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  1. I love it, but the instant ship tp is a bit to much i think,why not base it on actual ow sailing times, so sending a frig from kpr to belize would take 2.5 hours (same as when inwould ow sail it there) If i want a trader from kpr to bugle cay it would be there in 20mins.. Or after maint is fine too..
  2. Reinforcement zones

    Keep them as it is, the only players you see in there are newbies ranking up and vets grinding some slots/ or replacing losses..what is the big deal with letting them have a tiny bit of the map?? You want to introduce the gank fleets outside the capitals again so you can find easy pvp? (Gank newbies that is) Well after 2 weeks you will be left with 50players again, you want pvp just go look in the right places,they are near their clan ports and near freetowns, go to great corn or tumbado youll have pvp in 5 minutes..the last patch finaly got it right with introducing the safe zones and increased rewards,player number have gone up since then. Players finaly have a safe place to run mission or craft a bit wen they just want to pve for a bit, you want to force pvp in them again? We al saw that didnt work in the past..just let this stay like it is, and give players incentive to pvp (rewards,paints etc) instead of this again..
  3. Ramming in Naval Action

    you want ramming, go play assasins creed black flag...please no, horrible idea
  4. I need Paints for ship :(

    They should be super expensive and pvp rewards, to incentive pvp play...
  5. A Different Take on Reinforcements

    its is good like it is now, player numbers are rising , its all since last patch and the intro of the reinforcement zones we are at 540 right now ...there is a lot of new players sailing round kpr and
  6. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    its is good like it is, player numbers are rising we are at 540 right now, its all since last patch and the intro of the reinforcement zones...there is a lot of new players sailing round kpr
  7. Sweden declares war on Great Britain

    Ah you fella's have won the war it seems as the last big clans of GB are turning pirates atm. BIG,AHOY and KBEAR are al taking the cowardly way of the traitor.. thus leaving the britain nation in ruins.. Congratulations.
  8. I just cannot get my head around this, of all the things this game needs, you think adding more nations is a good idea?? Just give the pirates the overhaul they need, add more pve content (stuff to do), bring back exclusive pvp rewards (paints,rare ships) fix the ui and make a turorial for the new players ffs.. I promise you this game will benefit more from that than adding some insignificant nations, all that will do is split the playerbase even further and collapse the already fragile economies from existing nations.. @admin
  9. Bring back the exciting PvP game!

    One dura isnt stopping players from pvp, with money and cm so easy to get now, you can replace a 5th rate with one single combat mission.. Its just that people are scared to pvp or something i dont know..
  10. Bring back the exciting PvP game!

    with the big increase in rewards it has become way easier imo, the safe zones around the capitals also help the new players big time. yes pvp can be tricky to find, but we need to increase the playerbase for that, and that happens with increased rewards, adding of the safe zones,making traders being able to haul more etc,all good changes as far as im concerned.. for players without a clan this game can be pretty harsh i agree, might need some fine tuning still
  11. or the rastafarians? with cheap hemp prices?
  12. made my assumption on previous post by the devs..and tadaaaa i was right... this is a horrible idea btw..but well see how it works out..the small playerbase even more divided and weird little nations where people on speak their own language making it pretty hostile to new players is my assumption..
  13. Locked deck view = immersion

    Try blackwake, not to realistic but its great fun, you can captain or man the guns or well do whatever you want..great game
  14. Wasa : Where's the poop ?

    it is since the clan wars update with the increased gold/cm that there are this many for sale, before there were never or seldom (and with really high prices -10mil) 1th rates for sale atm there is 6 1th rates for sale, 3 2th, and 1 3th..never seen this much for sale before the clan wars patch, with the increased gold/cm seems alot of people are catching up on crafting as i see alot of new names selling ships
  15. Wasa : Where's the poop ?

    In kpr right now are around 5 1th rates for sale, and a few 2th and 3th's Belkze 1th rate and a few 2th and 3th. . Altough i agree that most ships you see are wasa's and not crafted ones