack...
  13. If you are not contributing to the political situations in global, or informing people about port battles, then you do not post here. as the mods would say.... take this to pm
  14. Please keep drama and anything irrelevant out of this forum post, it is meant for port battle results, and updated diplomacy. not cars.