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  1. admin, please, give us a cookie!!
  2. Unequal battles

    realism? make skill more relevant, i.e. remove upgrades and combos. this already happens. it works if the overwhelming force has little o no skill, aka newbies. which is as it should be, imo. plus the lonely captain can even sail a fully upgraded ship the newbies can't even dream of, that's advantage enough. you have watched too many movies, i think sanjuro doesn't win because he's a godly fighter, but because he cuts down clueless scum. he wouldn't stand a chance against superior numbers of similarly trained fighters. then again if he was a godly fighter, he would be one in thousands. if you then were to give him a hard grinded laser pistol, that's just not balanced nor fun. i think combat in na already involves quite a bit of skill compared to many other games. it stands out precisely for that. manual sailing, wind, demasting, stern raking, tactics ... there's a lot to master. of course it could always be better! things that come to mind: as said, nerf/reduce/remove upgrades nerf/reduce/remove repairs (you can't pwn a scum gang if they're all constantly repairing) boarding minigame leaves a lot to desire for in regard of skill individual deck management make aiming harder (more heel, more water movement) make wind more impredictable and challenging limited ammo (so you have to make it count) anchor turns?
  3. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    ship slots are ok for me, magic upgrades or combos of them hidden behind a wall of grind definitely not. i'd prefer an accessible customization system that only granted minor and limited advantages, with compromises.
  4. [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    piece of cake for me: Pirates ==> At War with most clans
  5. Carronades vs Cannon (my take)

    i like your suggestions. both of them. the first one would be easily solved if aiming took into account the fact that you disabled decks. it currently doesn't (not sure if this is a bug). that way you could at least micromanage your aiming to be right with different types of guns on deck. automating all this would be far more involved, but it's a good suggestion considering who the developers are. they have shown masterful accomplishment in abstracting micromanaging in ultimate general, i'd love to see how that could apply to na.
  6. Carronades vs Cannon (my take)

    the irony i found out about them is that as a brawler you would want thick hull, but to have realistic chances to get up close you need to be fast and nimble. it's not so easy to get distance from a fast ship with carros that's going for you head on, and if you grant him the brawl you're on the bad end. can be nasty.
  7. Naval action legends Singleplayer?

    mmm ... you always lose your ship in NAL, except the cutter, didn't you notice? you pay maintenance for every battle, regardless of outcome. i find that's cool and should help to motivate risk averse players. also, when few people are online it's very likely you end up alone with bots. you can even tweak it: matchmaking seems to make every player wait 5 minutes regardless of queue status, if you time correctly you can avoid other players if you're so inclined. also, you can politely ask opponents to do bots first, many will comply. it's good for exp. and lastly, if you opponent caps just go after him and have a good fight. if it's a group then tough call, just play and do your best, next match try to avoid them with the timing trick or leave the game be for a while. good luck!
  8. New Repair is abit unbalanced

    what about no repairs of any type in combat, except leak patching? just make masts and rudder a bit more difficult to hit and we're good to go.
  9. Alternative to Cannon Grind

    i understand the need of grind as a means to income. in general i think progression should be personal and in skill, and any form of gear upgrade is artificial progress, but that's where the money is and i get it. but blatantly handicapping you with small calliber guns is quite gross, a bit too extreme
  10. got too much xp redeemed ...

    just fyi: i was devil with about 50k xp. i today found an additional 52k xp redeemable. i did redeem it to see what happened and am now curse ... not that i mind (or curse of course!), but i'm wondering where those 52k came from. i don't remember if i had an account on global, but if i did, no way it could have that much xp. could be a residue from the wipe when we were advised to sync accounts, but even in that case 52k would be too much. so, well, i didn't intend to get to curse so soon, but thanks for the extra crew i guess!
  11. Combat feedback topic

    i have no problem with progression. but many of the comments i see in chat are complaints about not getting enough xp. just saying. progression is not gameplay, battles are. and you need people for battles. doesn't help if you have all ships fully upgraded if people is not playing. progression is grind and should be kept at a reasonable level. it's ok for me but i'm all for less grind and less upgrades and more straightforward action.
  12. Combat feedback topic

    careful. if you place the burden on the rammer this can easily be exploited by getting in your way to force you to ram (or force you into a bad position). there's no practical way to assert intent in a ram. albeit unrealistic, for gameplay reasons damage should ideally be negligible, at least be similar for both parties to discourage exactly what you are describing. regarding other comments. yes, rudders seem to be made of glass, but it's more an annoyance than anything thanks to repairs. also, bots seem to be able to blow your rudder from almost any angle and distance. yes, bow tanking is a bit op. not sure that's a bad thing. stern rakes are quite effective to destroy cannons, though. about the progression ... i don't think it's too tough although i do see many complaints in the chat. more xp for damage and less for kills would probably make it easier, and also a bit more fair. i do find upgrades and officers are a bit too powerful, but maybe that's just me (actually i'd prefer everyone in the same vanilla ships, or at least very subtle upgrades with compromises, but i know this isn't a popular idea ). what i don't really see the point of is the limited cannon choice. you get a new ship which you probably have never sailed, with no upgrades and on top of that have to use peashooters ... why?
  13. Love the new format hate the xp system

    the log icon bottom right. if you click it you'll see a log window with your last battles. on each of them is a small icon which opens that dialog.
  14. hull repair?

