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  1. Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

    What's the implication? That someone can make more than 1 account?
  2. capsizing doing hostility

    I think I see your problem, your ships upside down ya goof.
  3. Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

    1 Linkin Park is the shit RIP Chester 2 I don't have a basement 3 My razor broke sorry I haven't shaved in 3 days 4 I'm a grower not a shower.
  4. Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

    I mean you didn't really name anyone. Just vague statements about people with different names then the one in game. So this post would be open to just about any player. You should probably be more specific in order to avoid this kind of thing.
  5. Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

    You'll never know my true Identity!
  6. VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    Yep we need 1/2 or 1/3 the ports we have now. Create a shortage of resources and people fight over them.
  7. VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    http://steamcharts.com/app/311310#1m Not really. Average of 30 less players over the past month and with Spring break people tend not to play as much.
  8. Broken grape

    had 3 or for light frigates shooting grape down a connie's stern and we were getting like 3 crew. Even 32lb carros were having trouble getting more than 5 crew each rake. Something is messed up.
  9. Pls make Patrol Areas be closer to the Port you Accepted them

    The point of them is to create pvp opportunities not for pvers to get pvp marks.
  10. Patrol Damage mismatch

    Just got out of a battle in the patrol area The Connie repaired hull during the fight would this be the cause of the number mismatch? btw gf Wy
  11. How demasted ships sail?

    The rudder only works when water is moving over it at speed. Lose speed and you are basically turning a piece of drift wood.
  12. Edinorogs

    I know right. Why nerf having 42 carros as mediums in 18lb slots. Aggies should be able to out dps 1st rates XD.
  13. It is opt in. Restrictions force you to fight. So don't show up unless you are willing to.
  14. I like this. Instead of 5 clans owning 80% of the map with mothballed ports, smaller clans can actually use the ports.