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  1. RedNeckMilkMan

    Retag griefing

    He tends to exaggerate.
  2. RedNeckMilkMan

    International Man of Mystery DLC

    You can't ban an account simply because it it owned by the same person. Alts could be solved by allowing players to attack and kill members of their own nation. Make the game clan based not nation based.
  3. RedNeckMilkMan

    Alt tracking

    This is why we need to be able to attack members of our own nation.
  4. Aster is gonna be so overweight.
  5. RedNeckMilkMan

    Alt tracking

    Alts are treated the same as any normal player. There are a few exceptions when it comes to port battles, hostility, and killing your own alt.
  6. RedNeckMilkMan

    Griefing After PB is Over and Won

    Petition to give VCO 30 mins after battle so they can have 15 mins of safe space away from the server. Hope y'all aren't too traumatized from this hardcore grief dude.
  7. RedNeckMilkMan

    add DLC suggestion or CM buy of the 2 big books

    Do Epic events. Best way to earn books and mods.
  8. RedNeckMilkMan

    Russia VS France. The Russian Empire strikes back

    Forum PVP is the only PVP that matters
  9. RedNeckMilkMan

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    Begun, the EU wars have
  10. RedNeckMilkMan

    To WASA or not to WASA

    She is just so slow compared to the bellona. I still love her the other day I was sitting on the stern of a Ocean firing grape from the bow guns and killing 100+ crew. It was so satisfying. I think the wasa could use a little love.
  11. RedNeckMilkMan

    Alt Farming at Dariena

    Pretty skilled dude down there at Dariena getting lots of kills on swedes. 6 kills over the course of 27 minutes 3 of which happened within 6 minutes of each other. Unless these swedes are immediately surrendering this would be nigh impossible.
  12. RedNeckMilkMan

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    Remove DLC ships from PBs
  13. RedNeckMilkMan

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    My example was out at sea. Being in port is another thing. And some ships were run aground and abandoned or set on fire. But the vast majority of ships in real life and in game were taken out at sea.
  14. RedNeckMilkMan

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    Let's think about this logically. You are a captain who just gave the order to scuttle your ship to avoid it's capture. Congratulations! You most likely have a mutiny on your hands. Tell me will the enemy captain take your crew on to his boat which is now severely over crowded and he could possibly lose to an uprising, use his limited rations to feed them and transport them to the nearest port where he can leave them? Or would he turn his ship around and go find an actual prize? In game you can surrender which is enough. When you surrender I think that only enemy ships should be able to scuttle the ship. After all, what allied ship would have the time to scuttle a ship while they are running for their lives?
  15. Herc stays on Connies ass the entire time, Hugs down the LGV refit with its bigger broadside gg ez.
  16. RedNeckMilkMan

    Working as entended?

    Please stay on topic. Other tribunals have 0 influence in this thread. If you have an issue with something unrelated to this topic (like all those links you posted) make a new thread.
  17. RedNeckMilkMan

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    That's way too big.
  18. RedNeckMilkMan

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    Negative. There was no agreement between 7UP and UWS to trade ports. It's well known you were part of the negotiations and have the facts. Lol
  19. RedNeckMilkMan

    Stern Camping DLC Ships

    Don't want to get stern camped? Sail 45 degrees off the wind. The stern camper will have to wear through or tack. When they tack you can turn and shoot their masts/sails or hull. Also with the new sailing mechanics you can sail your ship backwards to get shots on your camper. As always, stop sailing line ships alone.
  20. RedNeckMilkMan

    Keeping Your Ship After a Lost

    The game had more players back then because it was newer. Post wipe it had a resurgence of players in the same way it does now when a patch drops.
  21. RedNeckMilkMan

    Keeping Your Ship After a Lost

    Ships aren't that difficult to get (aside from 1st rates which you need a clan to produce). And these days all you need is gold because people sell ships all over the map. Letting a player keep his or her ship after a loss not only robs the game of any meaning but it quite literally robs the winner of any benefit. It would lead to much more griefing and fireships. 80% of the fun in this game is the risk/reward system of ships. This is part of the reason I dislike the DLC.
  22. RedNeckMilkMan

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Superior Rage Boarding Techniques
  23. RedNeckMilkMan

    New faction.

    You realize we have no pvp allegiances with anyone. In the open world everyone is fair game. But with RVR we try and help out the dutch versus the Swedish, Ruso, Danish, Polish, British(they seem to be aligned) doom fleets.
  24. RedNeckMilkMan

    There is NO such thing as GANKING

    Depends on the level of salt from the gankee.