    i could swear i just saw a guy repairing his hull in a battle. not complaining, not accusing. just asking if this is a thing, and if it is being addressed.
  15. hull repair?

    ok, thx that's what i wanted to know!
  16. hull repair?

    clearly a bug or exploit. i'm positive he somehow did it though, i raked him several times at the beginning of the battle, and destroyed about 15 cannons and lots of crew, and had him at circa 25% hull. then i chased a bot and lost sight of him, then he came back and i raked him again, to my surprise his stern was intact, and then i realized his hull had gone up to more than 50%. we were the only two players in battle.
  17. 1 vs 1?

    does this mean groups will not be fighting single players anymore? yay! (thinking now about taking a week off because it's getting really old ...)
  18. about groups ...

    it is quite unfair if a group is repeatedly pitted against a single player or two, even more so if they are in bigger ships. imo groups should only be paired with other groups of same size and similar br. of course match making would take longer, but that's just the right thing to do. in the meantime, please, try not to queue as a group when there are 14 players total on the server. it's just lame. and if you do, at least try not to get mad if i kite you all around the map for the whole duration of the battle, because that's what's it's going to be!
  19. My NA Legends Wish List

    i'm having a blast with legends. it's a great way to get into instant action, i like how the progression forces you to get to know each vessel (a good subset at last) and that there is really no drawback in getting sunk, so it's just about good old brawling. of course it can get old, like everything. more conflict types, player rank, etc might spice it up. but it's a solid concept, and in the end it is entirely different from the OW, so i don't think it will work against NA, i see it more like an entry point and learning ground for NA. of course that depends on how both evolve.
  20. oops. no, sorry, didn't think about that. was my first match and didn't know much what to expect. will do next time!
  21. just discovered this. looks awesome! i really hope the setting gives also a historical look on native american culture. can't wait to play this!
  22. even the best matchmaking can only work well if there is a good pool of players. i guess in the beta we will have to make do with whatever there is ... i just did my first 2 matches. in the first we were all cutters against mostly brigs. the second i was alone with bots. quite fun anyway!
  23. Graphics stuttering

    I'm having this problem with stuttering and fps dropping from 80-100 to 22. It happens also in OW but is very noticeable in instances. The problem worsens with playing time, so suggests some sort of memory problem. Started to happen a few weeks ago, coincidentally with upgrading nvidia driver to 388.13. I rolled back to previous (388.00) and the problem *seemed* to go away, but reappeared after a few days. Yesterday i upgraded to new version 388.31 and the problem persists. I only have this problem with NA, I run other games (Overwatch, The Witcher III, Destiny 2, ...) fine on ultra. I run NA on "ultra" settings on a i7 6700K 4Ghz gtx1080ti, 3440x1440 true color gsync. (The game is fkin gorgeous when it works!). Lowering settings to "high" doesn't make a difference. Just posting this to see if someone else has this problem. Happy to upload more info or file a bug if this helps ...
  24. Graphics stuttering

    fixed!! uninstalled geforce experience and drivers, let windows fetch latest driver: problem solved and even got a solid 20% framerate increase! yarrr!
  25. Graphics stuttering

    good and bad news. new findings so far: - it's not other apps running (i always obsessively close everything else when gaming, guess a habit from the past) - it's not geforce experience (broadcast is always off, overlay on though) - it's not alts (i don't have any :D) - it's not heat (thoroughly cleaned dissipators this morning (maintenance after summer was due anyway), no noticeable change. in instance gpu doesn't go over 70ºC (ultra) and cpu doesn't go over 60ºC). i still had the problem this morning after that. but this evening the issue has gotten considerably better. it still happens but is not nearly as frequent. perfectly playable. but i'm not wiser: - it could be network (i share fiber 300mbs symmetric with my son, good overall but does sometimes behave funny. i've been watching it but haven't seen a pattern yet, i've had the problem when being alone) - this evening geforce experience updated itself without warning, go figure - i found a way to reproduce it: just open any overlay menu (ship menu, esc, tag something). stuttering ensues and framerate drops to magic 22fps and stays that way for a few seconds. although this evening i only could reproduce it say 20% of the time. so, dunno what more to say. if it stays as it is now i can live with it. i'll keep an eye, thanks for the input!