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  1. As a matter of fact i would have, im not a member of the ahoy clan.. And if it was any other nation/clan i would have said the same thing
  2. Great topic, bit childish to disqualify ahoy though..they had nothing to do with it, admins just gave it as a fix to the tar exploit..they didnt even know
  3. [PVP EU] battle results

    You might be right, a bit smaller would still be ok i guess, but players who are in clans and such (who make up most of the players) are mostly around ports they control and not much around the safe area's imo..only to grind xp slots for their ships.. What i do like is that since gold/cm are easier to get, more people are risking their ships,you guys where grinding la navasse and all kinds of players went on their way to help..
  4. [PVP EU] battle results

    This is exactly what im trying to say, this patch is getting it right, people are whining to soon about the size of safe zones etc,the map needs to settle and new pvp hotspots will appear..la navasse for example will become one again..
  5. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    I think its fine the way it is now, the map is huge,the safe areas are very small in comparison,before people where always crying about getting ganked and one ported and stuff, now even if all ports wouls be taken, you always have that spot to fall back to and rebuild..risen player number reflect that its a good change.. People just have to find out the new spots to pvp, instead of ganking in front of capitals thats all..
  6. Sweden declares war on Great Britain

    TO WAR MEN! BRITANIA RULES THE WAVES!! Thou shall not have our tobacco!!
  7. Imo The safe zones are doing what they are there for, we see vets grindjng gold/cm marks,we see new players doing missions and learning how to trade in peace, and with that the player numbers have risen since last patch.. Also with my clan i have gotten more pvp lately as before this patch, the map is starting to settle and frontlines are emerging and with them new pvp hotspots. Imo its all working out.. Players in clans will always leave the safe zones to protect ans trade around towns they own, but they always have a place to recover from their losses as should be.. Newbies can finaly learn in peace and when they get the hang of it they too will leave the safe zones, the zones are that small noone will always stay in there..the frontlines/hotspots just need to settle.. Im loving this patch thats for sure..
  8. PvE player thoughts on what's wrong in PvP

    yeah its fine the way it is now, there is safe zones for new players, money and combat marks are easy to come by...this game is going in the right direction imo, and the changes you suggest are defintly not my cup of tea or needed....ships replaced after 24hrs/1week that is silly..
  9. Lost my ship in port

    aah it was in redeemables ty sirs this can be closed
  10. Lost my ship in port

    @Ink hello sir, ty for your reply and confirming this bug ( others be carefull) but i still havent got the agga back. ty in advance
  11. the single player and his ship

    I do everything myself, and im just doing fine, got 10mil gold, a workshop/shipyard and 3 buildings..if i need mats ill go and get them or trade for them..np's here
  12. HMS Barfleur (1768) - 3D Model

    awesome ty very much will this make it into game eventually?
  13. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    In think it might be too early to judge this really, the map is still settling after it is settled new pvp hotspots will emerge We do need incentives to get out of the safe zone however, so maybe upgrade building production in buildings outside the safe zone's..or something along those lines Also with the current combat rewards (wich are great and was needed imo) there is no use in trading anymore, as combat missions make more and give cm marks in a shorter timeframe as trading.. So trading profits need to be upped aswell
  14. Cartahena Tar Issue

    Yeah they should prolly leave the nation, and be punished for abusing this
  15. I just read this and i must agree with peter here, if you used the high sell contracts to block other players from receiving the tar, without reporting the exploit to the devs, you should definitly be punished. And yes i do remember always seeing your name or bb3 name in sell contracts there. The conversation is just cildish from both sides but if you are exploiting i can understand why it gets to that. You used the exploit without reporting-you should most definitly be punished