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  1. RedNeckMilkMan

    My port, my monopoly.

    I would love to have a clan only port that would be hype Dear admin God could you allow clans to designate one port as their clan capital and restrict entry to those they like. thx babe.
  2. RedNeckMilkMan

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Where is "Thou shall always work the shaft"?
  3. RedNeckMilkMan

    War of the lovers revisited

    Rab is the Yin to King's Yang.
  4. RedNeckMilkMan


    Mission updates is in the works
  5. RedNeckMilkMan

    War of the lovers revisited

    I just can't believe the EU players set all their timers at 10 am to avoid fighting us. Are they scared or what?
  6. RedNeckMilkMan

    War of the lovers revisited

    Damn the EU salt mines are in full swing.
  7. RedNeckMilkMan

    War of the lovers revisited

    The pop has never been stable. If you would look at the actual statistics you would see that population slowly decreases and then spikes when a patch is released. I like how you said it plummeted to 300-500 from 450, which is basically the same thing. Cut the "Americans are killing the game" bull. https://steamcharts.com/app/311310
  8. RedNeckMilkMan

    Retag griefing

    He tends to exaggerate.
  9. RedNeckMilkMan

    International Man of Mystery DLC

    You can't ban an account simply because it it owned by the same person. Alts could be solved by allowing players to attack and kill members of their own nation. Make the game clan based not nation based.
  10. RedNeckMilkMan

    Alt tracking

    This is why we need to be able to attack members of our own nation.
  11. Aster is gonna be so overweight.
  12. RedNeckMilkMan

    Alt tracking

    Alts are treated the same as any normal player. There are a few exceptions when it comes to port battles, hostility, and killing your own alt.
  13. RedNeckMilkMan

    Griefing After PB is Over and Won

    Petition to give VCO 30 mins after battle so they can have 15 mins of safe space away from the server. Hope y'all aren't too traumatized from this hardcore grief dude.
  14. RedNeckMilkMan

    add DLC suggestion or CM buy of the 2 big books

    Do Epic events. Best way to earn books and mods.
  15. RedNeckMilkMan

    Russia VS France. The Russian Empire strikes back

    Forum PVP is the only PVP that matters