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    Epic Event attempts since change in chain

    Basically get 6 LO/WO ships with thickness, hp, reload and repair. Focus fire a target and rotate injured players out to repair. AI will focus the most injured player so usually you can have 1 or 2 players dodging while the rest sink the ships. Take lots of hull reps and do not get boarded.
  2. RedNeckMilkMan


    Black Desert Online (one of the more popular MMOs right now) has mostly unrestricted PVP. Past a certain rank I think that you should be unable to earn combat rewards in safe zones period. This would include PVP marks and such. Then players would have to venture out and play the game. Don't want to be attacked? Travel in numbers and stay away from free-ports and hot trade zones.
  3. RedNeckMilkMan


    I didn't think you could run NA on Windows 95
  4. RedNeckMilkMan

    Alt Trolling Nation Chat

    "Trolling" Yikes epic troll
  5. RedNeckMilkMan


    Marines are like super sailors. Only used in boarding. They have very high attack and defense stats. The more you have, the bigger the impact they have on your boarding. Basically 1 marine is equal to like 3 regular men in boarding.
  6. Another addition could be that if a fort is destroyed during a port battle it must be repaired (gold, oak, iron, stone etc) in order to function in the next port battle.
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    Naval Action Meme collection

  8. RedNeckMilkMan

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    Flags could have an expiration timer Maybe only clan officers can purchase flags? I think you should pull a flag and then fight a small AI battle near the desired port (like current hostility) to flip the port. Which ever captain has the flag must survive the battle.
  9. RedNeckMilkMan

    All Ships Gone !!

    Just tested it. When you rebuild your outpost it deletes any ship you're not on. The warehouse doesn't delete unless you leave port because that's how you get goods bought from the port.
  10. RedNeckMilkMan

    All Ships Gone !!

    Unless they added a sneaky update the only way to rearrange your outpost list is to abandon. If you abandon an outpost that has more than one ship in it you will lose those ships.
  11. RedNeckMilkMan

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Can't sink em if they're out of the water 🤔
  12. RedNeckMilkMan

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    >Have boarding ship knowledge >Ram enemy ship in to wind >???? >Dead first rate Much skill
  13. RedNeckMilkMan

    Modules list

    That one is incomplete though.
  14. RedNeckMilkMan

    server reset times

    We have our timers staggered on our ports based on regions. The Navasse Region is 2-5 others are 3-6 and the two ports on the east coast are 5-8. This is done to avoid people from flipping multiple ports against us. So from 2-8 our ports can be attacked. We also have ports without timers and if they are flipped within our prime time we will show up. Like we did with Ays. And as stated above the 5-8 timer is not split by Maintenance.
  15. RedNeckMilkMan

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Can't tell if gay joke or just incomprehensible analogy.
  16. RedNeckMilkMan

    Issue with chain?

    Sure there is. 2 balls connected by a chain means very poor ballistics. Extremely inaccurate and poor aerodynamics
  17. RedNeckMilkMan

    Fleet ships getting a free teleport.

    Without fleets you could not cap ships...
  18. RedNeckMilkMan

    PvP rewards for boarding

    Roll up to the capped ship and press X on it. Then hover over the ships name it will show you the build. Make sure you move your mouse over the name twice so it shows mods.
  19. RedNeckMilkMan

    PvP rewards for boarding

    Correct you get XP for damage to crew/sails/armor. So if you shoot and sink a ship you will get more XP. If you rage board a ship you will get very little XP.
  20. RedNeckMilkMan

    Buildings not magic

    By allowing one player to have more affect you make those alts more valuable. The key to mitigating alts is to put the power of port production in the clans hands. Or at least a fair percentage of it. Allow the port owners to set the price of goods and control how much is for sale. If you flood the market with these valuable resources like WO logs and such then they will lose their value. Why would a nation/clan go attack a white oak port when they can produce it from the relative safety of their own ports?
  21. RedNeckMilkMan

    Buildings not magic

    So your issue with the current system is that alts can abuse it but, your solution does nothing towards solving that issue. Alts can still set up these buildings and produce white oak as well. Now every alt can produce some amount of white oak without competition. Scarcity of resources creates conflict in the game and conflict creates content. I would rather see the clans who own the ports have more control over the resources produced by said port. I agree that the contract system is flawed and leads to hyper inflation of goods. But I don't think the answer to the issue is to let everyone be able to produce it.
  22. RedNeckMilkMan

    Don't support this weekend Multiflip operation against France.

    I think there should be a global armistice in honor of the premier of infinity war.
  23. RedNeckMilkMan

    Don't support this weekend Multiflip operation against France.

    They have become a much more cohesive fighting unit.
  24. RedNeckMilkMan

    F11 Coordinates removal

  25. RedNeckMilkMan

    Tutorial not available (Major Issue)

    Except if you have an alt and trade the rewards to it. Then you could farm Hercs and Rattlers. They should however allow you to complete the tutorial and gain the M&C rank up but not the repairs/ships.