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  1. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    @Sir Texas Sir
  2. With the speed mod changes crooked hull seems to have lost its place. Its bonus is in line with all the others at 2%speed, but it still boasts a -5% to armor HP. I am not aware of it being any more obtainable or bargain priced compared to other speed mods. I would suggest its speed bonus be buffed to either 2.5 or 3%.
  3. Just found this one too "Posted September 22, 2015 · Report post Exploits and game breaking bugs. It is the responsibility of captains to report exploits and game breaking bugs. If you found something that allows you to receive abnormal amounts of XP, money or goods - please report this by using F11 or on the forum. Its ok if you used that bug for testing reasons and reported all cases to us. It is not ok to use the exploits consistently. Captains with abnormal net wealth will have all their assets removed and in subsequent cases their accounts deleted. " It's like he understands me. I must say thank you all for your relentless encouragement in my understanding of the game rules.
  4. I was referring to toms opinion which he even expressed were his thoughts on the matter. Since the start of this post I have been looking for these rules consistently referenced and this post where the Admin politely requests that players use the in game F11 reporting function. So please provide more substantial evidence even a link to these rules. Otherwise drop your semantic driven claim. "Posted November 21, 2014 · Report post Topics will be moderated heavily to stay on the subject. if you are reporting in game problems please use F11 report bug function Format of the topic In case of the problem Problem Why it is a problem What should developers do to fix the problem When discussing the problem please quote the problem you are referring to"
  5. I Did say you made your point about I should have F11 it . At this point of being insulted for trying to be helpful I will not be sailing 2 hours or so of my time because as you put I don't get paid for that.
  6. As if the big red letters of Saint-Nicolas are not visible. Alas it seems some will entrench themselves on an aspect of a situation they either agree or disagree with deafening all other perspectives. F11 holes in the map, point made. I didn't put them there. I did exploit them (punishable act). What was my intent? Id prefer to see more than six inches in front of my face while walking through life. I've spent too much time defending my intent and actions on this topic. I too was deafened, thinking I had performed a service worthy of discussion. Only to be greeted with a preference for ignorance. Still thank you for your thoughts and time. Others may share my views, but I should not imagine everyone will agree with my point of view whether its from bellow the waves, up on high, or under a rock.
  7. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. However you have the virtue of hindsight and personally that would be small minded of me to simply stop there and report it as a bug and move on. I'm a curious individual and take an active interest in the development of this game. How far does the rabbit hole go? Had i just reported the one bug I wouldn't be able to address a larger spectrum. Id like to think both of our intentions are in the same direction, and thank you for your comments on the matter. Perhaps I'm intending to show a different side of exploiting? Find an issue, investigate, legitimize its potential impact on the game, and finally bring it to the community and developers to find the best solution. As in this case it involves the loved home camera I would not want that to be removed because of this, but I am open to ideas.
  8. Ill let you go spend your time bumping into the coast if you want. It's a known issue. I'm not going to say you "SHALL" do anything. Perhaps I am misreading your intentions, but It seems your blaming me for doing the right thing by addressing this at all??? and people should continue to do the right thing???
  9. Recently I provided scouting during two port battle ops in the same location. I started this post to inquire as to the communities views on my actions and methods. I did not make an F11 report because I believe they are known byproducts of game features. As to how they may be used for intelligence gathering, this post aims to clarify that. Nothing wrong here storm cover concealed my position. All that rain made it hard to see me but I had little problem seeing silhouettes of ships against the sky from bellow the waves. No storm cover the second time around. Can you spot my masts? The pirates didn't. Too many more to post. So are my actions or part of them alright, or an abuse of game features and physics?
  10. As to your first sentence it should indeed be investigated. The rest has little to nothing to do with this actual Tribunal. Its your opinions on fair play and your entitled to them. This like your fellow scoundrels have stated is not the appropriate forum. Please do not exacerbate the mood of this topic with your personal emotions and feelings
  11. I was hiding in front of your fort at Saint Nick and watched you all show up. Several of you sailed within inches of me. Was looking to pick off a mortar brig if you brought one. When you left port I followed and a Renno screened me off, I circled around thinking once I get on top of the main fleet they wont tag me lol. It got worse. Home cam helps.
  12. There was no British fleet waiting outside this battle. Total cost to BLACK clan is time wasted(potential griefing) and one surrendered Indeff(LOL). So I'd say sabotage is reaching but this action could be used for that purpose. If this is an alt I would say its Griefing and about as bad. It could be Incompetence or someone griefing within the mechanics of the game, a single disgruntled account owner on a mission to disrupt BLACK clan.
  13. Honestly thought this was part of your screening fleet that made a mistake. Im pretty sure he did shoot me when the battle started but that does not mean its not an alt. I hope its not.
  14. PVP Global - Operation BOHICA

    Definition of exploit : deed, act; especially : a notable or heroic act NEW!First Known Use: 15th century I think he was complementing your david vs goliath attack.