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  1. Low FPS after grafikcard driver update.

    Seems like you have a somewhat old GPU, the Drivers may not run well on that hardware.
  2. Regarding port battles

    Please do set it during your off hours. We global player will be happy to take candy from carebears.
  3. If a EU clan takes it and then sets the defence timer to the middle of the night, they will not be able to defend it when the global guys flip it. Seems like a stupid move. Y'all used to complain about night flips and now you are going to only allow night flips?
  4. If they set the defence timers at a time where EU cannot defend or attack then global players will snatch that port up. We are not all gonna join the same nation
  5. The way I see it is that this is meant to nerf the zerg clans from holding an ungodly number of ports simply because they could. Now if they wish to hold it they will have to double their costs for the defence timer. If they can't afford it then they need to live withing their means. Drop all those random dots since you can only have 8 outposts anyhow.
  6. This and the fact that you sicked the Chinese Danes on us to night flip us. Y'all had no desire to fight us since we could only muster 20 men (1/3 of which could not crew 1st rates) and you had 25 plus screeners. Our goal at the time was never to fight pb's because we couldn't so instead we sank the hell out of the rats in open world. This was at 3-4 am central time.
  7. You literally cannot be night flipped if you pay to 100k per day for the defence timer....
  8. Maybe those clans which spend more then they make should drop a few ports. It would allow the Global people to have outposts of their own and would make more sense. 1 clan shouldn't really be able to hold 40 ports unless they are willing to pay for it.
  9. Tfw people think that the Global players who have been starving for PvP and RvR want to fight empty port battles.
  10. That and the pop is not big enough to warrant 2 servers
  11. So would you rather sail around and do nothing with 40ms or sail around and fight with 180ms?
  12. Hey now, we gotta fight. No funny stuff.
  13. Not quite sure how the "instant port battle" thing will play out. But as far as a server merge I'm hyped as hello kitty. OW PVP all day.