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  1. Cortez

    Fun PVE for everyone?!

    Good ideas, OW desperately needs more "life".
  2. Cortez

    Unequal battles

    Ok, i think i may see the solution, would rather like to read it from you
  3. Cortez

    general statistics

    I guess only you lack these informations.
  4. Cortez

    Lack of benefit in surrendering

    Not buying the ship. Example. You damage me so badly i am not able to continue the battle, or just win boarding= i surrender, and you can loot the ship, but, only BUT, if you are willing to do so, you can return me the ship in this "loot menu" we already have. Just need another option, we have 2 already, take in fleet, sink, and the 3rd one would be "return" or something like that. Rewards remain the same when you return the ship, just as if you would sink me(balance), you get the cargo, i keep the ship if you are merciful, everyone happy and it is balanced. Just saying.
  5. Cortez

    Lack of benefit in surrendering

    I think i saw a post from Mr. Koltes, suggesting to implement the options, when enemy boarded.. But cant find it. Basically the idea was to either: sink the ship, capture it, or even give it back to previous owner(kind of " enemy boards me,loots the cargo, but gives me ship back instantly" option.) It wouldnt change reward status if ship given back, which is good for winner, and the one who lost the battle keeps the ship, if he surrenders. Sounds fair to me.
  6. Cortez

    Taxation in Safe Ports

    Hmm.. Green zone becomes an issue, and it was invented to protect lower ranks, and generally to prevent seal clubbing. I don`t know if higher taxes would solve the "problem", although i appreciate the try to balance the things, between PvE and PvP, made in this suggestion by initial threadmaker. I think that most players would rather keep their valuable cargo in trader ships, than warships. Imho, best way to get rid of "safe zone" is to : 1. Make trader ships "safe". Nations at war can attack traders from their enemies, pirates can attack them, otherwise trader ships can not be attacked. For this solution, there is a need for alliances, and to prevent blockbuilding, 1 nation can have only 1 ally. 2. PvE missions taken in ports close instantly, to prevent "jumps in". 3. Attacking an AI fleet remains 2 minutes open. 4. Safe zone is reduced 50%, reinforcements are not available, when a domestic player gets attacked in this safe zone, battle stays open for 4 minutes. Worth it?
  7. Cortez

    Port swapping for marks

    How can Russia get VM if they aren`t amongst 1st 3 nations in competition?
  8. Cortez

    Hotfix for patch 14.

    Where is UI and Tutorial? -- Why is Thickness still unchanged? I feel there must be a real problem for RVR fleets, since many are complaining about it....(Vox populi , vox dei) -- Wasa BR increased finally. +
  9. Cortez

    PvP Marks and victory marks

    Well PVP marks are not the problem so much as Victory marks. Despite all alt farmers, i personally think, Victory marks are a much bigger, a serious problem, because it affects more players, as part of a nation. That is why we see spain and russia swapping ports, in regular intervals. Regarding Wasa... Anyone who still has issues with her, start using Bellona. even a PVE player like me figured it out.
  10. Cortez

    Motivate to do PVP

    No charity in PVP. Lose fight, get only XP. End of "discussion".
  11. Cortez

    Port ownership

    Another question i have. What happens to ports, if a clan switches nation, which previously owned them?
  12. Cortez

    Port ownership

    And if the clan switches nation, and it is not disbanded? A nation owns ports which belong to the clan which switched nation, but wasn`t disbanded? Bad mechanic?
  13. Cortez


    What do you mean in open world encounters?
  14. Cortez


    The loot is nowadays, well, not worth mentioning. Too much "basic" gunpowder, and Coles-Bentinck pumps
  15. Cortez

    Can't tag on OW

  16. Cortez

    Can't tag on OW

    Can anyone contact admin? Ink, Barberouge etc...? Can`t spend whole day like this.
  17. Cortez

    Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    Grinding slots, and trying to collect skill books in PvE missions is a total failure in this game. It is boring, time consuming, unnecessary. I am suggesting to unlock the skills by doing PvP or RvR, in all 3 levels : 1. Permanent upgrades 2. Skill slots on ships 3. Captain`s Perks I am only not sure, if it would be better to implement random drops, or make fixed achievements. Many games have this kind of "skill progress", why not having it in NA? To make this possible, all ships should be craftable, and their crafting costs should be lowered by 50 %.(and a global market with ships contracts would be awesome too) Same should be made for traders, since economy is an orphan in this game. Trade a lot, get more "trader achievements", better prices, and similar. And that would be the only PvE on a PvP server. I am convinced this would boost the shipbuilding, trading, conquest which makes sense, and would allow any player to find his role in game.
  18. Cortez

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Good You deliver them Victory marks too?
  19. Cortez

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I don`t care what are you thinking. I see the map. And what do you mean "you"? I am not playing Sweden...LOL.
  20. Cortez

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Russians giving away 3 shallow ports to their spanish vassals, on this day. All 3 in Cayos del Golfo. Speaking about vassals................
  21. Cortez

    Victory marks

    Can anyone explain me, how this works getting Victory marks, since they aren`t convertible anymore...... Which nation gets them, and which ranks? Thank you.
  22. Cortez

    Victory marks

    I see. Thank you all for your answers.
  23. Cortez

    Victory marks

    But you don`t get them automatically anymore?
  24. Cortez

    Conquest. Missing 3 points ports.

    I was from beginning against this limitation. It missed its purpose completely.
  25. Cortez

    Conquest. Missing 3 points ports.

    Means always the same players. A problem that is.