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  1. Mixed pb fleets

    Now this might have been suggested before but why not mix ship types up in pb's? All we see in line ship ports are 25 l'oceans vd 25 l'oceans, to make things more intresting why not limit ship classes in them? For example 5-1th rates 5-2th rates 5-3th rates 5-4th rates 5-5th rates (Numer might be changed ofourse) This might make for some more intresting tactics and gameplay, you can have people who specialise in sailing the 1th rates or the 5th rates..this will alse make 3th rates be actualy used etc.. For shalow water ports you can limit it per ship so just 5 of every ship type allowd to get more variety instead of 25 heavy rattlers vs 25 h rattlers Sonfor example 5 h rattlers 5 mercs 5n brigs Etc..
  2. Lost my ship in port

    bought an aggamemnon in conception without having an outpost, sold my tbrig and bought the aggy caus it was cheap. then i build an outpost there to store my aggy, and poof it was gone.. i f11'd it but i would like my ship back.. @Ink
  3. Lost my ship in port

    @Ink hello sir, ty for your reply and confirming this bug ( others be carefull) but i still havent got the agga back. ty in advance
  4. the single player and his ship

    I do everything myself, and im just doing fine, got 10mil gold, a workshop/shipyard and 3 buildings..if i need mats ill go and get them or trade for them..np's here
  5. HMS Barfleur (1768) - 3D Model

    awesome ty very much will this make it into game eventually?
  6. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    In think it might be too early to judge this really, the map is still settling after it is settled new pvp hotspots will emerge We do need incentives to get out of the safe zone however, so maybe upgrade building production in buildings outside the safe zone's..or something along those lines Also with the current combat rewards (wich are great and was needed imo) there is no use in trading anymore, as combat missions make more and give cm marks in a shorter timeframe as trading.. So trading profits need to be upped aswell
  7. Cartahena Tar Issue

    Yeah they should prolly leave the nation, and be punished for abusing this
  8. I just read this and i must agree with peter here, if you used the high sell contracts to block other players from receiving the tar, without reporting the exploit to the devs, you should definitly be punished. And yes i do remember always seeing your name or bb3 name in sell contracts there. The conversation is just cildish from both sides but if you are exploiting i can understand why it gets to that. You used the exploit without reporting-you should most definitly be punished
  9. Remove ship rating limitations on MISSIONS

    I do 3th rate missions all the time, but ive never faced a 2th rate..its always a bellona or a 3th rate.. So this might be a bug? 3th rate missions give 3th rate enemies 2th rate give 2th rate.. Are you sure you didnt accidently get a 2th rate mission?
  10. Its just this, its all greed, people even try to sell ai cappped ships for 300k..come on.. You put ships up for a fair price it will sell in no time. I craft a ship for 300k for example ill add the tax 330 plus some profit so ill put it for 400k.. yet most people want max and put it up for 800-900k..ridiculous its not broken its greedy douchebags.. "Oh there is no iron for sale let me help the nation by putting it up for 600k a piece"
  11. That is how it should be but atm it needs a bit more balancing, right now a 3th rate mission gives me 150k and 20cm (can sell for 8k each = 160k) so i can make 310k in less than 30minutes.. No trading run is gonna give me that much in the same time.. Anyway i love the patch, playing feels rewarding atm keep up the good work!
  12. Oh and btw before i forget,thanks for the hard works devs,love the game and its only getting better imo There might be alot of critism but we all love this game and hope it to succeed keep up the good work! This is not being said enough @admin
  13. One of the problems with pvp is that often you end up with no rewards at all, i fought two enemies once managed to almost sink one,but he escaped a and i got sunk in the end..rewards for 1.5hour of fighting...0 rewards Battle damage rewards need to be brought back, atleast xp/ship slot xp,who cares if some folks abuse it with alts..atleast let everyone get something out of it
  14. Lost my ship in port

    I know you guys are super busy and have better things to do, and if you didnt get too it its ok amd understandable, but did you find anything by any chance? @Ink
  15. shop prices

    Since the last patch,ships are easy to replace,one 3th rate mission will give 150k and 20cm,enough to replace a surprise.. Even bc missions give 25k and you can do them in 5minutes
  16. Naval Action Finance News

    On eu server it is already settling down, ships are selling quick and at the same prices as before the patch,people who try to raise prices up are being called out and their stuff wont sell. Resources prices where higher but are dropping atm, as people saw they could profit from iron,everyone brought iron resulting in undercutting each other. The lowered production of goods is good imo,so traders can make a bit more out of their resources on the market to keep up with the increased combat rewards.. It will all settle down just fine
  17. Reviews

    Aye,your right i will do this as soon as im home, the game feels good atm imo..
  18. Resource Gathering and Refining

    You lend an alt 100.000 gold, now he trades it to someone else, whomight or might not now, now the alt char gets deleted..here starts the trouble already.. And also what has the same value? Who is gonna dictate that? What if you only have 1 ship but its worth more or less? And what if you have nothing of that value? Its way to difficult too implement
  19. On the right way with this patch imo,player numbers on the rise again..over 650 tonight..keep it up devs! Playing finaly feels rewarding atm
  20. And in what port does this work lets say for example stone blocks, how do i know in what port the eu traders are? only in ports that produces stone? or any?
  21. Lost my ship in port

    Ty sir
  22. It feels good like it is now, it feels actually rewarding now, new players and vets are quite hapy about it in ingame aswell if i go by chat, market will need to settle again but please keep it like this..
  23. 5million in 3 months is nothing, you can make that in less than 3 days
  24. seems like it wasnt just a stupid contact, as everyone is doing it and prices are going through the roof, 400 for a piece of iron atm, and its selling quick... the money printer went open with the slighty exagerated battle rewards