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    England Declares War on Poland!

    Maybe we didn't do well ago ,and in hard time long long time for some "good" ally against us all the time . But we will fight for our friends in nation all the time . o7, nation. This topic doesn't make any sense now , that's all .
  2. Lucky L

    England Declares War on Poland!

    lol , the declares is too long for a poor Chinese , why a no clan man did it , no clan no RvR , maybe i ignore some words in declares , but it is strange , we need a "real " diplomatic officer to do it , not a no clan man or ID , THIS IS A IMPORTANT THINGS FOR NATION , no need any alt s or no clan mates to do it , such as I don't use LZT1209 at here , now forget papers will be shit soon , so please ignore any alt 's words.
  3. yesir , please ignore my English , just as we ignore your UI, ~~~
  4. Painting as a kind of neither damage the game balance, but also can give players a lot of fun elements, should return to the game as soon as possible. You can add custom painting and some special significance of the history of painting. The way in which the painting can be taken can be a combination of missions rewards and in-game purchases, which seems to be more important for the current development team, as this can bring considerable additional revenue to the development team in order to resolve the follow-up maintenance of the buyout system and the development costs and problems. If the development team is very serious treatment of painting, reasonable pricing, I believe that the majority of players will be the understanding and support. Appropriate commercialization does not affect the essence of hardcore games. My point of view may have a lot of limitations, I hope friends are widely discussed, so that painting this interesting element as soon as possible back to the game. At last ,please forgive my poor English,XD. Good luck, Captains! o7!