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  1. Loot

    What do you mean in open world encounters?
  2. Port ownership

    Another question i have. What happens to ports, if a clan switches nation, which previously owned them?
  3. Loot

    The loot is nowadays, well, not worth mentioning. Too much "basic" gunpowder, and Coles-Bentinck pumps
  4. Can't tag on OW

  5. Hello Sir.

    We have issues in game here, Naval Action.

    Can you contact the developers or admins? We need the fix of this problems.

    Thank you.

  6. Can't tag on OW

    Can anyone contact admin? Ink, Barberouge etc...? Can`t spend whole day like this.
  7. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    Grinding slots, and trying to collect skill books in PvE missions is a total failure in this game. It is boring, time consuming, unnecessary. I am suggesting to unlock the skills by doing PvP or RvR, in all 3 levels : 1. Permanent upgrades 2. Skill slots on ships 3. Captain`s Perks I am only not sure, if it would be better to implement random drops, or make fixed achievements. Many games have this kind of "skill progress", why not having it in NA? To make this possible, all ships should be craftable, and their crafting costs should be lowered by 50 %.(and a global market with ships contracts would be awesome too) Same should be made for traders, since economy is an orphan in this game. Trade a lot, get more "trader achievements", better prices, and similar. And that would be the only PvE on a PvP server. I am convinced this would boost the shipbuilding, trading, conquest which makes sense, and would allow any player to find his role in game.
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    Good You deliver them Victory marks too?
  9. Caribbean Invasion News

    I don`t care what are you thinking. I see the map. And what do you mean "you"? I am not playing Sweden...LOL.
  10. Caribbean Invasion News

    Russians giving away 3 shallow ports to their spanish vassals, on this day. All 3 in Cayos del Golfo. Speaking about vassals................
  11. Victory marks

    I see. Thank you all for your answers.
  12. Victory marks

    But you don`t get them automatically anymore?
  13. Victory marks

    Can anyone explain me, how this works getting Victory marks, since they aren`t convertible anymore...... Which nation gets them, and which ranks? Thank you.
  14. Conquest. Missing 3 points ports.

    I was from beginning against this limitation. It missed its purpose completely.
  15. Conquest. Missing 3 points ports.

    Means always the same players. A problem that is.